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Jaclyn Hill foundation routine put to the test over 40 beauty guru how to apply foundation with a brush how to apply concealer and foundation so lets start putting the Jaclyn Hill foundation routine to the test so I'm going to use all the same products that she used but because I have oiler skin I'm going to switch up the primer so I'm going to use the peter thomas roth pore putty pore and wrinkle reducer I just got this and i've only used it a couple times but i've really been liking it it's like a flesh toned color so I'm just going to apply that all over my face and then for the wrinkles that are on my forehead I'm going to use the make up for ever step one primer this is the smoothing primer so i'm just going to put a little bit of that on my forehead I'm going to clip my hair back really quick because I forgot to do that and I'll end up getting foundation all i my hair that looks really cute! So I'm going to use he Cover FX foundation in the color G50 It will look darker than by face but that okay it will match my body so don't be alarmed I'm going to apply it with the morphe M439 brush loks like this and I'm going to use one drop of this facial recovery oil I got this from a spa in Colorado when I went snow skiing so just use whatever oil you have so im going to put some of the foundation on the back of my hand and this foundation is really thick so i think the oil is going to help not only give us the natural look that we want but its going to thin it out a little bit to make it easier to blend so im going to put one drop on there I may have gone a little overboard with how much foundation I dispensed onto my hand so i will dot that all over my face and my neck because I always put my foundation on my neck my neck is always significantly whiter than the rest of my face or my body then we're going to start blending it out with the brush The blending is set to music how to apply foundation with a brush how to apply concealer and foundation how to put on concealer properly how to put on concealer for women over 40 women over 40 foundation and concealer how to put on concealer correctly women over 40 concealer how to put on foundation and concealer for beginners over 40 beauty guru makeup tips for over 40 concealer tutorial for women over 40 this foundation is no joke

Holy Cow! Jaclyn takes her concealer all the way over to her temple but I dont do that because I have a square face and it makes my face look wider and more square so im not going to take the concealer that far but I'll do the rest, so I'll put it down the side of my nose and swoop it, but im going to stop it here and then fill in the triangle and we'll put it around our nose but don't get it in your nose because that's gross cupids bow and i like to put it on my chin right here because it makes my face look more even but that's a personal preference thing and i dont put it and i dont put it on my chin here because my chin protrudes but if you're chin doesnt protrude like mine you can put it down further then we'll blend it all out with a beauty blender I don't have a real techniques sponge otherwise I would use that for consistency sake I like to put the excess up here on my forehead I dont like to put actual product up there because my forehead is wrinkly so im trying to use the least amount of products up on my forehead then i highlight down the center of my nose but i dont contour the sides because i broke my nose growing up so the sides are bumpy so I just like to highlight the bridge of my nose that's how I contour my nose and be careful when you blend out the concealer on the bridge of your nose that it doesn't go down the sides you want the concealer to stay right on the bridge and I'll take the excess and put it up on my eyelids to prime my eyelids and I like to put it on the inneer corner because my eyes get a little darker on the inner corner here and i put the excess here as well instead of product directly from the wand because my eyelids will get cakes pretty quickly so the least amount of product i have up there the better the eyeshadow wont go on very well if there's too much concealer on your eyelid then i will tap out the excess on my forehead because my forehead will wrinkle like crazy i need some botox, but i dont want to do it then i like to run the beauty blender on the seam of the concealer and the foundation to make sure it's blended and there's not concealer line, then foundation and then i will go over the foundation a little bit if i think its a little heavy and definitely on my forehead we're going to set everything with the Kat Von D Shade and Light Pallet and I'm going to use the Visante brush that I got in a boxycharm box and i'm going to use a mixture of the yellow shade here and the lighter peachy shade but right before i set the concealer under my eyes I like to use this Sigma precision this is the precision tapered P86 so i like to run this under my eyes to make sure the concealer is smoothed out because it can be a little hard to get up there with the beauty blender but this little guy is awesome and I'll run it on my eyelids and the inner corner of my eyes and make sure theres not too much to make sure theres not too much concealer or eye primer in the crease so we're going to take some yellow powder and peachy powder and go to town and we'll put it all the way down here onto the apples of our cheeks in this really large upside down triangle and onto the eyelids I'm using patting motions here we're not going to use the sweeping motions yet because that will move the concealer around top of the nose again be careful not to get it down the sides cupids bow chin on the forehead just in the middle where we put the excess concealer that brush was a little too big for the inner corner of my eyes so im going to use this ELF blush brush It has a small tapered head I dont use this for blush I use it for setting my under eye concealer this brush is really soft and its got a great small shape to it so it's really good to just get get underneath your eyes we'll set the rest of the face with the Laura Mercier translucent powder where we haven't already set like down here underneath our triangle and the chin and the neck same thing on the other side up o the forehead side of the nose so that brings us and then we're going to set it but I was switching that up too so because I have oiler skin than Jaclyn I'm going to use the Urban Decay de-slick makeup setting spray oil control version looks like this so we're going to set the makeup with thart let me get the hair out of my face so I don't get setting spray all i it I just recently got into setting sprays and I think it really does help with how powdery you look they make the powders melt together so your makeup looks better with a setting spray and it does make your makeup last longer so if you have a problem with either of those things try out one of the setting sprays i the sephora travel section, they have a lot of smaller products this is a travel size so that's it for this video I think her foundation routine is really awesome, obviously she's an expert but it is easy for anybody to achieve I'm not an expert at makeup I just really love makeup and that was really easy to pull off I like this Kat Von D Shade and Light pallet for setting all the concealer except for me because I'm older than Jaclyn because directly underneath my under eye is mor dry and I find the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening POwder loks better than these powders did right here but i do like how the Kat Van D powders look down here so i think the next time I do this I'll use the Laura Mercier powder right here and then all the same powders everywhere else but if you're 40 like I am the rest of the fouhndation routine is great I would just try that Laura Mercier secret brightening powder I really like this Cover FX foundation, this is actually the first time I used it it is really thick though so i think if you didn't add oil to it it might be a little harder to work with but i think it turned out really nicely and it has good coverage it does look naturl though it doesnt look like I have cake face i real life so im really hapy with this foundation so yeah! thats it! 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I think it would be a fun series to do to see how easy the looks they're doing are because they make it look so easy on camera but maybe it's not that easy in real life but this foundation routine was easy and these products are really great so go ahead and give it a whirl and leave me a comment and let me know what products you're using if you've tried this before or anything like that I'd love to hear from you and dont forget to subscribe if you haven't already and give this video a thumbs up and all the information for all the products I used will be in the description box below along with all the links to all my social media My instagram, twitter, snapchat and facebook all the links are down below for all of that so be sure to check that out and I'll see you i my next video! Bye!