Full Face Drugstore Makeup Over 40

– Hey it's Maryam Today's video is going to be a drugstore makeup tutorial

I have been dying to do something like this a drugstore makeup I haven't done it in awhile and since this is the beginning of Fall 2018, I figured let's kick it off with some Fall makeup that is drugstore only Nowadays, there's so much out there, as far as drugstore goes and there's some really good quality stuff out there I'm excited Let's get started

Today, I'm using this Kokie Palette, it's called Artist Palette This is the Treasured one, there's three, this one's Treasured and they have these different colors, like this green I don't know what I would do with that, but it looks really good with this, so I actually asked you guys on Instagram what kinda looks you wanted me to create and you wanted me to create some cool tone makeup I don't use a lot of cool tone makeup, because I have warm undertones and warm makeup looks better on me, especially with gray hair It's more flattering to my skin tone, but I will do anything for you, 'cause I love you guys so much, and I will do a cool makeup look, because you asked for it and so here we go

We're gonna concentrate, focus on this area right here, 'cause this looks very cool to me, especially this color It scares the crap out of me (laughs) but I'm going to use it It's so gray, I don't know how I'm gonna make it work, but it's gonna work We're gonna make it happen So, let's get to it before I ramble on too much

So, first I'm gonna start by doing my foundation I have come to love this foundation so much The application is beautiful It's by Revolution Makeup It's their foundation stick

I'm trying to look for more information It says Fast Base Stick Foundation I'm wearing the color F8 I could probably go one more shade darker, but I picked F8 'cause online it was hard to pick and I feel like this is very close You know what I just forgot? I just remembered I didn't put any pore minimizing stuff, so we'll see how this foundation does without any pore minimizing 'cause I've only used it with pore minimizing primer so we'll see

The only thing that's not drugstore is this one, the beauty blender, but this is very nice to blend this foundation with It works really well Any sponge applicator, I'm sure, will work just fine This foundation is not very hard to blend I have tried some other higher end stick foundations that are a little bit harder to blend, but this one is a very, very creamy

It goes on very creamy and it blends very nicely For under eyes, I'm going to use this Revolution Makeup again, this is the Conceal and Define concealer I'm using the shade C7 Again, I didn't know what kinda color I was getting when I was online on Ulta Beauty, trying to figure out my shade I figured this would be the closest one 'cause it was in the medium range

This concealer does crease a little bit, so you want to set it I have tried it several times and it does crease under eyes, so you want to make sure to set it really well For powder I'm gonna use this Kokie powder It's called Powder Contour so it has both contour and powder I'm gonna use this middle shade here

Woops, I just dug into that color I do like to modify this foundation more because it is more creamy so I do like to set the rest of my face too Normally, I try not to do too much powdering, but in this case, for this foundation, I have to This is actually a powder brush, but I'm just gonna use this for contour It's kinda more bronzing than contour, but I call it contour 'cause I'm focusing more on my cheeks here

So I'm using both shades This one is much cooler than this one, so I'm gonna use both shades to kind of ooh, that's very pigmented, actually Let me tone that down If you do get that kind of a pigmentation, you can always tone it down with powder Gonna put some of this shade here to kinda warm up the skin, using the same shades again

Warming up my skin, bring it down on my nose, kinda take care of some of that nose contour Feel like all that powdering and foundation just flattens everything so you just have to kind of bring it back to life with some contour I'm gonna take this warmer shade right here and I'm gonna just run it on my forehead just to add a little bit of color to my skin, just all over kind of Okay, we're done with that contour bronzing thing Now, I'm gonna do my eyebrows, actually, 'cause I'm thinking I need eyebrows

So I'm gonna use this L'Oreal Brow Stylus Plumper, stylus plumper, yeah It's a brow gel and it is tinted I'm gonna consider this a drugstore kind of thing, even though it's not in drugstores, but it is, this is the only brow product I have that is a drugstore price point so it's by Pop Beauty Actually, I was holding it upside down, sorry It's by Pop Beauty and it's actually worn out, woops

I gotta kind of fix the tip a little bit It looks kinda broken We'll just make the best of it I'm just gonna fill in the ends of my brows This reminds me, I need to get a drugstore brow pencil

The only thing I don't like about these Pop Beauty eyebrow pencils is that they break very easily The tip broke the first time I tried it so I was like uh-uh I'm just gonna fill in the sparse areas without going too dark 'cause ebony, I think, it's a little bit too dark, but we'll make this work What I'm gonna do is take some of that concealer and just clean it up a bit I'm gonna use this shade to, oh actually no, I'm sorry, this shade

I'm gonna use this shade, 'cause it's the gray one, not this one, this is plum We're doing all cool tone today So I'm gonna use this shade I don't know what it's called There's no name on it, but it's this gray one right here

We're gonna get a small, tapered brush It's called Mini Tapered, Mini Tapered Brush, and we're gonna get a little bit of this and we're gonna go in the corner, right here, outer V, and we're gonna blend this in Oh my god, I actually really like this color on my eyes I did not think I would like this gray color It looks so dull in the pan, but once you put it on and you blend it, it actually looks really nice

Ooh, that's a very nice color, okay I like this My camera actually heated up and I went ahead and did this eye 'cause I really wanted to see how these colors would work together And so let's recreate that on this eye for you I'm taking this Morphe, actually, no, I'm sorry, this is a Luxie 239 brush and I'm gonna take this color

I'm gonna take this color here I'm gonna lay it right here, starting from this color, the gray tone, starting where the gray tone starts and just filling in any place that doesn't have that gray We're putting this mostly in the middle section of the eye Don't take it too far out to the gray, 'cause we wanna have a nice gradient Really like this color, so saturated, and you don't get a lot of fallout with this eyeshadow palette, but still, tap your brush, but you still don't get a lot of fallout

Then, take this color, this lighter green, it's beautiful, beautiful green, and put that right in the inner corner but still on the eyelid and then kinda connect, connect it with the darker green And I'm just taking it a third of the way in, not all the way in, just a third of the way so you could see a nice gradient between the dark and the light green And then, take a smaller brush like this and pick up some of that yellow, actually gold Be precise with it and just place it right there in the inner corner We don't want it to cover that beautiful green that we placed We just wanna add a little bit of bling to the corner of the eyes

Kinda blend the top part of the crease so that green blends into that gray I'm gonna take this shade here, this gold shade, this lighter, what's it called, champagne shade, and run it right, right under the eyebrow, very lightly Okay, I'm gonna use this Pop Beauty Kajal Pen Kojal, I think that's what it says, it is It's very black and I like it 'cause you have a little smudger at the end so you can just kind of smudge that line a little bit

You can go back with that gray color and kind of cover that line a little bit, so it kinda seamlessly blends into each other I'm actually really excited about this eye look I wasn't sure how it was gonna go, but I really like it (chuckles) I'm gonna get a pencil brush and get this shade right here, this green, teal kind of color, and run that under my lash line, but we're going only halfway We're gonna stop right here, where your pupil is

Now with the same pencil, take some of that gold I said pencil, I meant pencil brush I think I'm gonna add a little bit of that champagne tone right over the gold, in the corner though Right here Just to highlight it

Well, I thought I was gonna put false lashes on, but this mascara is so amazing, I don't think I'm gonna put false lashes on I just love this mascara I stopped using it for awhile 'cause I ran out, but I got it again, and I love it It's the best drugstore mascara ever Okay, now we're gonna do lips and then after that, I'm gonna put some blush on

And the reason why I'm doing the lips first is because I wanna see how much blush I should put on Sometimes I can get carried away with blush and that usually happens when I put the blush on first So, I have two colors here to choose from I have the NYX, this is more rosy color, this is more nude I think I'm gonna try the nude first, 'cause this looks pretty like a coral color lip glass

It's actually lip gloss so I'm just gonna try the nude first Let's see how it looks

I always use liner before I put gloss on because I like to overdraw my lips a little and I feel like it really helps make the lips look fuller Without the lip liner, I feel like my lips kinda disappear with the lip gloss on alone Oh my gosh, this color's so cute Okay, now we're gonna put on our (exhales deeply) what do you call it? Blush I was gonna use this blush

I don't know, we'll try it, we'll try a tiny, very tiny bit of it to see how it works out I feel like this color is gonna be so intense on my cheeks I'm gonna use a fan brush to apply it This fan brush is really good at helping you control the intensity of a blush, especially if it's too pigmented like that So we're gonna go very light-handed with this

See how it goes, 'cause I know this blush can be so intense See that works See, just a little bit of Yeah, that works, actually, with the fan brush, it works amazing And this is from Morphe, M601 If it gets a little bit too heavy, don't worry about it, just take your powder brush, and just kind of mellow it out So I'm gonna use this highlighter palette from Makeup Revolution This is how it looks like

You can see all my junk down here But this is how it looks like really It looks pigmented, but the color payoff, one time I tried it, it didn't really work out for me, but Oh actually, this one, this came in an Ulta purchase that I did couple weeks back Actually, a month ago It was being offered as a freebie when I bought the, what you call it, the foundation stick and the concealer, it came with it so I always wanted to try the highlighters I never tried it before This color really speaks to me, this color for this, but I feel like it might be too much

I think I'm gonna go with the pinkier color 'cause it's toned down and then we'll see what happens from there The color payoff is not very good It's kind of not as highlighted, almost feels like it's, it just disappears, it disappears, I'm trying to look at it in the monitor to see if I can really see it It's not that much So I'm gonna try this Pacifica Hydro Mist, it's called Crystal Power

Gonna spray one spray and use the same shade See if it works now It's a little bit better, but it's not very intense Let's try this color Maybe that will help us a little bit more

Hmm, not that much difference, but oh well (chuckles) So I'm just gonna do the same thing again, two sprays I'll start with this color Actually, that's not even working at all Let's try this middle one

I feel like this middle one has better color payoff than the first one You know what, let's try this a little bit too, just for fun See that one's more intense Maybe it's meant to be like that Maybe they made it so people that don't like a lot of glow can use this and then kinda gradually get more intense

I'm not sure, I'm not sure what they were thinking I'm gonna put some of this mist all over my face ♪ I feel dewy, I feel dewy, oh dewy, oh dewy ♪ Where's my fan when I need it? So, this is the final look This is the final look I hope that you enjoyed this video

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