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What's up, man? Let's shoot this video! This one, right? No, this one Very emotional experience! I look like I have some disease! I'm looking like Cleopatra in the first stage itself! I feel like we don't belong in this place! It looks like a cosmetics shop We saw a few ghosts outside and realised that we've got to use these products to look beautiful People think that guys don't know much about make up and they are wrong

For me, make up has always been about face wash, dude! And then we use primer! So that there's some smoothness And the skin gets moisturized And then we conceal! The first time I used a concealer was when I got bitten But it is usually used for so the blemishes/pimples on the face get concealed! Let's talk about eyes! So let me tell you that I've already done two make up videos

I'm done! I know Winged eyeliner Master in the house! We've got a legend! I know winged eyeliner and smokey eyes! What else do you want to know? That's it

That's all we know about make up We're going to try and identify all the things on the table I have eyelashes, okay! Head band! Yeah, bro! Mascara! Okay, so this is swiss beauty something something You know when this comes in handy? Smoothness! For moisturising! What is this? This is to stick the eyelashes, dude! This is something that helps you file your eyelashes Chop yours This is shimmer eye shadow

This is also eye shadow but it is different because it has more colors Something's there There is a secret door! There is a secret door! Why am I so fascinated by this? This is amazing! How have I never observed any of these things? Who makes this box? Wow! The only idea we have about today's challenge

is that we have to try some eye makeup But how'll we do it without the tutorial? Will we be given an image at least? Not even an image? Just show me ONE eye and I'll do it WTF! What is 'goth'? Cleopatra look?! What I know of Cleopatra is

golden face and black So we have to create this the f***! Are you baking a cake? We'll have to use seven colors! G*** phat jayegi! I'm not excited to try this look out I was excited, I thought it was going to be like the winged eyeliner challenge but now that we know that

we don't have any reference, I'm a little nervous Our strategy is that we have to apply makeup I don't know how, though! And whatever we do, it's going to be awesome because

the confidence matters, man! I don't know about the strategy but my desired outcome is to look beautiful First of all, I'll use a band Humein chahiye azaadi! Azaadi! Dramatic gel eyeliner! I think I've found my shade Let's begin with Primer! Here's the base! Wait a second I think this is the base This is too sticky I hope it won't remove my eyelashes! You're trying it on? Goth eyelashes! I think this might disappear in a few seconds I think we should put it around the entire eye! I'm going for that now WTF is wrong with me, man?! I'm looking like Cleopatra in the first stage, itself! This is wrongrestart, restart! Who said we should apply this on the eyes? Tissues! Which color suits me the best? Hold on Don't move Alright let's take a little to start with Take two I look like I have some disease

Very emotional experience! I can see, feel the Goth in me! I'm doing the easier things first The majority of my face is covered in eyeliner Y'know what I'm going to get transformed into I'm filling in the parts where my eyebrows are the least dense This is my eyebrow I'll use this under and the liquid eyeliner over Now it's the eyes Eyeshadow is next! We're using the Fashion artist black/grey gold palette F***! What happened? Is it looking good? What did you use? The great MF Hussain here has mixed five different colors! And the resultant mix will be used to create his Goth look

It's glittery, bro! I'll do the same thing but with a different color I'm using a darker grey, darker than the one Akshay used and then I'll blend it with maybe

glittery pink I have an old connection with blush So, I'll use this first

Basically, this area, we were mixing two colors but because we already have black, we need to put another layer I think this is the color

that Cleopatra used What the hell You're laughing at ME? Have you SEEN the mirror?! Have you?! He's looking like Shinchan! Yeah, stable Bro that's my eyebrow That's the part I'm leaving out Look in the mirror and then tell me Not bad, yaar! You have to fix mine, too! See, how this looks

Wow! I'm almost done I just have to put some eyelashes Close? So I'm trying to fill in his eye makeup

three colorsblack is already there I'm going to put in pink and purple Tell me, is it okay? Is this passable? The wing should go like this, upwards Okay Oh god, no, Akshay! Check this out, a rainbow! You see how I can switch! I was looking like a pig earlier, now, I've switched completely! You're looking good, man! So, I do know

that I feel like I'm going for war but Cleopatra also went for wars Green Day is back! Satyam, show me I think I have a twitch

He's looking beautiful I think his eyelashes are looking so nice! For my effort, I want to rate myself a 6/10 5

99/10 5/10 I'll give him 7/10 75/10

If I were to rate myself Are you not ashamed of yourself?! Kanishk's is better, no doubt Just for you, bro! Obviously, I really want to see it

Please show it to us Satyam is right! Satyam is right! The girl is pretty, dude! That's what you noticed? I think this is editing! Do you feel the same way? It can't be so perfect! Satyam, you're not that far, brother! Yeah, the blue is on point! They put something between the eyelid and the eyebrow I can't understand how they've done that! F***! Soobviously, we're not as beautiful as her

but we're really close in terms of the makeup Yeah, I do have the winged eyeliner look You can see, there is not much difference! You see, the four of us

This is so beautiful but she must've practiced a lot too! Must've taken her ages to perfect it! We did a pretty good job I used to wonder why people keep making makeup tutorials but I realise now that it is kind of an art I guess, because to be so precise and to get that look

that you want out there is hard to do It was a great experience, we got to learn a lot When it comes to makeup, application and theoretical parts are poles apart! I learned that this is not MY cup of tea We learnt to respect people who do makeup First of all, to be very honest Hey Guys! If you didn't like our makeup at all

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