Halloween Beauty 2018 — All The Makeup You Need For A Sexy or Scary Costume

If you’re going for glam or scaring people with your spooky costume, check out this Halloween makeup sure to give you the perfect look on All Hallows’ Eve    From pumpkin-scented soap to bat eye masks to gold glitter makeup, there is something for everyone this Halloween season! The right makeup can transform you into any costume you want — Harley Quinn, a witch, a ghost, a mermaid — the list goes on! Even if you’re going for a glam look like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, you’ll need the right tools to get the look Here are some of our favorite fall items  NYX and Wet n Wild have amazing, bright colorful shades that won’t break the bank These brands are perfect if you need a bright blue eyeshadow or purple eyeliner that you might not wear again Ardell has affordable (and the best) false eyelashes, a must if you need DRAMA for a costume And let’s be honest, October 31 is THE night for drama! If you need to dye your hair, for say a Harley Quinn, Splat! has a temporary dye that’s super fast and easy to use and washes out in one shampoo Bath & Body Works has a ton of great-smelling lotions and creams, so you’ll smell like the season!    If you’re hosting a party, Dial has a ton of Halloween-inspired soap bottles, perfect for an easy bathroom decoration For treats, Godiva has pumpkin spice chocolate truffles that are amazing

And Treat House has adorable “doughnuts” made of Rice Krispies! NEST has an entire pumpkin chai line, whether you want candles to set the mood or a flame-free diffuser  Apply your makeup with the new Juno & Co Microfiber Velvet Sponge, which is super soft and doesn’t absorb product like other traditional sponges At the end of the night, use Cetaphil’s Gentle Makeup Removing Wipes to ensure your skin stays breakout free!