Eye Makeup Technique | For Beginners Tips & Hack On How to Apply Eye Makeup Perfectly

Welcome back to my channel Outstyle How do I look? I received a lot of requests for eye makeup orange, rust & red shades Asking for a tutorial on how to do it? In today's video, I'll teach you How to get this look Eye shade, foundation Contouring all products watch today's video very carefully Surround your eyes with nice bold colours and wear some lenses as well Like I'm wearing Bella right now It has a very natural look to it I make a mixture of foundation which is right for my skin people ask me for it's recipe all the time This is tailor made for my skin Hence, I can't tell it to you I've used Tarte's maracuja oil as base Best application of base is with the brush I use the brush by Lancome It easy to use this brush instead of a thick layer only apply 2 pumps in summer and I'll tell you a secret to seal it You can seal it with a Kryolan base but don't use only Kryolan base on the whole just on top where you won't apply contouring you can even use it as a concealer I talk about international products I don't see their prices I just use the products and tell you about it You don't have to buy it I just say don't buy fake products I apply this Kryolan stick here as well This is reasonable – it will last you for many months For concealer I'm using my favorite Suede Matchstick by Fenty Beauty It's easy to apply Beauty blender should be wet but not dripping For my eyebrow I'll be using the BrowFood I really like it's brush It's small and easy to apply I'm applying Sephora's eye shade near eye brows And then will be using two kits today One is by Zoeva which has a lovely collection and the other is Jaclyn Hill Palette when it was launched, it was sold out in 45 minutes It is time to use bold colors now As it is in fashion I will teach you the same nowadays After primer, eyes need a white base and after this, we will use the colors which are very bold we'll start with the lightest one don't move the brush just press it lightly Orange shade from Jaclyn Hill's kit Under the eye, you will apply dark brown or black colour it will look very nice in the end Once again, I'm not a makeup artist I just like to try different products and give you my reviews now, we'll use the glitter I'm in love with this Star lit by Inglot This has multiple usages It will really give life to the liner I'll be using this red from Jaclyn Hill's palette Time to use the liner now I'm using this Kitten pencil by Tarte When applying Mascara, let it dry If you remove it when it's wet it will destroy your eye shade Take care and bye bye!