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Finding the right foundation for your skin tone can be such a task I'm going to show you how I create my perfect base and I have these amazing products from Maybelline from their dream collection so let's get started

The two most important steps to getting the right base is your concealer and your foundation so the two common types of foundations that you will find are a liquid foundation and a mousse foundation I'm gonna start off with the mousse and this works best for oily to combination skin and if you're someone who likes cream base products and still wants that little powdered finish then this works best The mousse shade that I'm using is a honey beige medium number 4 We're just gonna add a little product on my cheekbones, my forehead, my chin and my neck And now I'm just going to blend that in and while you are blending always remember, downward direction You want all the hair on your face to settle down when you do that you make all your facial hair stand You can see that the flat foundation brush when you use it in a downward direction it gives you that full coverage and it still looks like my natural skin Now I'm going to use my stippling brush and I'm gonna go in really quick circular motions

What that's gonna do is it's really going to set my makeup in and give me that nice radiant glow So this is my face without any foundation and you can see that this side looks so much more radiant and it looks so much more even and yet so natural Now if you don't have your brushes that's fine I'll show you a quick way how to use your mousse with your fingers Move from the inside towards your cheek, your forehead and your chin and blend that in and there you go, its done! I'm gonna move to the next one which is Dream satin skin liquid foundation in shade number four this has a lot of moisturizing properties and if you have dry skin like me, this is really gonna help! So I know that finding the right shade of foundation for your skin tone can be really tricky but there's a really quick and easy way to find out You just take a bit of the product and you run it down from your jawline to your neck and if the shade matches that's your tone The two brushes that I like to use with my liquid foundation are the fluffy brush and the flat kabuki brush The fluffy brush gives you a sheer finish and it gives you a looser coverage whereas the flat kabuki brush is a really dense versatile brush so you can use it for just about anything, your mineral powder, your mousse, your liquid foundation I'm gonna take a little bit of the product and go on really small circular motions So it doesn't upset my skin and make it flaky

So as we saw, the mousse gave me more of a matte effect whereas the liquid foundation gives me more of a dewy and an airbrushed look Even after I'm done with my foundation I feel like I still have a little bit of dark patchiness around my eyes So I'm gonna fill that in with my Dream Lumi touché concealer I'm gonna use a sponge to blend this in what I love about this sponge is the shape The tip really helps get into the corners of your eye which normally a brush wouldn't And that's it

I'm gonna finish off my base with some loose powder So another common problem I face with the concealer is I buy a shade and then I go and get a tan and then it's a complete different shade Here's what you do if you have a lighter shade don't throw it out I'm gonna use the same concealer I used in a lighter shade and use that as a highlighter I'm just gonna dab a few dots on my nose, two dots on my lips, eyebrows and the higher end of my cheekbone And just blend that in with my finger Now that I'm done with my base I'm gonna finish off using a kajal, lipstick and mascara Now that you know how to create the perfect face

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