hey guys welcome back to my channel in today's video I've got for you this amazing full makeup tutorial so if you like this kind of videos please keep on watching so I'm gonna start first with this calendula herbal extract toner it's alcohol through from the bronchioles I'm just gonna like clean my face before applying any product now I'm gonna prime my face before applying the foundation so I'm using this smart radiance cream three-in-one from the brand Kiko Milano actually it has a primer a cream and a highlighter so for the foundation I'm gonna be using today a medium coverage foundation from the brand mac cosmetics this is much master and this is my favorite of the moment actually it has a SPF of 15 and this is in shade 15 so if you guys are looking for a medium coverage foundation for your everyday makeup look so this is the one just go ahead with it and as usual I like to apply my foundation with a brush today I am applying it with this small fish kabuki and now it's time to conceal so I'm using this weed concealer in shade 0-2 from the brand Kiko melanoma and I'm gonna highlight underneath the eyes and anywhere I wanna highlight and I will blend everything with the Beauty Blender always the brush now I'm going to contour my face using a very affordable product it's a stick control called mini pony from the brand the mini so so I'm gonna draw a big line on my forehead on my cheeks and my chin and then I'll blend everything with the brush now to set everything and for my concealer to not budge I'm using this poodle Universal lip from Chanel in shade 20 o'clock now I'm gonna start working on my eye makeup looks I'm using the bronze palette from Kylie cosmetics I'm gonna start first with the color naked and I will apply it all over my crease and after that I will take from the color Burgundy and I will apply it on the edges and drag it lightly outer corner I will apply some eye shadow as well on my bottom lash line I'm gonna apply some concealer on my lips because after that I'm gonna apply a beautiful shimmery color which I want it to pop up more so I'm going to apply amber lights from my cosmetics so I just applied my eyeliner off-camera so I'm just going to go ahead with the blush and I'm using peachy-keen from my cosmetics for the highlighter I'm using this beautiful product from smudge box in collab with vlogger this is petal metal highlighter and I think the shade is catch the light while this makeup tutorial is now finished I really hope you guys enjoyed it with me if you do of course don't forget to give it your big thumbs up and to subscribe to my channel