How to Apply Eyeliner Correctly & Perfectly for Beginners – Eye Makeup Tips

How to Apply Eye liner Eye liner is our favorite product to make a striking appearance and enhance the natural beauty of the eyes and even correct and improve the shape and size

Simply align the eyes, you can completely transform and intensify eye makeup look In this video I will show you 7 steps of how to apply eye liner perfectly So please like and subscribe for more videos 1 Although eye liner comes in all different forms like liquid, pencil, gel etc, we'll focus on liquid eye liner in this video because it is the most common

Before we reveal the secrets for applying eye liner to dazzling effect, we should point out that you'll need a steady hand to avoid a black eye If you struggle with this, we recommend using gel eye liner for smudge-free, easier application 2 When applying eye liner, you should always start with the upper eyelid and draw a line as close to the eyelash line as possible Draw a line without problems are not easy, so we recommend you to practice the following trick again and again: Take an eye liner pencil and score points on the lash line along which you can align with eye liner liquid

3 Then, the liquid eye liner give a good shake to avoid clumps and start drawing a line along the upper eyelid For a more precise application, it is recommended that pulls the lid with the other hand while pushing your elbow on a stable surface to prevent shaking Then start eye liner sliding along the tear line led eyelashes outward, connecting the points you made earlier Make short, quick strokes to draw a line even more and be able to correct mistakes later

4 Always draw a fine line and if you are satisfied with the shape, then you can go back and draw a thicker line, if you prefer If you go through a very thick line, we recommend that you mark the area in both eyes so that you can get the same thickness and then fill, as you can see in the photo 5 To make your eyes look more awake and fresh, or want to improve their almond-shaped, extend the line to your temple with a light tap up

To do so also in the eyes, cut a piece of tape and stick the diagonal next to his eye and then pull the line, waiting for it to dry and remove the piece of tape Make sure you stick the tape at the same angle on both sides 6 Without waiting for the eye liner to dry completely is a common mistake that can ruin all the hard work If you're not the most patient of people and I cannot stand waiting for your eye liner is completely dry, you could buy some quick-drying eye liner, but not really need to wait more a couple minutes

7 7 Now that your upper lashes are perfectly aligned, you can also align the bottom of lashesfor a dramatic and striking appearance However, to avoid severe aspect, we suggest using the pen eye liner instead of liquid eye liner Furthermore, using an eye liner pencil that can be more specific with your request and the product will be less likely to seep into your eyes and make water When lining the lower eyelids, starting from the center and work your way outward and making sure not to apply too near the tear duct

8 Dear viewers, If you follow these top tips, you're eyes will be truly captivating and amazing So please like share and subscribe our channel for more videos