How To Apply Eyeliner To Mature Eyes | Instant Eye Lift & Brightening Effect! fabulous50s

today I'm going to share with you a super quick eyeliner trick it's going to brighten your eyes and make them pop if you'd like to know more please keep watching I'm going to show you how to apply your eyeliner in layers and it will give you an instant brightening effect so if your eyes are feeling a little bit old and a little bit tired use this eyeliner technique to make them stand out and what we're going to do is we're going to lay out some eyeliners on top of each other to create a 3d effect and you can use different shades to enhance your color of eye but we'll always start with the same two colors so let me demonstrate how it's done okay here I've applied all my eye shadow so that's all done the last thing left to do is the eyeliner the first thing I do is I draw a line with my NARS nude eyeliner now I chose this eyeliner because it slides on really smoothly and it doesn't scratch at your eye plus it stays on all day without budging so what you want to do is create a lift on the outer corner of your eye because this will bring your eye up when you're looking straight forward your eye will appear to be lifted this line goes above the eyelash line not on the eyelash line so keep that in mind then you go in a new layer another layer of eyeliner following the same line on the eyelash line I've used a brown Marc Jacobs which I love because it stays on and it doesn't move and you can use a black a gray or a brown depending on what coloring you are if you have a darker color in use black and if you have a lighter coloring like me I use brown so that in itself those two lines will make your eyes appear more wide and more bright and you can just do that and it will look great this is just something you could do right now to experiment but what I love doing is layering my Charlotte Tilbury color chameleon and this color here is called champagne diamonds and it's actually for blue eyes what I do is dip the color in a brush with a point on it and this brush here is amazing for that it's a Ray Morris number thirteen brush because it has a solid point on it so dip your brush into the color and then you paint on over your nude line so you're giving depth to that nude line and this Charlotte Tilbury color enhances blue eyes so you've got a layer of brown on the bottom or black or gray then you've got the nude color on top and then you make it 3d by adding this Charlotte Tilbury color so if you've got blue eyes use this color and if you've got brown green or hazel eyes I'll list the colors that you could use in the description below so check those out but you don't need to add this step but it really gives such a beautiful result and every time I go out somebody will say to me what have you done to your eyes how have you applied that because just by looking at it you can't really work it out but this is an amazing trick and it kind of wakes your eyes up when you're feeling tired and old so give it a go at the end there I just covered my brown with a darker Brown because with the camera you couldn't really see that Brown that I had on as much as you can in real life so I would normally wear a lighter brown but for the sake of the camera I've just lined a darkest just to demonstrate the contrast between the two colors I wanted to share that with you hopefully it's something that you can try this week and if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and share it with any of your friends who you think would love this eyeliner technique thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful week