Foundation DO’s and DON’Ts

Hi girls, I'm Mar And today I will talk about the bases I really wanted to dedicate a video especially to the things that should and do not do with the base just to make them look fabulous so if you like this video please give it a like and share it with your friends and do not forget to subscribe to this channel by clicking the button below and yes, let's start! And good let's start with what you should and should not do and you do not want to rub your base on your face very sharply, this is the worst thing you can do This is in fact super bad for your skin as it not only causes wrinkles but also if you have very dry skin you can microexfoliate your skin and what that will do is that it will leave you like those traces of skin that is falling maybe you've seen it, maybe not, but believe me you do not want to see that So what you want to do is this will make your moisturizer really be absorbed by your skin and work much better and it will be better for you in the long term because you are being much more delicate with your skin and it will be better against wrinkles and everything else another thing you do not want to do is skip the first one and go straight to your base this will be a disaster for a couple of reasons, one of them is because A: you skip the first and the first is life It is very good for your skin and makes it look shiny and it makes your base last much longer but also if you go in front of the base you are not letting your skin absorb everything completely and it will be like a slippery mess So you will not be able to use your base correctly and it will not look good and what you do want to do is apply your first and you do not have to apply much of it and then apply it as you would with your moisturizer and wait for it to dry This is very important since your skin lets each product do its job After that you'll be ready and you can move on to your favorite base Do not use dirty tools, you can use whatever you want to apply your base even your fingers You just have to make sure they are clean, because when they are not, the bacteria can transfer from the brushes to your face and that can cause acne and many other things so make sure they are super clean What you should do is that, in effect, you must keep your tools clean but also use the one you like the most this can be a little complicated because sometimes you can see people who use, say, beauty blender but you prefer to work with a brush or whatever but really the best tool to apply your base is the one you prefer it does not have to be the one that everyone is using Something you should not do is use an extra dark base to get a fake tan this looks terrible try to match your base with the rest of your body and this is, sometimes, it may not be the same color as your face this can be a bit complicated but do not exaggerate as much and go as 10 shades darker just because you feel like feeling bronzed that day now remember, you must match with the color of your body and to do that the best thing is to use different bases until you get the right one and try to match it in the line of your jaw and in this way the base will disappear when you blur it And this actually leads me to something you should not do and it's not applying your base right around your face it is not realistic to think that a round base face It will look good and it will be like "Yes, I am using my base completely well" What you want to do is blend well towards your neck and you can also do it a bit where your jaw ends but I feel that it looks better when you blur it to your neck because this can change but at least for me, since my face is much paler than the rest of my body so I have to match my face with the rest of my skin and this, I know that happens to many people so make sure you mix everything well to the point where you can make sure that your face looks the same tone as your whole body Now, do not overdo it with the base on your face this is not necessary and in fact it looks very bad go with something natural that is enough for your event so sometimes you might want to use a little more base sometimes you may want to use a little less since, say, you're just going to do some errands so use enough depending on what you're going to do but not enough to make it look exaggerated Do not skip the powder when you use a high coverage base I mean, you can skip it sometimes if you're using something that is, again, very light and you want to get that perfect finish but if you do not want your base to be transferring, especially to the faces of other people, so I suggest you use powders and do not skip them So in this case, what you should do is seal your base and I really recommend you do it, even if it's for an evening event At least with a little translucent powder, this will help your base stay longer and avoid any shameful situation where your base is everywhere And there are girls, I hope you enjoyed this video and I see them in the next one, GOODBYE!