Eye Makeup Tutorial – How to apply kajal – Part 3

Hi you guys, welcome back to our channel So today I'm going to be teaching you how to do five different looks from one kajal

So the first way of doing the kajal would be to apply the kajal on to your lower water line I've noticed that if you do it in one swift line, it does not come as strong So instead, what I figured is a better way to apply it – is to do it in short, swift strokes And voila, you're done with your first look The second look is to tight-line your eyes

All you need to do is look down and apply to your upper lash line Again, in short, swift strokes And you're done with look two! Now it's time for look three – Take your kajal and apply it on your upper lash line, on your eye lid that is Now you can do it in various different styles You can make it a winged eye liner or you can do a normal eye liner which ends at the corner of your eye or you can simply just line your lash line

This look defines your eyes a lot more If you feel that you can't get a smooth line with just the help of your kajal, you can take an angled brush and smoothen out the line Time for look 4 – Take your kajal brush and just line your lower lash line, just outside the waterline Keep it very very close to the lash line You can go as thick as you like, again, it depends on how you like it

I like it thin! If you want it more soft, then you could take a smudge brush and soften it with soft, gentle strokes If you want it even soften, a little tip is – just put some brown eye shadow on to your smudge brush and go over the lower lash line And you are done! Now for the final look – Take your smudge brush and go over the upper lash line, the liner that you applied on your lid, go over it in short, gentle strokes and blend it out This'll give you a more soften line A little tip, the thinner you want the line to be, the more lightly you deposit the product when you apply your kajal!