Eye Makeup for Glasses, Tips for Women & Mature over 50s

Hi Heather here, and you know I'm so excited I have subscribers! I've got a growing community of amazing people and I'm so, so, from the bottom of my heart I'm so grateful for that and I, I'm getting requests and one of the requests is how do I do my eye makeup when I'm wearing glasses and I've done a lot of research on this and I'm ready for you guys, so let's go! So I've really done a lot of research on this and, oh my gosh like there's so many different kinds of glasses out there I've been talking and researching with makeup artists, I've been researching with my husband who has like six times magnification glasses on Bill, say Hi Bill

"Hi Bill" He's behind the camera and also people with nearsightedness and and you know where their eyes look smaller and all that sort of thing so let me just kind of show you what I'm talking about here and of course I have no eye makeup on because I'm going to show you the applications So yeah so here's Bill's glasses, oh now I'm actually gonna put them on but you can see how they magnify and now with the other glasses that make your eyes look like smaller, there you go and yeah be sure that you don't wear anybody else's glasses you should have the right prescription for yourself So I'm showing you two applications one for the magnifying as I mentioned and one for the the one that makes your eyes look smaller So let's get started, now first of all I do have my foundation on, I've put a fuller foundation on today I do have a video for that and somewhere I'll make a link up there for you to take a look on the foundation one Hey if I if I showed you all my foundation and everything this thing would go on for hours so we don't want to do that, but I also have on a link up there as well for a natural kind of foundation

So whatever you do remember you're gonna get those little nose things and especially if you are taking off and on your glasses so bring a little bit of touch-up for your nose for those little places where they kind of go all red Oh, oh and and something that I found out, especially from the make artists a lot of people who wear eyeglasses they also wear contacts and it's a real problem if you get the eye makeup that I'm talking about into your eyes All right so really watch those contacts if you get them dirty if you get all kinds of cruddy stuff all over them like toss them out and use some new ones because some of these high infections can be really, really bad for you I mean really bad Now as most of you know I'm mature older woman I have kind of hooded and droopy eyes so I'm going to be doing a little bit of a swoosh for that kind of eye makeup and if you want to see that eye makeup video again I'm doing a lot of videos now it's awesome, I'm really enjoying it too, anyway somewhere up there you're going to find the link for that but in that video I did not use an eye primer and you know the the primer for the eyes I have it on right now and the reason that I have primer on for this eyeglass video is because when the eyeglasses are on it gets really kind of warm in there and because there's really no airflow and also you know you have magnification sometimes which also makes it a little bit warm and we want this eyeshadow to stick Now the brows are so important with glasses I'm just gonna put on kind of a narrow frame here and you can see how important it is for my my brows to be done and yeah I mean they're just, if they're not in good shape if they're all hairs all over the place and even with, for the other glasses you can see all your little hairs that we're supposed to be plucked so let's do these brows Now I've already done the brows to be honest with you again for the sake of time I've got to really make sure that you know I'm not dragging this video out but again I did a brow video and it's for natural brows not like, the really heavy filled in kind of looks, it's really a more natural brow So in order to do this I'm just gonna do a real quick, like what I do in the other video and I brush it up with a spoolie I fill it in with this is a nice taupe for my coloring, I mean you might be using a dark brown for your skin color or a black even, but for me I'm filling these in

I'm again making sure that it's nice and up and also I love this wax, this is a wax and just to get the definition I want to make sure that I sort of use the wax there and bring those brows up because this is going to frame, people are going to be looking at your eyes, your beautiful glasses and your eyebrows So let's talk lashes and if you love those false eyelashes kind of thing, hey you might want to check them out before you put on your glasses and and I mean check them out for a while because if you're blinking and you're hitting the front of your eyeglasses they could start to droop and the glue can, you know what I'm talking about, right so we don't want that to happen in the middle of a party or some important meeting or something like that So yeah really check them out, my suggestion would be not to wear false eyelashes

I'm going to show you some applications of mascara where you can put it on a little bit thicker but if you really want to use the false eyelashes curl them, where's my curler, yeah curl them with an eye, eye curler? I guess that's what it's called, before you put them on so at least they'll do a nice subtle kind of swoosh upwards and maybe not be touching your ,you know, your your eye glasses but the other thing is I'm going to get into the mascara in a few minutes for both eyes, where it's done differently for both but I would also suggest maybe wearing a waterproof mascara for glasses or definitely something that lasts a long time and doesn't smudge and you know, usually the more expensive kind of, and for that because we don't want to walk around with raccoon eyes and not even know it Oh and for the lips I want to suggest that you have a very natural-looking lip, um you don't want to be competing with some great big bright or dark brown or something lips with this beautiful eye makeup that you have and your new glasses or even old glasses, you don't want to be competing Now, hey maybe you're going to a gala or a party or something like that, oh and by the way, sorry I'm skipping around I know I do that, again I did a video on natural look lips so check that out too but again as far as the gala and the parties and everything yeah maybe put a darker lipstick on but for most people that are wearing glasses they're gonna wear contacts to galas and fancy events and that sort of thing so for the everyday kind of thing let's keep it more natural Now if you're the kind of person who can't see distance just use a regular mirror but if you're the kind of person that can't see the close-up use a magnifying mirror I hope I'm not shining this all over the place but you can get even a 10 times magnifying mirror and then the regular one on the back and this one kind of sits up it's kind of cool and you know what we have a link maybe in the comments are down below somewhere where if you buy a mirror and you click on it

Yes we get a little bit of money, a small little bit of commission but a big THANK YOU if you do click on it and buy a mirror from the link I really appreciate it Anyway so magnifying mirror, if you really can't see close-up, okay so remember those glasses where the eyes look smaller? Okay the eyes are looking smaller and so what I'm going to do is I'm going to start up with the eyeliner for this particular application, now I'm going to be doing a bit of a purple so I'm going to be doing a bit of a mauve palette on both eyes and for that I'm just going to be using a navy I don't want to wear black on this because I think that it's going to be harsh and in the smudging and everything there's a lot of room for error so I'm just going to put a little bit of eyeliner here, this looks fabulous with blue eyes by the way, Need a bit of us whoosh there but also I'm going to use a cotton swab and I'm going to kind of smudge it out a little bit because when those glasses come on, there you go, alright so now for the eyelid Because I'm doing a kind of a mauve palette I'm going to use a pink on the eyelid, not shiny, you don't want that sparkly look underneath the glasses because it's just gonna reflect all over the place, so I'm just going to do this in a very kind of a matte pink and it's not even really pink it's kind of pinky beige so let's do that and oh just before I do that, I know you're asking me for these products and I'm telling you for sure we're working on it, there's a lot of things about copyrights and trademarks these days and we don't want to get stuck having to take our videos down so I promise you that's coming really, really shortly and we're working on it, we really are okay So here we go and we're just gonna put that on the lip, okay remember we want the eyes to really open up so I've got this incredible, I just found this a little while ago this incredible white eyeliner and you just put it on the waterline you know not too much and you can see how it's really opening up my eyes now if I put the dark underneath there it would actually close up my eyes a bit so, I've also heard from my wonderful subscribers that there's also shades of like beiges in this as well ,so yeah if you've got those kind of glasses this is really going to help

Now for the kind of upper part of my crease you can see this is dark and I've got a lighter one you know what sometimes you just have to go shopping for this type of thing because once you've got it you've got it and so I'm just going to use the lighter part for the crease in my eye and I'm using this brush, it's a great brush and yeah just a little bit, I don't even go all the way in because the blending of this has to be perfect so just a little bit like that and then again we can take kind of a cotton swab and do a little bit of this, all right so let's try the darker one now you can see in my eye here even when I'm sort of like this that it still is kind of light down here so I want to get a little bit of definition so I'm going to go right in here with the darker one, you can see that and also line up the swoosh a little bit so my down turned, droopy eyes, hooded eyes whatever you want to call them have a little bit more of an upward turn So yeah you can sort of see how that's coming along blend, blend, blend, and there we go so I'm using a mauve color on my eyes, but hey you know, you can use browns and you can use beiges and there's all different colors that you can use on your eyes now because we're going to be accentuating the eyes and people are really going to look at them Umm this time not gonna put mauve underneath because I want to go with a brown color so and I'm using this brush, I love it, it's very very good at angling right in there, underneath the, underneath the eyes and the eyelashes So let's just sort of do a very very subtle, I like this lot better than a liner and again we got that swoosh going up there so let's accentuate that a little bit, now remember we want these eyes to really be accentuated and looking big so I'm going to get a little bit more of that pink or if you're using brown maybe a light beige or something and I'm just gonna put it up here on the brow bone and a little tiny bit in between the eye now I'm not using a highlighter or anything cuz I don't want that sparkle just reflecting all over the place so this just gives me a nice little something-something on the brow bone and a little bit in between the eyes and so now we're doing mascara, this is the tricky part Get a good mascara if your mascara is really old and clumpy it's not going to work for you I'm just going, because we have to really lift those eyes and keep them separated Eyelashes I should say not the eyes and really keep them separated and this isn't gonna happen in just one great big "whoop" OK I'm done if you really want to look pretty, if you really want your eyelashes not to look phony go ahead and do them in about three layers especially for this one because remember you've got that lighter on the eyelid so you really want to make sure that those mascara, the mascara is looking good

Anyway I'm gonna speed this up while I keep on doing mascara So it was really careful with the mascara and as you can see it's not clumpy at all it's really quite pretty and you can also see the difference between the the non makeup, how it's kind of droopy and how the makeup, how I did it really, really helps those hooded and downturn and droopy eyes so let's just see how it looks with the the glasses on So here we go and if we can just do a little close-up I think that you'll see that this is very pretty, it's very awake alive and even though my eyes are looking a little bit smaller with the extra mascara and the way that I did it with the lightness on the lid it cetera et cetera it really kind of makes them pop Now let's do the eye for the glasses that are magnified and very, very unforgiving so we got to do some blending we maybe want to make the eyes look a little bit smaller and yeah so let's just get to, oh by the way I would really suggest for both of them that you use a powder eyeshadow not one of those kind of greasy, creamy eyeshadows because if it starts to look greasy that's going to be magnified especially with these kind of glasses Now for the eyeliner we can go a little bit thicker on this one so yeah let's just sort of do that again I'm using the navy because I'm still using the the palette of the mauve hopefully I don't have the mirror right in front of you guys but yeah so I can do that little swoosh here and again the the blending is very, very important and so I'm back Okay so yeah let's do a little bit of blending here You see how that's bigger than this one, okay and we'll tell you why, just a minute Now you remember the lighter mauve that I used, not the darker mauve the lighter mauve and I used this particular brush with it so what I'm going to do is I'm going to actually put this on my lid so let's just go ahead, not too dark that's a bit dark, so uh my friend the cotton swab so we're just gonna do this a little bit and also bring it up a bit, little bit of a swoosh here

Now because this magna, blahhh magnification, magnification is so unforgiving I'm not even going to do the dark in the crease I'm just gonna keep using this lighter mauve into the crease because if I start mixing and matching you're just gonna see the difference so I'm not even going like into here, I'm just going sort of a little past halfway doing my little swoosh for my hooded eyes and yeah it's warm here so I'm getting a little bit of transference from this into here from the eyeliner and you know what we gotta take that off, it's probably just a little bit of excess, now for underneath the lashes again I'm going to stick with this brown, I don't want to be magnified and and look like purple everywhere so I just want to put a little bit, I'm using this brush again, I love this little brush so I'm just gonna kind of go this way oh you know what, yeah little swoosh up and again cotton swab it Okay now for the magnification we can actually use a darker color on our waterline I probably wouldn't use a black I think that would look a little harsh but I'm using this navy you could use a grey or something like that but I'm just gonna put it lightly on the waterline here and that is actually gonna close up the eye a little bit Mascara time again, you don't want clumpy mascara you want to make sure it's a good maybe waterproof or definitely long-lasting and smudge proof and we don't have to put probably three layers on this because we've got a lot going on with the eyeliner and everything and some of this isn't going to be showing up as much as it is on this particular eye so with the magic of editing I'm going to start doing my mascara and speed it up again so you're just not waiting for me to do this whole thing So the mascara is on and as you can see it's very, very light I'm letting some of the eyeliner and the the under eyeliners sort of take care of where I would have clumped down a lot of mascara because once you put on glasses like this like you can sort of tell on this eye over here it's gonna make that mascara look like "wow" so you know we're just going to put on the light bit of mascara but still have that prettiness around the eyelashes, so yeah so let's just see this one with the magnification mm-hmm I like it Now we changed the lighting a little bit it was a little too reflective, so I just want to show you how pretty this looks with these magnifying glasses on and I think it looks reall,y really nice so there you have it, I really hope that this eye glasses tutorial really helps and remember a lot of it has to do with the mascara and all that sort of thing but yeah I'm very, very happy to have done this for you and it was request or two from my wonderful subscribers, I love you guys you know, you really, you're just inspiring me to keep on making these videos and so from the bottom of my heart thank you so much and if you haven't subscribed and you want to join our little community here there's a little button at the bottom there and you know I usually show our little Yorkie here and you know our Yorkie in dog years is actually over 50 years old and he's got pretty bad eyesight too A lot of times when we take him out for a walk he barks at a garbage can and then when it gets up to it he realizes it wasn't really an animal and he's a little embarrassed but hey it happens to the best of us

So in the meantime I'm really looking forward to making more of these for you and take care Everyone's invited to subscribe and join us on our videos