Full Glam Makeup from Former Model, Beauty, Make-up Tips on Hooded Eyes etc.. Mature Women over 50

Hey awesome ones Do you remember when you were a little kid and you used to play dress-up? Well guess what? You can do that again

There's going to be probably galas that you're invited to or Christmas parties, New Year's parties, weddings and special events Instead of saying no to them let's show you how you can be glamorous and you can look marvelous darling It all starts in just a few seconds So as a former 80s model I remember sitting in the chair while the makeup artist would put on my makeup and it would take literally hours to get the right look The good news is this is not over an hour video, so I really want to show you how you can do this at home, um the other thing is I really want to encourage you

you might not have a really expensive dress to go to that special gala or event or wedding Wear

wear just a really pretty dress and just feel confident in doing your hair and your makeup, because it's the inner confidence that really shines through and you've got to get to these events, you've got to get out there and and just shine Okay so talking about shining, I am going to show you

me in just a minute with all my makeup off and hopefully you'll still stick around Let's do the presto change-o with the makeup off

Aahh no makeup Hey we're keeping it real here folks and what I'm going to start on is concealer and also I'm going for a liquid foundation this time and this is Clinique and it's beyond perfecting It's a little bit different because it has an applicator like this So you know a lot of times if you're going out for the evening you're gonna spend a lot of time maybe you're dancing you're at a gala or something I'm going to suggest that you use a liquid foundation because what ends up happening is those powder foundations they just really seep into your skin as the night goes on and this is a little bit more of a thicker consistency for you

So truth be told it's the first time I'm going to put this foundation on with its concealer I thought it sounded pretty cool and by the way every product that you're going to see that I put on for this glam makeup, I can get from the drugstore so nothing like super super expensive here which I'm sure a lot of you want to know about All right so let's see how this works I've got all of these dark spots I've got all these, well you know what I'm talking about, those aged things

So I'm just going to dab that on there And with my skin I'm going as you can seea little bit more of my porcelain look with this What I don't want to have happen is I put on all this foundation and I have like you knowthis is all kind of a tan and then I've got my white neck and chest That's not gonna work for me So all right So let's dab it underneath here Again this is concealer and foundation all-in-one, and no I did not put a primer on, I did not

since I'm trying this out for the first time I thought I'd do it without the make of the primer Oh god that's going on really really thick as you can see

I might change up how I apply this in just a second because it's going on so thick It's nice and you want to have something under your eyes hiding all those spots, but with the applicator itself be really really careful okay Also these spotsdab them on It's also really hot under these lights, so I am sweating a little bit, but you're probably goingshe's not wearing primer I put on a really thick night cream last night and it's still kind of on my skin So I'm not putting it on super dry skin at all And I do that a lot you know a lot of times

I just bypass the primer and go you know for a daytime and go right to the foundation, but most of the time I'm wearing as you probably know a powder foundation I really like the Loreal powder foundationby the way and I do use a lot of L'Oreal products, so if you want to see my review on L'Oreal productsthey did not pay me anything for it, I'm gonna put the link up there for you

Okay so yeah the little spot here and little spot here I have no idea why I have a spot there, but I do, so you know what that covers up pretty good The proof is gonna be in seeing how this works Yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna say that covered up pretty well Probably the worst thing for me to do right now

is put the foundation over it Let's let it dry for just a few minutes So today because I'm getting glammed up I want to use a black eyeliner

You can use Brown if you want, but I'm going to use black kind of dabbing it Maybe Bill can get a bit of a close-up on this How I just don't go like that I just kind of DAB it a little bit and it really helps to get a straighter line So not too thick Also oh sorry I'm using L'Oreal eyeliner here and by the way I'm going to put links in the description for all of these products, okay so you can find that

A little bit of a swoosh here and then on this side, I know it's hard to do this side, but dab, dab, dab really helps keep it straight and now if you've got that happening and going it doesn't look great, well justjust kinda go along a little bit this way and you straighten it all out So and I'm going to do my little swoosh

I do my swoosh because I have hooded eyes They used to not be hooded and droopy eyes, but since I'm like 60how old am I now63 Bill? No comment Oh yeahyeah anyway they started drooping I did do a video on hooded eyes I'm gonna put the link up there for you guy It's a little bit more in-depth, so eyeliner done So as you know for the eye shadow I love this L'Oreal palette

I'm doing something really different this time everybody What I'm going to do is I'm going to use this kind of brown instead of this on my lid So let's see how that works out for everything See it's more of a sultry kind of look I really want to go for a smokey eye for this

All right now let's do the next steps on the eyes I do want a little bit of highlight up here and I'm gonna be using this one, this kind of beige look and just along the brow bone here, as you can see there, just gonna do a little bit of that and that's it for now Alright so let's see how that concealer is, because it seeps into your skin a little bit I'm seeing here that it has seeped into my skin a little bit lets see this thing here and what I'm going to do is I'm using a brush like this and I'm just gonna go where it's still a little bit dark for me under here and under here Just a little touch, just to lighten it up

Okay now I'm about to put the foundation on and I can tell you right now I am NOT going to use this This little gizmo is great for putting on the contour, but I'm not going to have the control I need to use a sponge like this and if you haven't got a sponge like this, they're like next to nothing at the drugstore, very very inexpensive So I'm going to put my foundation on this So what I'm doing here, I guess I could probably shake it out – lets see Whoa probably not as much control there

Very lightly I'm going to start with my forehead and let's see how this applys Yeah it really covers everybody Well that's covering up quite nicely Now I know I'm probably looking really pale, but I'm really going for that kind of porcelain look with this makeup So just let's sort of just do this

So there you have it It's full coverage for sure, a little bit shiny but we can take care of that in just a second I know what you're thinking Aahh that's way to pale Well again I'm going for the kind of porcelain look and it will start to seep into my skin

I know it, so let's get on to the brows now With the brows I want a fuller brow, a darker brow, again this is glam time so let's try that First of all I'm just using any old pencil here right now just to brush it up a little bit I shouldn't just say any old pencil this is a Loreal I want to go along

as you know I'm missing a bunch of hairsI don't know, as you get older your hairs fall out for your eyebrows, but what I want to do is I just want to line the brow like that now I found this great again, I'm just not plugging L'Oreal, it's just that I've just been really happy with what I found and this is an eyebrow it's kind of like a cream and you get a little brush like this which is really kind of cool and I'll show you why in a second Make sure you always keep the lid on this cream though, because it will dry outI read some reviews and it will dry out and look at this I can actually draw on I'm doing a little bit too much maybe, but I can draw on hairs if I want toI can draw on hairs if I want to Okay and again don't be looking at my foundation and turning it off we have got no blush on no contouring so I promise you it will look better

I know I look like I'm ready for Halloween right now, but anywayBill no laughing back there

I'm laughing with you Okay good, good I hear you back there laughing

Okay and so what we've got to do is the same thing we're gonna do for the other eye the other eyebrow There ya go Okay so what we're going to do now is I have a clear mascara and oh by the way um we are so excited and it's probably because of youamazon has chosen Awesome Over 50, to give us a storefront So it's actually amazoncom/shop/awesomeover50 We have got makeup there we have gott, there all in sections, you don't pay a penny more than what you would usually pay on Amazon, but we get a little bit of commission and you know it's so exciting to get a little bit of a paycheck anyway for doing this, so all of you folks that are buying from our links thank you so much And on the Amazon store front we have makeup, I've got my fashions, we have some of our awesome finds, even some of Bills clothes and even some of Hurricane's stuff, so you know, thank you so much for shopping there for birthdays or Christmas or whatever Back to the clear mascara I'm just going to brush these hairs up, give it a little bit more definition as you can see what that's doing right now and it also helps to set everything in place

So I don't know if you noticed, but I am getting a shine under here and of course that's not going to be good I'm gonna be putting on makeup, so to the rescue is the Revlon anti-shine cream This goes in my purse anywhere I go along with maybe some lipstick It is fabulous and what it isit's an anti shine cream, it comes with a little sponge and it saves you from piling on the powder and the powder and then you get wrinkled or wrinkly and wrinkly, or you guys know what I'm talking about So look at how shiny this is here like II just can'tright So I'm going to go and look at thatgone Isn't that amazing? My nose a little bit here and now right off the bat I'm looking a lot better as far as shine is concerned All right let's get back to the eyes I am going to use the eye shadow brown

This one here withwhat do you call thatan angled brush All right and what I'm going to do is I'm just going to go along here I know it looks dark but it's evening, it's glam time guys

So put it out there You notice I don't go right into the crease of my eye either I'm sorry I don't go right to the center of my eyes Sorry about that Bringing that out a little bit now

I am gonna go into the crease of my eyes right here, you see that I have wrinkles in there and I want to hide up those wrinkles Okay so now you're going, Okay Heatherthis is like totally Halloween Never fear we have the magic brush This is another brush and I'm just going to push it out like this I'm not using my fingers this time because this is super dark and you need just a little more control with it

So I'm using a brush Out we go Starting to look a little glamorous So under my eyes I'm not going to use a liner I'm not going to put it on the waterline of black eyeliner or anything

I find that that really really ages people around my age so what I'm going to do is I'm using a brush like this Now if you're confused about the brushes I did do a video on the brushes I use I'll put the link up there for you Again I'm going to go for the darkest Brown in here, always kind of shake off some of the extra and I'm going to just kind of go underneath like this can you all see that okay Okay so now we've got to get into the corner here

a little bit more darknessthere a little bit more darkness there and then we're going to use that other brush that I showed you and swoosh it up Now the pencil that we were using before we want to do just a little something-something here I'm going to do an attachment here again bringing it up to a bit of a swoosh You have hooded eyes you can't make a real cat eye you just have to do that and I also love that this has got a smudging application underneath

You see how I've been smudging it there and it really helps to bring those hooded eyes up a little All rightmascara time So again you have to make sure that your concealer underneath your eyes is perfectly dried before you do this I don't wear false eyelashes I don't with me dancing around, and the way I am, I'm kind of a wild and crazy girl, but you know for sure they would fall off, so I just do three coats of mascara I'm using a lovely Dior mascara here

I think it's, Dior Show Again I've got it available online for you and we're going to just do one coat to begin with so on this porcelain pallet it's time to give me a little bit of life a little bit of color I have thisone of my favorites, this is Clinique the same as the foundation and I'm going to just dab with a brush like this Don't know if you guys can see all the powder flowing, but anyway um now be really super careful with this okay, because you don't want to look like, clown like, rightso we're just gonna dab just see the difference just dab a little bit here and now we're starting to get the color back I'm also gonna put a little bit here Alright Alright contouring time Do not have a heavy hand with this either

You don't want to look super phony, but you do want to enhance your cheekbones So this is what I'm gonna do and then checked it You see how that sort ofsee the definition between the twoalso these nasty things, I hate even saying the word jowels, but you know what, we'll just do a little bit under here and let's do the other side as well Also we want to do down the nose and along the temples as well

And another coat of mascara We're going to do three coats all together, and why I love this mascara is because it doesn't transfer under your eyes and don't get the waterproof kind and it still works great like that and also comes off like a dream at night It just doesn't stick on to your eyelashes I absolutely love this All right I'm going for the red lips and you guys are probably saying

no Heather you said you didn't like red lips well this is glam time So yes I'm going to like the red lips um what I said that for somebody like myself, you know with the silver hair and the porcelain kind of skin, doing a deep red lips, it just doesn't work for daytime and that sort of thing, but I'm going out on the town So I'm going to wear red and I'm just using a L'Oreal red pencil I'm going to outline my little tiny lips that I have just a little larger than usual

Now that's red! Oh well here we go and now for the lipstick

Now I have a, I think this is rimmelrimmelrimmel I think it's called lipstick It's a beautiful red and what I'm going to donow if this was lower, this is brand new pretty well I would be using a lip brush and putting it on the lipstick, but because this is in pretty good shape I am going to put it on like this Outline it a little bit more And always remember to check your teeth cuz red lipstick will go on your teeth

Alright so all done Let's do one of my modeling things I used to do in the old days Are you ready? Here we go What do you think? Pretty glamorous and I'm sure when you do it you're going to look marvelous darling, simply marvelous So as you know it's time for the cuteness factor

Hey Hurricanedo you recognize me Okay Hurricane recognizes me and you know what, I recognized you too, because Hurricane went and got his hair all cut

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