how to apply bb cream foundation best makeup primer bb cream for beginners

diet weight loss health skincare tips tricks watch the full video if you have never used it before though you could easily make the mistake of applying too much if you need help learning how to apply it correctly keep reading 1 find out what the BB cream offers while every BB cream has a variety of properties end offers a variety of effects each one can vary make sure you know exactly what a BB cream claims to offer before purchasing it possible properties include Moisture rising skin whitening blocking UV rays priming the skin tinting the skin refracting light to make skin look more radiant providing anti-aging components enriching the skin with vitamins you should also research the manufacturer of the BB cream only purchase a cream from a reputable company to read reviews of the BB cream no matter how reputable the cosmetic companies or with the BB cream claims to offer each type will work differently for different people reading reviews will help you understand if the product is both by quality and right for you pay close attention to reviews that mention skin toned skin type and skin condition so that you can gauge how applicable the experiences to your set of circumstances 3 choose the best BB cream for your skin type skin types have different needs as far as cosmetics go for the most effective experience choose a product that is geared toward oily skin normal skin or dry skin depending on which skin type applies to you if you have oily skin consider a BB cream with a matte finish gravitate toward those containing natural plant extracts as well the skin tab tends to be sensitive and a BB cream with natural extracts is less likely to cause a reaction if you have normal skin consider a moisturizing BB cream that can make your skin appear smoother you can also look if r1 with a skin whitener in it if you need help balancing your skin tone if you have dry skin look for a BB cream with a watery consistency instead of a thick cream since thick creams can cause excess dryness you should also look for Moisture rising formulas for choose the tone that matches your skin tone best BB creams can not to have a wide variety of shapes but most will have some range of shapes the town that comes closest to your natural skin tone will likely suit you best when comparing tones compare the tone of the BB cream to the skin of your face and neck do not compare it to your hands since the skin on your hands can be a slightly different shade than the skin on your face five sample when possible get a sample and wear it around during the day check the way it looks in both natural and artificial light one lighting can make a big difference in the way cream looks the lighting in a cosmetics store may not give you an accurate idea of how the cream looks on your skin once you walk outside as a result it is better to wear the cream in a variety of settings for a few hours before making a purchase you