How much I made from 10 Million Views in 30 Days

How much I made from 10 Million Views in 30 Days

Here’s EXACTLY how much I made from 10 million views on YouTube, and I’ll go in detail about how YouTubers make money and how the income is generated. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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I make these types of videos because when I saw OTHER people making videos like this, I found it INSANELY inspirational. Seeing that was just motivation for me, and I’d think “hey, you know what, stuff like this is possible if you give out good, honest content that’s hopefully entertaining…you’re consistent with it…you really care about what you produce…you treat people with respect…this is something to one day aspire towards.”

So that’s just my intention with this video, and now I get a chance to throw my hat in the ring as someone who would watch those video. So I mean all of this as a way of inspiration, because that’s how it was for me, or just to satisfy anyone’s curiosity as to how much a youtube channel can make.

Now the thing I’ve noticed that happens is that when ONE video gets a LOT of views, THE OTHER videos tend to get more views, too. And it makes sense, if someone watches one video and enjoys it, chances are, they’re going to watch OTHER videos of yours, too. You also have “Recommended” videos come up on the side or below the video, as well…so if you have a one million view video, chances are, 10-20% of those people go on to watch OTHER videos – and you’ll see a trickle of views throughout everything. So even though most of my views and income came from just a few videos, the overflow into other videos increases the revenue even further.


In terms of how much I make, I realize this is SIGNIFICANTLY more than other YouTube channels make…by a LOT. I need to say this because inevitably, there’s someone in the comments that says I’m lying because “SocialBlade says I make less.”

Here’s the thing: In terms of calculating how much a YouTube channel makes, it’s really important to understand that ad rates differ from channel to channel and there are SO MANY FACTORS to take into consideration. This might include the type of channel, the topic of the video, how long that video is, the watch time of that video, how many ads are in that video, and what advertisers are wiling to bid for that video.

Second, the way my channel typically works is that probably 80% of my views are from NON SUBSCRIBERS…meaning that YouTube pushes my video out to a mass audience and says “Hey…we think you need to see this, watch this.” And if you ignore it, Youtube is like “no….really…you NEED to see this.” And it keeps showing up until you finally give in and watch it. And then once you do watch it, Youtube is like “Hey…we saw you watched the video…here’s a DOZEN others EXACTLY like it.” That’s the circle of life here on YouTube.

So I was EXTREMELY fortunate this month that this didn’t happen just once…it happened FOUR TIMES. ALL WITHIN THE SAME 2 WEEKS. The Tesla video, the $250,000,000 man video, and my two Apple Credit Card Videos made up about 60% of my views. That was just a LUCKY blessing from the almighty YouTube algorithm.

I’ve also noticed that generally videos like this get pushed a LOT during the first week or two, and after that, it drops down to almost nothing. So these videos aren’t making me anything like they were a few weeks ago when they were getting pushed.

And again, I just want to thank you for your support and for watching the channel. I REALLY do my best to make these videos as tastefully as I can, because all of this is meant to show everyone what you can do, to encourage more people on youtube to make educational content…and just save money. And for all of you watching to this point, you’re the best…like, everyone in the comments just feels like family to me at this point. When you start to talk to people week after week, month after month, for over two years…like, I feel like I know so many of you even though we’ve never met. So thank you,, I hope I been able to help or add value to all of you just as much as you’ve helped me, and we can continue just making the world a better place.

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