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Hi, I'm Jean Godfrey-June I'm the beauty director at goop, and I'm here to answer all your beauty questions The question everybody wants to know the answer to certainly on goop and just in the world in general is no-makeup makeup: How do I do it? The basics of no-makeup makeup are actually great skincare: You want to take care of your skin so you need less makeup in the first place

The place to start is with a great tinted moisturizer with SPF My favorite is from the Beautycounter Its called Dew Skin and it looks good on everyone It's both sheer and natural— it just feels soothing You put it on; your face feels protected

After I put on my tinted moisturizer, the next thing is eyes So when this eyeliner came along, it pretty much changed my life It's from W3ll People It's like the inkiest black, and anytime you have a really intense color, you need way less of it Each lash you're just connecting the dots

Work just on the outer, say, quarter of your upper eyelash For the longest time, there was no liquid liner that was clean and non-toxic, and they cracked the code, and it's a miracle Step three is mascara It's from Juice Beauty So this brilliant formula, they managed to do it with pine resin

When you're using a conventional mascara, you're getting plastics, the product of coal tar combustion, a whole bunch of stuff you might not want It isn't just non-toxic; it's the best mascara There's a lot of natural mascaras out there that you're like, "Did I put on my mascara, I can't really tell" This one you're like, "Oh yeah, I put it on, and I look fantastic" My favorite step is step four

It's a balm from Olio E Osso, and it's for your cheeks and your lips, and you're gonna be surprised at the color—it's like hot pink My favorite, favorite thing about it is that you don't have to really look in the mirror to put it on because it's so sheer, you're not gonna look like some crazy person that put their lipstick on wrong You also kind of tie your whole look together a little, so you've got your lips, you've got your cheeks, and it smells like citrus, and it's like super moisturizing I put this on all day I just love it

My last tip is the 4 pm slump tip The magic is face oil, and we love this one from Balmyard Do a drop, put it between your hands, and then you pat it on your face— you just kind of go underneath

4 pm fixed So that's no-makeup makeup It's really pretty simple, and remember that you can always add color to it

For more beauty advice, go to goopcom There's lots of it there, lots of it for me See you later