Everyday Makeup Routine for Acne Scars | Brown/Tan Skin

Everyone, my name is Elina And today I'm gonna show you my everyday makeup routine So I'm going to show you how to get a natural look and this look would work for everyone You don't need perfect skin as you can see, I have a lot of acne scars and issues going on so you know when you watch a lot of youtubers, they have like flawless skin and most of time I don't think they need makeup But today you get to see this face So let's get started and we're gonna start off with moisturizing and I like to use the Neutrogena hydro boost in SPF 50 this is a great cheap SPF Makes solid noises as well as you can see I'm running low This SPF is actually great for people of color because it doesn't give you a white cast and I know a lot of the drugstore ones happen to do that okay, well ignore those noises we'll just keep trucking along and if you do have acne scars SPF is very important to wear

I know I slacked off on that for a solid 20 years of my life, you know got it now it's all that matters So for foundation, we're gonna use the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless This is a super popular foundation It works for a lot of different skin types that I'm just going to use it with a Beauty Blender By the way, I'm in shade 310 Sun Beige I'm just gonna dot this on my face when you do have acne scars and a lot of texture on your face, you don't want to cake it up because You might think that's gonna hide it But all that's gonna do is draw more attention to all the texture on your face This foundation isn't it like super full coverage it gives you a pretty natural finish you could add more layers and you know Smack it on paint it on your face, but we're gonna go for a pretty medium coverage look So as you can see, it does a pretty decent job of covering dark spots and discoloration but if you do have any extra spots that are bothering you you can add concealer on top so for that I'm gonna use the Becca Aqua luminous and I'm in the color Literally no idea Tan I'm in the color tan I'm also gonna use this under my eyes I'm gonna add a little bit of the colourpop concealer in the shade Well, it was called golden 40 But now it's medium dark 32 and add a little bit of that like under the eyes because this one has great coverage And my under eyes are pretty dark So we're just gonna blend that in with the same Beauty Blender I realize my Beauty Blender is not the cleanest

But lets be real, most people do not wash these things daily Unless you do and you think I'm gross well So we got a pretty good base going on here and Next we're gonna add a little bronzer to the face So as I mentioned before I don't like to add too much like cakiness to my face because of acne scars So I like to use cream bronzers So for that I'm using the Fenty Beauty Match Stix in the color Mocha, you could go darker if you are around my skintone I know a lot of people use I think it's called truffle, but I like to have a pretty natural finish So I just rub it on the brush like this I used to put a streak on my face But I watched a video with Rihanna's makeup artist and she said she doesn't like to do that

So I won't do it either So if you can see it gives like a pretty natural shadow It's not too much darker than my natural skin tone But that's how I like it And the great thing about this match stix is that it does dry to a somewhat powder finish It doesn't actually look that powdery on their skin, but you don't have to set it We're gonna add some to the bottom here, you know to hide all those chins Do I look skinnier????? So for blush, we're gonna use the NARS liquid blush It's in the color dolce vita It's a really nice rosy tone and this one should also work for a lot of skin tones so I just pump like the tiniest amount onto the back of my hand and just Dab it on I used to avoid blush because I thought it would draw too much attention to my acne scars You know, there's only so much you could hide them anyways and I like having little flush of color to my face If you've got a little crazy with it you can blend it out just blend out the edges Now we're just gonna set our under eyes I normally don't use loose setting powder because I'm not gonna lie I'm kind of lazy and if I'm like running to work or something I'm not about to whip out a whole thing of powder and then tap it off and stuff so I use pressed powder We're using the Loreal infallible Pro matte in the color 500 Sun Beige So I don't powder my skin too much I just do my under eyes and the t-zone

Right here I get really oily So for the eyes we can do something super subtle For an everyday makeup, look I'm not really gonna do like a whole eye shadow look I'm gonna use the color rebel from the tartlette in bloom palette Rebel is just like it's like a Mauvey Brown How do people do this? Okay, rebel is just like a mauvey Brown right there so I'm just gonna put that in my crease just To give it a little bit of definition So this makes it look like you actually put in some effort Now we're gonna take funny girl it's just a light champagne shade and we're gonna use it as an inner corner highlight so I just pop it on my pinky finger and just put it in the inner corner This just you know wakens your eyes a littel bit Just blend it out

So, you know, you don't look psychotic So up next we're gonna use a little bit of highlighter I do have a lot of texture and I tend to have a lot like right here on my temples So I don't like to do the normal like, you know highlight thing where people make that C shape over here But I do like to use a little bit on my nose and some other areas So I'm using the color wisp by colourpop So this I'll just I'll take it on my fingers and I'll put some down my nose a little bit my cupid's bow over here so basically the rule of thumb is if you do have texture and scarring just avoid where you have a lot of scars and the other areas, you know highlight away So a little bit under my brown bone I know some people like to do it like up here, too So why not? Next I'm gonna just fill in my brows a little bit I don't do too much to them I'm using the Anastasia brow wiz in the color ebony

I broke the end off so we have a separate spoolie to help us out I don't have very much filling in to do so I just like to do a pretty natural brow So brows are done and now we're gonna do some mascara so for mascara i'm using the l'oreal voluminous original in carbon black To finish off this look I'm going to use the Bite Beauty lipstick in the color chai and this is actually the lipstick that came in the Sephora birthday gifts this year So if you haven't signed up for those you should it's completely free Okay, so here is the finished look so I think it did a pretty good job of hiding some of the acne scars and not bringing too much attention to them and you know if your skin is not perfect makeup isn't gonna make it look perfect But you know, we try our best to look less hideous We got to work with what we got that's my inspirational message for the day and Thanks for checking out my video