Eye Makeup Tips: How to Apply & Remove Mascara | COVERGIRL

[MUSIC PLAYING] Guys, I've been on set with Cover Girl for two days and I have fallen in love with this product This is the Cover Girl Bombshell Volume mascara in very black

And I'm going to show you how to put it on and then how to take it off with some mineral oil Let's go do it We're going to start with the first side, which provides volume All right, step one, approach this as you would with any volumizing mascara Use the wand at your roots and draw it evenly through your lashes

Pretty great Are you guys fans yet? Let's move on to steps two The second side of the Bombshell Volume mascara is for intensity It's an amazing second dark top coat Oh yeah, look at that

Don't forget to wiggle the wand as you apply your mascara for nice clean even distribution Man, this stuff is amazing I feel like my eyes are totally popping out right now I'm sad to see it go, but I think it's time to take it off I'm just using regular mineral oil and some cotton balls

Saturating one of the cotton balls I'm going to put it onto my eye and let it sit for a few moments This stuff stays on This mascara has amazing lasting power, which means it;s going to be a little bit of work to take it off but we can handle it It's a great time to practice your whistling

Oh, there we go May be coming off in one clean swipe All right It's all gone But it doesn't mean it can't go back on, ladies

Let's head over here Oh easy was that? It's on, it's off It has me feeling easy, breezy, and, dare I say it, a little bit beautiful Now I want to tell you guys that if you like this content, then check out more from Cover Girl and subscribe to our channel by clicking this button here If you like this video, give us a little thumbs up

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