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Everyday natural looking makeup tutorial for women over 40 with blue eyes Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! I hope you're having a great day Today's video is a tutorial on the makeup I'm wearing right now It's the most natural looking makeup that I personally wear A lot of people have been asking me lately what do you do if you're in a hurry but you want to look put together and you want it to look natural and you don't want to put a bunch of products on but you still want makeup on it's like a whole big catch 22 so this is the makeup that I do if I want to have makeup on but I want it to be low key and look natural and a lot of it comes down to using the least amount of products and using them for multiple purposes so then it gives a mor uniform look to your face and it makes it look like its not even really makeup like you just woke up like that so yeah, that is the video today! and I also wanted to ask you guys I got the Sephora Superstars favorites box but I haven't used it yet because I thought it would be fun to do a video where I use as many of these products as I can on my face in one video so we can see how they all work and how they work together if there's good ones and bad ones and all that good stuff so if you are interested in that leave me a comment in the comments bleow and I'll do that for you I think it would be fun like the box is on my face sepora favorites Sephora superstars on my face so if you'd like to see that leave me a comment below and if you'd like to see how I got this natural looking makeup then just keep watching everyday natural looking makeup tutorial for women over 40 I'm going to start out priming my face with the Cover FX mattifying primer with anti acne treatment this was one of the 100 point perks from sephora i haven't used it before and then I'll put the amazing cosmetics line smoother and primer on my forehead so it will hopefully fill in my wrinkles a little bit and then I will prime my undereyes with the Smashbox Photofinish undereye hydrating under eye primer and then I'll deal with the dark circles underneath my eyes and I'm going in with the Maybelline Age Rewind in Neutralizer I'm going to try and keep it where my dark circles are and blend it in I like to blend the excess into the corner of my eye because it gets a little dark there also then we're going in with our foundation I'm going to use the Cover FX oil free foundation in the color G50 and I'm going to add a drop of the Jose Marin 100% Argon Oil light version and when you add oil to your foundation it gives the foundation a nice natural finish and also thin it out a little bit so it can be a little easier to apply especially if you're working with a foundation that's thick and this Cover FX foundation is thick so the oil will help it blend out a little better and it will give us a nice natural glow and I'll blend it out with my beauty blender because we're going for a natural look today I'm going to blend out with the beauty blender if I was trying to get a flawless full coverage look out of my foundation I would use my morphe brush but I want it to be lighter coverage today because I want this to be a natural everyday makeup look and I did a whole foundation routine so I'll link that down below and you can check that out of how i get a full coverage foundation look I always run my foundation down my neck because my neck is because my neck is lighter than my face and my body if I didn't put it on my neck I'd be tan, white and tan again and that would be weird okay so I am going to go in with the concealer I'm using the Maybelline FIt Me concealer in the color 25 mixed in with the color 20 so I'm just going to swoop it, and go down then fill in the triangle then I'll mix the color 20 in with it then I'll use 20 also to highlight the bridge of my nose my cupid's bow and my chin and I'll blend that our with the beauty blender then I take the excess and put it up on my forehead I don't like to put product from the wand up there because its too heavey and then for highlighting I'm using the Bare Minerals Stroke of Light in the clor Luminous 2 I'm putting it on the cheekbones right here this is a great natural highlighting product, it's not very intense but I do find it gives a little luminosity and I'll run the excess up onto my eyelids and into the inner corner making sure it's all nice and uniform then I'll set my under eyes with the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder with the Japonesque 915 brush and I'm putting this powder right where my dark circles are we're going to set the rest of our face with different powders so I'll do the dark circles, the eyelids and the inner corner where my eyes get the darkest and then for the rest of the concealer I'm going to use the Kat Von D Shade & Light Pallet and I'm going to use the yellow and light peach colors and mix them together and set the rest of the concealer and the highlighting product I'll run it down the bridge of my nose up on my forehead chin & cupids now and then for the rest of my face I'm going to use this Guerlain? I don't knw how to say it Guerlain? Guerlain? Lingerie de peau this is the nude powder foundation this is the color 4, medium beige I got this when it was 20% off at Sephora so I'm going to set the rest of my face with that okay, so then we'll do our eyebrows real quick because we're doing a natural look I'm not going to fill them in a lot So I'm using the Anastasia Brow Wiz and I'm filling in this upper part this is personal preference for how your eyebrows grow so just fill in the sparse parts so for me it's the upper part and the tail and then brush it through with the spooley and then I'll set my eyebrows with the Anastasia brow gel in the color brunette for bronzer I'm using the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer in the color medium deep and my Mac 135 brush so I'm just going to put some product on there and then go to town bronzing up basically the edges of my face so all around the edge under my chin and I'll run the excess on my neck and then up in the middle of my forehead and you can bring i down the sides a little bit more It's personal preference but I like to do the sides a little bit more down towards my eyebrows and thinner up towards the middle and just make sure you get it up into the hairline you don't want a white lie up there so we're going to go in first with the Creme Brulee eyeshadow from Wet n Wild and we'll put that up towards the brow one and on the inner pportion of the eye basically the entire eyelid then we'll go in with the bronzer again and use the Sigma E35 tapered blending brush it just has a little it smaller head than the E40 and work the bronzer into the crease and you can use circular motions to make sure its fading up towards the brow bone and the wind shield wiper motions make sure it's even and you don't want to build up the bronzer too much because we are going for a natural look so don't get crazy then we'll go back in with Creme Brullee with a smaller brush the MAC 239 the smaller brush will give us a more precise application for the lid, so we're going to put that color on the lid again and then gently use the E35 to make sure it's nice and blended but don't get crazy or you'll go back over the creme eye shadpw then we'll use the same eyeshadow and same smaller brush using the point of the brush and highlight underneath the brow bone then we'll use the bronzer again and a pencil brush this is the Sigma E30 and we'll run that underneath our lower lash line and you can get a little lower with your eyeshadow underneath your lower lash line it helps blur out any fine lines you have there it's good camouflage then we'll curl our lashes when I'm doing this look I don't put eyeliner on I use the It Cosmetics Tightline which gives my eyelashes a fuller look at the bottom without putting eyeliner into my eye and it kind of makes up for the fact I didnt put eyeliner on but if you want to put eyeliner on at this point you can but for the natural look keep the line as small as you can then I'll go i with the Benefit Roller Lash work one eye at a time with the It Cosmetics Tightline because when it starts to dry it gets really stiff and its harder to work with and mascara on the lower lashes as well I'm going to use the hourglass luminous light highlighter putting it on the tops of our cheekbones here and sweep it on the side of your face and over your eyebrow to give you a glow bridge of your nose cupids bow and if you have a small detailer brush use the same highlighter and put it on your browbone and pop this on the inner corner of your eye and I go over everything with a duo fiber brush this one is from Sigma but Eco tools make a nice Duo Fiber brush also then I'm using the Milani lipliner in the color natural and the Nyx Lip Crayon in the color exposed and the Nyx Buttergloss in the color Madeline and I'll set everything with the coola makeup setting spray if you made any mistakes with your mascara use a precision q tip once it's dry you can wipe away any error you made then take the side of your eyeshadow brush and clean it up you can pop the highlighter on the center of the eye and blend out the edges so I just realized I forgot to put blush on so I'm going to use the Tarte Blissful Blush it's a peachy pink color this is a matte blush and we'll keep it soft on the apples of our cheeks on the apple of your cheek then swoop it straight back right underneath where you put the highlighter so this is the makeup I'll wear if I want a natural look, I'll use the bronzer for my eyeshadow and it just gives a more uniform look to the face then I use one highlighter for everything because you're using the least amount of products it makes it look more natural it looks like you woke up like that so that is it for this video I hope you liked it, if you did please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already all the product info is in the description box along with all the links to my social media My instagram, twitter, snapchat & facebook so be sure to check that out and follow me on all those places and leave me a comment I would love to hear from you and I'll see you in my next video, Bye!

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