Finally Happy with my Eyes?! – Hooded Eye Surgery Fail

Finally Happy with my Eyes?! – Hooded Eye Surgery Fail

Here is my final update after the Blepharoplasty – its been a long journey but I’m finally happy with the results :0)

Re Botox Clinic details – I will be posting this in as many places as I can think of as I’m amazed at the number of requests via email/direct messages on all social media/comments etc asking for details of who did my Botox (24 & counting lol) so hopefully this can answer them for now since I’m trying to prepare for my hols :0) I’m doubtful that all of the requests are from Scottish Residents (Although I know a few are) and if not remember you would need to come back for a 2 week review, and this only lasts 3 months so that’s a lot of trips to West Lothian in Scotland. I will need to check with him on my return from holiday if he is happy for me to advertise as he did ask me if I was mentioning the name when I did the video and I had told him no which he seemed happy with (the aim of this video was not to review a Botox provider but to conclude my experience with hooded eyes). I suspect the reason he asked is because he is fully booked with regular clients and may not be able to take on new ones – remember he is a full time Neurologist and this is something he does from home a few evenings a week and that’s it. I had started talking to him before I had my Eyelid surgery via the friend that recommended me so he kindly fitted me in and even then it was booked months in advance (when I knew the surgery had gone wrong). He did mention about possibly doing another evening so who knows.

To answer another few questions/comments – he is not insured to do medical work so couldn’t do Botox for my migraines sadly and that isn’t his area of expertise anyway. Injection sites – in the video I explained that the injections were in a vertical line from the middle of my brow upwards – I don’t know how many injections he made or how much he put in I’m afraid – I know from videos I’ve seen, particularly in USA, its customary to be told how much has been used but I have only once in all my years experience been told, and then I had to ask. If I have learnt anything, its find someone via a recommendation and only go ahead if you feel they understand exactly what it is you want. x

NOTE: Sadly I can’t answer every comment/question, but I DO make sure I read them all because I appreciate that you have taken time to comment. Unfortunately I suffer with headaches that are exacerbated by sitting at a PC/Ipad, which is why I give information in Video format not a blog as I used to and have to limit my time typing :0( I hope you understand ?

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