Eye Makeup करते समय यह गलतियां न करें – How To Apply Eyeshadow Perfectly | Anaysa

Hey frnds I'm Anishka and u r watching Youtube channel Anaysa 😉 u all liked my recent eyeliner do's & don'ts video for this thank u so much 😉 after applying eyeliner we all face one more problem which is applying eyeshadow in right way past few months i also don't know how to apply eyeshadow in right way if u also have this problem don't worry today i'll bring for u a eyeshadow do's & don't video and u can easily apply eyeshadow in just 5 minutes so let's get started do not apply direct eyeshadow on ur eye lids first apply concealer, foundation or eye-primer and set with the loose or compact powder then use eyeshadow it helps to make our eyeshadow last long & beautiful never start eyeshadow from eyelid so for this u need apply on crease line first then apply on lid colour by press & slid method it will easy merge both the colour with each other never apply a shimmery eyeshadow on crease line it will looking messy and the shimmery eyeshadow has little particles which spread all over our face apply always matte finish colour on your crease line do not apply dark eyeshadow on your crease line if u did ur eye look very dramatic always use light medium colours on your crease line and after this if u apply other colour and both the colour easily merge with each other most of the girls use random fluffy brush for applying eyelid colour which is not right i tell u in the fluffy brush it gets too much product on it that's why it will make are eye mess use always a flat brush or ur finger tip because both the shapes are almost same and when u apply shimmer eyeshadow by press & slid method it will look so pretty most of the girls don't even know how to hold brush in right direction for ex

some girls too brush too high too low and hold very close and it doesn't blend ur eyeshadow perfectly hold brush from back side and stay on 9o degree and start blending inwards and u can see difference b/w both the eyeshadow's most of the girls are not blend their crease and lid colour which look like unprofessional take a small fluffy brush and hold on the line in between both the colours it will helps to merge both the colour with each other and fade the sharpe line never use big fluffy brush for applying dark eyeshadow on outer corner because big fluffy brush collect too much product and when u start blending ur eyeshadow will look very bad use always small fluffy brush for outer corner make sure u blend the edges of colours i saw many girls they applied too much eyeshadow in brow bone as well which look like they spread to many product on their eye for this u can use light shade colour from ur eyeshadow palette or u can use compact powder or highlighter as well this may helps u to make ur eyeshadow more and more beautiful if apply eyeshadow on ur lower lash line never use big fluffy brush for applying lower lash line eyeshadow use a small or pencil brush and blend the edges and now we get perfect eyemakeup 😉 so girls how's it today video hope u all understand all the do's & don'ts if u will face more problem during makeup let me know in the comment box if u liked this video do like share and subscribe to Our Youtube Channel Anaysa and press the bell icon as well 😉 I'm Anishka will meet u in my next video till then take care and Bye Bye