French Makeup Routine for Over 40 y Women

Hi, this is the Cecile from Et Voila so today I'd like to tell you about my makeup routine You know the everyday makeup I do, nothing very special Just something to have an healthy and a glowing complexion so first of all of course main important thing Is the concealer I I will use a pen like this one to work here under my eyes to cover the dark circles I have here and also here, inside dnd here on this area Sometimes I will use it here too, because some I have some red zones here So when I finish with this, I will use my foundation, and I will either use a CC cream like this one I don't know if you can see it very well, it's from an organic brand we have here in France calle So Bio or I will also use this one from a Deutch brand that's called Lavera and I like this one very much because it's a light texture, it's a mousse (foam) you know like

I don't know how do you say it in English, but It's a natural mousse (foam) makeup, and it's very light and easy to apply it doesn't do any mark here and it's very natural, and I like the ingredients that are used for that product When I'm finished with the foundation, I will use something to put some light here and some color of course and I like this NARS blush which is a cream blush, very easy to use here, and to apply it takes like just two seconds and it has a nice result The color I choose, is called "orgasm" that's give yes natural glow, and I like it! and it's not too pinky

That's why I like it Secondly then when I'm finished with this I will focus on my eyes But nothing, you know nothing very heavy I will just just apply a powder a matte powder like this one and if I cover all this area from the corner to exterior and I like it when it's done because it's more natural and (unified) I like the result And then I will use just a special pen yes, I had some problem to find the right one just to have a line here upon the eyes Why it was so difficult to find because my usual pencils they make some marks here you see here (on the eyelid) at this at this point because my eyelids I know It's falling here, and so it will do a mark here, so it wasn't very nice, and I finally found one that stay very longer, very long sorry ๐Ÿ˜‰ And it doesn't do any marks It's from Benefits And it's a gel so maybe that's why it's more efficient So I don't personally use mascara This si just because I think I don't need it It's (eyelashes) pretty thick here and so I don't use it but, of course, a lot of French woman will use it And then, to finish I would just put a little lipstick It depends of my mood

In general during the day, I will use something very natural like this one this color this brand Unfortunately doesn't exist anymore It was called "Une" and it was an organic brand, but they decided to stop it, but I will find something else That's how I finish my makeup here, just putting a little of color on my lips and if I go out, or if I have a special occasion I will put something more colorful or a bold color maybe but always something around red colors, of course So that's it, and you see it's really easy! We don't spend a lot of time doing makeup

We just want to do it to have a natural and healthy results I just forgot when my skin is a little more tanned I will use a little of how do you say that, you know, from Guerlainits Terracotta and I will use it here on my cheeks on both side here to give a little added tan but you know when my skin is too clear, I stop I don't do it anymore because it will be too contrasting Okay, I think I didn't forget anything and I say, I tell you " ร  bientรดt", as usual So bye-bye!