How to apply Eyeshadow with a Makeup Brush | Youtube 2018

hi this video is about how to apply eyeshadow with a makeup brush my name is Melissa Van Dijk and I'm a professional makeup artist and if you like to you can join me every Sunday on my Facebook page because I'm doing live makeup tutorials and all the informations are down below in the description box and without further ado let's get right into this video if it comes to applying eyeshadow with makeup brushes it can be tricky because it needs a lot of blending and also a lot of practice but I'm going to show you how you can use the different makeup brushes for different uses for your eye makeup and I'm also going to demonstrate you now one completed eye makeup look and I have these brushes in front of me and I'm going to use two flat brushes one smaller one and one medium one then I'm going to use a medium fluffy brush a bigger fluffy brush and a pointed fluffy brush and I'm going to give you step by step advice and also how you should use them to get a really nice and beautiful eye makeup look step number one using your fingers of that eyeshadow brush to apply eye primer step number two use a bigger fluffy brush to apply a base shadow in a skin tone shade all over the entire eyelid grab the same big fluffy brush from before or use a round fluffy brush to apply the transition shade in your crease and above towards your brows step number four apply a matte or shimmery main shade on your mobile lid with a flat eyeshadow brush and you always can go back and use the big fluffy brush to blend the colors into each other step number five use a smaller flat or pointed brush to apply a transition shade to your lower lash line step number six to add depth to your eye look select a darker shade and apply it with a flat eyeshadow brush to the outer part of your eye and then blend it with a medium fluffy brush and to add a little bit more pigment to your eyelook you can always go back and forward with the darker shade and the main shade which is in my case the golden shade step number seven add a pretty highlight as a finishing touch in inner corner of your eye and under your brow bone to highlight with a small pointed brush and lastly as a final step sweep on some mascara to finish off your stunning eye makeup look this is now the completed eye makeup look and I just hope that you enjoyed it and that you can follow each steps and just recreate this look but you don't have to use these colors just be creative or maybe use a little bit more neutral colors I kept it earthy because I use the body shop I shadow palette and I just love the colors and they are going so nicely into each other and it's important that if you have eyes shadows and you want to test them out make sure that all the colors are blended into each other really nicely so that you can get an even and beautiful look and if you want to just pop your makeup and just add a little bit more drama you always can add some false lashes which will bring me to the next video so if you like to see how to apply false lashes this is right here and if you like to subscribe to my channel this is right in the corner thank you so much for watching and I will see you soon bye