Expert Makeup Tips For Older Women! fabulous50s

three world-class makeup artists one question what is your number one tip for makeup application for women over 50 hi so I'm with Schellea I want to give you my tip Im Rae Morris I'm really I'm gonna do a tip on how to make eyes bigger and more youthful so trick when you're doing your eye makeup look straight into the camera honey be very careful if you're not a teenager don't round the under eyes around the under eye you make the eyes look droopy look straight ahead a great trick is help straight ahead into the mirror take a matte eyeshadow a soft color come into the lash line to set them straight and you want to create a straight line so what you want to do is come in here and then pull it down and then pull it out so what you're doing is you're coming in putting that eyelid down now what that doesn't match your eyes bigger and more lifted so look straight ahead and then what you do straight in down and then out so then what's really easy from that once you pulled the eye shape out look straight in your camera you then create a very soft socket with a matte eyeshadow to open the eye and you just simply join that into the bottom and that's your shape and then you look down and then you can put shimmer there and that color I find that shimmers actually enhance wrinkles alliance of wrinkles and lines are concerned keep away from it your eye makeup is perfect and if in doubt if you want to make your eyes look as youthful as possible the other trick is to do nothing under your eyes at all so no mascara don't bring any attention to this ladies that we tend to get another really good trick is glowy skin just like you've done it so now to him any powders no glitters no frosty Ness it makes wrinkles and that's just do what you do because you keep telling me what you're doing because what you do is right thank you so much right now I'd like to introduce you to Danessa so what I would recommend for women in their 50s is to be very conscious of where they're putting power is and where you're putting early shimmery things you want to be super strategic what I love is for a women in their 50s to approach their skin if they want something reflective think about shimmer versus glitter you want things that melt into the skin nothing that sits on top of the skin limiting the power is paying more attention to skin care and skin prep if mattifying is what you need do what your primer is or do it with powders that are super mikro fine so they don't sit on top of the skin we don't want to bring attention to you know a little lumps and bumps and choruses and cracks that we love and embrace in our 50s but we want to also just be conscious that things that sit on the top of the skin will age us a bit so to maintain our youth you want the skin to be glowing and luminous shimmery matte little Reed not too pearly embrace all the trends would be strategic about it thank you so much to Nyssa and now freshta to is going to share her tips on bigger eyes hi guys my name is Freshta Sahak do I'm a beauty blogger and a makeup artist in Melbourne and my number one beauty tip makeup related for women in their 50s that's anti-aging is two little things so we'll say it's a two-in-one tip the first is use a white eyeliner in your bottom water waterline to open up your eyes and second get a balm i shadow pollock at a warm brown color or even something that's a burnt orange and blend underneath your eyes blend away and don't be afraid to go further than the normal length so blend away go big or go home this will really open up your eyes and hide any creasing and fine lines you might have underneath your eyes hope that helped you bye bye I love learning anything from these ladies they're all genius and thank you to Rae Danessa and Freshta for sharing those tips with us please give it a thumbs up if this was helpful to you and share it with any of your girlfriends who love makeup thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful week