Hooded, Downturned Eyes Lifted, revamped Makeup Tips Video for Women, Mature Beauty over 50

Hey awesome ones, Heather here and today I'm going to do a revamped video get it? "Vamped", anyway yeah, I'm gonna do a revamped video on one of, well it was actually my very first video I ever did and it was on hooded eyes ,downturned eyes, droopy eyes but this one is going to be even better I've learned a lot since my very first video and I'm going to show it to you in just a minute

So the hooded eye video that I did a long time ago, hey thank you for watching, it I had thousands and actually hundreds of thousands of views on it but looking back Bill what do you think? I mean it was good but we we decided to be creative with it with whistling music and a lot of you couldn't even go through the whole video because all this whistling music was going on and some of you just turned it off because it drove you crazy and we're so sorry about that, so no music in this video whatsoever Okay you'll actually be able to hear me, what else was on that video, well you know I did a purple eye shadow I'm thinking back, you know purple isn't always people's favorite color so this one I'm going to do a brown

I hope this will be your go-to hooded eyes video and let's get started on it So as many of you know I'm 62 years old now and I was a former 80s model, so what I'm trying to do here, here let me just show you something I have a picture let me see if I can get it close, here a picture of me when I was modeling, oh my gosh that was probably over 30 years ago and what happened

oh my gosh you can see that my bright eyes that were upturned are now hooded, they're also a little bit droopy, downturned and I'm going to try to get as close to this picture as I can in this video with the magic of makeup and you know what, this video is not just for women over 50 if you're in your 20s, if you're in your 30s ,if you're in your 40s or 50 and above and you've got those hooded, downturned, droopy eyes I'm hoping that a little magic of makeup will help you with this, so I'm going to do a daytime makeup today and on my eyes and so I'm not going to do that smokey kind of look or anything like that, also for the sake of time I've already put on my foundation and I've got some really nasty dark spots that have shown up in my maturity so I've covered up the dark spots with concealer and if you want to see how I did that I will put a link up for the foundation video and concealer video that I did for you Okay for the sake of time I'm only going to do one eye but at the end of the video I'll do both so you can take a look at it So let's get started

I have here a white pencil it's an eyeliner pencil and what I want to do because my eyes are down turned I want to open them up a little bit so what I'm going to do make sure the the pencil part is really clean by the way I always clean mine off before I use it and I do a little line here, there we go, yeah just like that to help open up the eyes oh and by the way a lot of you have been asking for the products so what I'm going to do in the first comment I'm going to go ahead and link in my blog to these products so you can see them and if you do end up getting them we do make a little bit of commission on that and it really helps us they keep going on these videos and get them out to you so thank you very much for that! Alright so next is eyeliner time and I'm going to use in this particular case, a black eyeliner pencil, sometimes I use a navy blue, sometimes I also use a brown

I know some of you might think this is a little harsh but watch what I'm going to do with it, what I'm going to do is it's very, very sharp I've made sure that I sharpen the pencil so I want a thin, a line here and the way that I get it, hopefully you can see this okay is just by dabbing along see how thin that's coming along here, so I just want to dab it along there's a little bit, it's a little up here so hold on, even with the dabbing you want to want to make sure that you still have a straight line, so yeah there you go I'm just gonna actually again touch it up here mm-hmm that looks a little more natural and once we have the mascara on it's going to look, it should look pretty well perfect Okay for this application I know the last time I did purple but I'm going to be using browns in this, a lot more people would use browns than purple so, and I found this fabulous palette of colors and I will link it back at my blog, so first of all what we're going to do is we're just going to do a little bit of brightness a little bit of highlighting so I'm going to use this beige here I always try also not to get something that's too shimmery because it just doesn't look natural and what I like about this one is it's not too shimmery so what we're going to do is we're just going to, this has got a sponge applicator with it, and I'm just going to put it here, can you see that, there on my lid you just sort of, sorry if I'm blocking it a little bit, with the the makeup mirror but you can see how that's already starting to open up the eye Now the other thing that I'm going to do is just along the brow bone here I want to put a little bit of shimmer too because that's bringing the eye up, the eyelid is also opening up the eye and that's what we are we want to do and you can almost start to see there's a little bit of a difference between the two eyes already Now let's talk about the brows a little bit, as you can see I have already done my brows and again for the sake of time, I did a whole video on that I'll link it up somewhere there so you can see how I applied it but for my brows I've moved the eye upward so really made sure that I had a little bit of an upward turn on both brows and also I used either a wax or clear mascara to brush the hairs up and again we want it, we want people seeing us to see sort of see an upturn to our eyes and this certainly, certainly helps, so let's really get into turning those downturned eyes and as most of you know I don't like needles I've never had needles or any of those sort of things done to my face and I'm not going to do them I decided I just want to be natural and use the magic of makeup and no surgery or anything like that but let's get back to this palette that I have here and we're going to start on really working with the eye shadow Now what I love about this palette and I hope Bill can see that there, is there's all different kinds of brown colors of browns, so what I want to do is use a brush like this, this did not come with the palette, this is a brush that I like and I'm going to go with the lighter brown here, all right if you go too dark with the brown, kind of looks like you know somebody I don't know, and it just it looks off So we want to have it more natural more lighter so what I'm going to do is, I'm just going to start around the middle up here so we're just going to start about the middle here and I'm going to move it out to my natural, see how that's kind of naturally going out there okay so that's what we're going to do now for blending you can certainly use a blending sponge you could certainly use a cotton swab or something like that for me I got ten of these things and I find these are the best blenders so let me just start doing a little bit of blending here because obviously that just doesn't look natural So I'm going to start bringing that out a little bit there we go, now the other thing I want to do, remember this pencil this eyeliner pencil that I had now that I'm bringing this up I want to do a gentle, maybe Bill can do a close-up of this a gentle little, yeah there you go a gentle little swoosh up, not too much we don't want to look fake or anything or a cat eye-ed or any of those sort of thing but once we get the mascara this will blend in and again you can probably tell by the two eyes we're really starting to make something happen here Okay so the next step it takes a little bit of practice and hey if you're somebody who hasn't worn makeup for a long time or maybe you're just getting into wearing makeup you can just leave it with this amount of eye shadow or maybe even you wanted to put this on a little bit less what we want to do is open the eye but if you put too much on and you haven't really practiced it, it really can look off So I'm using this palette again but this time I'm using an angled brush like this and I'm going to go for the darkest shadow that they have in the brown, there, and what I want to do now is I want to sort of go into the crease of the eye so you see this part here when I did the lid I bought shimmer up and what I want to do is sort of like make the eyes a little bit more hollow because they are hooded so we're just going to go into the crease like that and again you're starting to see the difference

Okay so it's mascara time and watch this I'm not pumping the mascara like I did in the last video! A lot of you people told me that if you pump the mascara, which I don't know, like it's just old habits die hard I guess but you're putting air into the mascara and it's going to dry out faster so we don't want that Thank you very much for those comments I love the constructive comments like that So let's put on the mascara, what I'm going to do, oh by the way, this mascara, I've been using this for a long time it goes on like a dream I usually put about two or three coats of it but also it doesn't smudge at least it doesn't for me and at night time it washes off so easily I just love it and of course it'll be in my blog but we're just going to carefully brush up the eye lashes not going to clump on any mascara we're just going to brush him up like that and I'm going to come back and do another coat and probably about a minute or two now for under the eye we're not going to use a pencil, sometimes that's really harsh and so I'm going to use a brush like this it's kind of a broad brush but it's also a little bit thin too so if that makes any sense, going back to this palette here and again we're going to go with the darker brown and I am going to put that underneath my eyes All right so let's just do that, I'm going to keep also in line with the swoosh here so you don't put it downwards, you want the eye upwards so here we go don't put too much on your brush or else it smudges underneath which I did get a little bit underneath, there so well if we make mistakes we can show you how to fix them – how's that, all right so I'm just gonna wipe that off a little bit because I want it to look a little more natural now I'm also going to put some mascara on it and not a lot on your lower brows

Alright we want our brows, oops eyelashes, it's just a little bit under here and I'm only going to put about one coat on the lower All right this is, I got my mascara I can do another coat on the upper at this point Now the other thing I want to do is, remember this pencil this eyeliner pencil, now we want to match with a swoosh a little bit, remember that little swish that we did there, we want to do a little match here I find this is a really pretty technique Okay so for one of the last things that I do I use this little tiny teeny brush and some highlighter and what I do is, I want to put the sparkle in my eyes, between my eyes, anyway so what I do is I just put a little bit of sparkle, you see how that looks, it's very sparkly and pretty

um the twinkle in our eyes, anyway just a little bit here, not a lot and I might blend it a little bit but you can really tell that that opens up the eye So one more mascara application, here we go, not pumping the mascara, oh um this time you know that little globby thing that's at the end, I want to say that globby part for if globby is a word, for the end I'm going to, just these little lashes here, I'm going to brush them up with a globby part because it really brings them out and I'm not wearing false eyelashes or anything so let me just do the rest of the coat here, keeping them very defined and you know what I think, we're ready to see that other picture again

So there you have it, we have, you can see the difference with the magic of makeup, this eye I have makeup on it, as far as foundation and I've covered up my spots and everything but it definitely looks more downturned, more hooded with this eye over here, it's it seems to be alive it seems to be more youthful and hey isn't that what we're trying to do here So let's bring my former 1980s self into the picture and see how close, there is me before and there I am with the 30 year old aged eye but with the magic of makeup Hey I'm not gonna bring back me 30 years ago but I think we did a good job, okay so this is a natural kind of look for your eye and if you wanted to go to an evening party kind of thing you could always do a smoky eye and yes I did a video on smoky eye so I'll put it up there somewhere So you can do that smoldering smoky eye oo la la Okay so if you know these videos you know it's time for the cuteness factor that's Hurricane, okay, alright, yes he loves me calling him the cuteness factor and I hope he brings a smile to your face, and by the way talking about bringing a smile to your face, I've just got to tell you that we are so happy, you know we have over a million views on our videos already and some of you were saying, hey guys are you gonna keep on making videos? The answer is a resounding "yes" we're actually going to try for at least one video a week, sometimes you'll probably even find two videos a week because, I don't know we're just so grateful for this, we're having fun and the comments, oh my gosh you guys you're just touching our hearts and we're so glad that we're helping a lot of you and helping to make it awesome The one other thing I want to say is that if you do, oh sorry Hurricane, am i keeping you awake? If you do want to subscribe to us there is a button down there and please join us and in the meantime keep it awesome and we'll see you later Everyone's invited to subscribe and join us on our videos

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