FIVE Drugstore Makeup Products in FIVE Minutes! | Makup Challenge| Cate Trunnell

hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope you're having a great day today's video is a very flex makeup tutorial on the makeup i'm wearing right now the girls that I work out with aren't as into makeup as I am they actually challenged me to do a makeup look using five products from the drugstore that only took five minutes it's really good if you're in a hurry if you are a beginner if you want to wear a little bit more makeup but you don't want to go with the whole contouring you don't even know how any way to put on all that makeup that some of the makeup look for choir which is why I've in this video they want to wear a little bit of makeup but do not obsessed let's make us as I am shall we say thank you so much for watching please subscribe if you haven't already let's go ahead and get started with the five drugstore makeup products in five minutes makeup challenge okay we're going to go ahead and get started I did prime my face already i'm not telling primer as one of the five product using the olay regenerist primer plus it looks like this I did a full review on this primer if you have not seen that review i will link it down below i will show you the products that I'm going to use so i don't have to show them as i go through the video for concealer i'm using the maybelline fit me concealer in the shade 24 foundation I'm using the Milani powder foundation in this shade natural and gold it looks like this and color acts like that I wanted to use a powder foundation because it is fastest and I think if you're a beginner and maybe a better way to start or more what you are willing to do and go in with the whole buffing in of the liquid foundation setting it was powder and all that stuff to put some life back in my face i'm using the physicians formula blushing powder and missus in the shade blushing natural it looks like that and i wanted to get one that had multiple color for blush but also some brown undertones in it i chose this one because it seemed like it had the most color because if you're only going to use one product i wanted to get like some payoff from it for master i'm using my favorite drugstore mascara the maybelline colossal volume Express cat eye for lips I couldn't decide should I do like cuz if I excited decide I was going back and forth between doing like a supernatural level or a boulder lip I don't want to blow doral it because I think it you're doing minimal makeup but then you have a boulder list it just makes it look like you put more effort into your makeup and makes you look even more put together then you really are I'm going with the red want matt baume in the shade fears number 265 but it's like a dark shade all right let's do this I set my phone for five minutes I put it on the timer I don't know if I'm going to be able to get it done in five minutes but i'm going to try really really hard we'll see really really nervous like it's a race to make up waste and i want to win competitive much I minutes raising up I have to use concealer underneath my eyes because I have dark circles if you don't have our circles you could skip this step and it would be even faster I feel like this is slow alright moving on to the powder foundation I'm going to start on my neck so I'm just going to wipe it on and you could use this sponge wet or dry but i'm using it drive this color it's actually pretty good got some decent coverage for underneath my eyes i'm going to use the same powder and this real techniques for us and just set underneath my eyes with just a tiny bit of product i don't want it to be too cakey so this is a powder foundation but i don't want the concealer to go all weird on me either so for blush black bronzer here we go i'm gonna throw that on my cheeks here this is my real techniques blush brush i'm just going to go to town until I can see it I knew that this was going to be kind of light but I think I'm seeing some color I'll put a little bit up on my forehead down my nose just for like give yourself a healthy glow it's not contouring to make you look alive can focus them on your castle with your cheeks there brush the eyebrows no time for Irene drill also no products left mascara following up like went black I don't even know how much time I have left right what perfect timing ha so proud of myself I cannot believe that I did that in five minutes let's check my handiwork I'm barely like even looking at myself I think it looks pretty good I like the bold lip I think that does really make it look more put together I think it turned out pretty good for five products from the drugstore in five minutes I think that this is a pretty good makeup look I'm pretty pleased with myself I hope you liked it if you did please give us thumbs up don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already the information for the price products that I use and the primer will be in the description box below and also the link to the primer review if you like this video and you want me to do 10 products in 10 minutes or five high end products in five minutes leave me a comment below and I can switch it up and do it but this was really fun so I was like to do that if you guys are interested all the links to my social media will be in the description box my Instagram my Twitter my snapchat on my facebook so everything you need to know is down there thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye