How to Apply Eyeliner (Crepey, Mature Skin Over Forty 40)

I'm gonna teach you how to apply eyeliner if you have crepey skin especially mature skin over 40 I am 46 this month and I have some tips and a method that I think you should try if you are trying to use eyeliner over 40 or with different type of skin pop into my video and I will show you how to apply eyeliner correctly if you're over 40 I'm going to use because I have always used a Mary Kay eyeliner I have used it for at least 25 years it goes on smoothly and that's what you want to look for when you're looking for an eyeliner to deal with crepey skin or sagging skin you might want to hold your skin out like that to separate it more to make it more smooth so that you don't have jagged lines I'm not going to do that for videoing purposes for ease of the viewer in this process is called – through the lash you're going to make little dash lines in without pushing on your eyelid you're just scraping you're dashing through the lash line right where the lashes meet that skin right where they go into your skin and I just start on the outer corner and I just make little wispy blondes less is more and I'm only go over halfway across the eye and you can see I have a little mess up here it went too high and so I'm going to even that out by making it go back down I think I'm going to go down towards the inner of maja it just blends it in a little bit and then I'm also going to come back now towards the outer corner now when you look you can see that it is a little thicker and you can still see that little bump so let me see I can fix that up see how it just kind of lays down I do the lightest bit of pressure to make it lie down and let me show you the other trick for covering that up I'm also going to show you how to do underneath this lash line the underneath part of your eye but I use a smudger brush and this is also super old from Mary Kay I am NOT sponsored by Mary Kay these are just things that I've always had and I've always used it's super super thick and dense like when you push it it doesn't come over all the way so it's just going to keep that that blue color from my covergirl palette I'm gonna use the deepest blue tap it tap off the excess and then I'm just gonna go right along that lash line from the outer corner in and you have you don't want to – this because smudge of brushes and a lot of drugstore eyeshadow does have fallout so it's going to fall down or either leave like gray or blue marks down here you're just making it smooth right here and you don't even have to dip it in color if you don't want to okay and then I have another way to do that on the other eye when I get over there for underneath I am just going from the outer edge the outer corner and I'm only going to do a quarter of the eyelid underneath and I'm just swiping or dashing little – marks much less pressure than I did with the upper eye if you do that out of your hand like pops back onto your eyelid just use some concealer and then put a little eye shadow on top I do recommend putting your eye shadow own if you want to practice this before you put on the full lid of I shout out then that's fine but eyeliner will not go on smoothly with zero eyeshadow you need something for it to glide on top of so I recommend putting on some base first some foundation colors first when you look at my eyeliner you can tell that I have eyeliner and you are looking closely when I put mascara on y'all it is going to make it look so gorgeous and natural like your natural eyelashes are bringing out that color that's going to make all of your eye shadow and the sincerity inside your eyes really pop the eyes are the windows to our souls so we want to make sure people can see our eyes right I pull in your back so you can see when I apply eyeliner to this side and what I want to show you with this is a drugstore brand that is just as good as the Mary Kay brand if you want to try that I also want to tell you about the ciate brand it's a london brand although the point is thin it you have to put a lot of pressure to make the product go on your eyelid like you're pushing down instead of gliding so I don't recommend that I'm keeping this L'Oreal voluminous smoldering eyeliner it's really pointy it goes on my hand really smoothly but once I try to do it on the eyeliner it's not quite the best it's not as easy and if we're gonna use eyeliner we don't want it to be high maintenance okay so stick with me for this one this is the NYX brand and you can get this at the drugstore they have stores in Anor Shum and in the mall and the what I like about this is you barely have to put any pressure on your eyelid but when I am when I am sharpening it it is a wood pencil and I have to sharpen it and I lose a lot of the color a lot of the wood it's jagged it takes me a long time to sharpen it and get it to where I can smoothly put it on my eye so that's the only con with this one it is a little thicker of a pencil but that's okay with me it's very smooth it goes on very smoothly now I want to show you at this I another way that you can get rid of or blend that little bump that goes up by using the brush that comes in and your little cheap covergirl compact this little brush you just happen in the darkest color money I'm using a blue color and you just swipe it blend it in it gives you a little bit of color and it also blends this point that is sticking up it blends it back down and I always tap it with my fingers because looser drugstore eyeshadow tends to have a lot of Fallout so it will drop down here and make you look sleepy or something like that okay you can see that this eyeliner works just as well I've barely had to put any pressure on it one thing you want to give you a tip for over 40 and Beyond skin is that if you have cranky skin if you try to make one solid line across your eyelid you are going to be app for more accidents because your skin is like you might get that that the effect by applying it in one solid motion that's why I really like this – through the lash method or this process now for every eyeliner look you have to finish it off with mascara I use a sample bottle of the it cosmetics superhero mascara I think it is the best out there and I have very short stubby eyelashes but you cannot tell it when I wear this stuff it goes on easily I love it when you have when you mix eyeliner and mascara it really just outlines your eye and it really makes the color that's above the eyeliner and the mascara really pop and move forward so you can really see the expression in your tone while you're talking or while you're working all that kind of thing alright here's the finished looked for both eyes having eyeliner on over 40 mature skin and it looks natural it looks dramatic it looks like there's depth to my expression without spending a whole lot of time and without having a whole lot of pressure put on my eyelids and no stress while I'm doing it – I hope you enjoy these tips if you have a drugstore brand that glides on smoothly for crepey or mature skin leave a comment below and share with us your idea and I will try it out maybe one time but if you want to leave a comment scroll all the way back to the bottom if you're on your phone and that's where you can leave a message or you can click on the show more in the description box down here on your phone is the upside down triangle anyway thank you for popping over and leave me a comment I love comments