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Hi everyone my name is Evangeline and I'm the owner of Makeup Tips in this video I'm going to be doing something that is very highly requested and that is a video on foundation so foundation is something that a lot of people sort of speed through when it comes to makeup tutorials and it sort of seems pretty easy, self explanatory, you put it on, you go about your day The thing is however that foundation in my opinion is something that you really need to give a little bit of detail to and you really need to take the uttermost care when applying it so foundation is something that if you don't get your foundation right nothing else in your makeup is going to look good so acing your base really is the key to getting your makeup looking great so now that the skin is primed it's time to move on to foundation so once you've got your base work down pat everything else should be pretty good so finding your perfect foundation is obviously a very tricky thing and i will definitely do a video about that in the future but this video is more so just about applying your foundation and getting the application perfect so i have got the rimmel match perfection foundation this is my all-time favourite foundation, looks very beautiful on my skin it's very dewy, it has got a light to medium coverage I have dry skin, I love it, i'm very, very pale and porcelain as well and this is a good match for me in general I find that rimmel foundations are really great I think on a drugstore level they are the best that you can get, I love the lasting finish foundation I also love the stay matte foundation, they're both really great foundations in conjunction with this one so definitely check them out but generally with your foundation you want it to be a perfect match for your face, your neck and your chest area, basically as long as it matches your skin you're going to be good so you want to match it to the colour of your body, your chest, and your decolletage

So as for the application it really just depends on what your skintype is, what your concern is and what sort of coverage you like so I've got a couple of little tools and applicators here today so first up we have sort of a flat paddle foundation brush now this is go if you just want to sort of sweep that foundation over the skin quite quickly, gives a uniform coverage, is maybe a little bit more old school personally not my preferred method for applying foundation, for me, my all-time favourite application method for foundation is a flat top kabuki brush like this one, I really like it just for buffing foundation into the skin now if your skin is especially dry, especially flaky, my skin is at quite a good state at the moment you're probably going to want to stay away from a foundation brush as these can sort of micro exfoliate the skin and as a result it can make your skin look really dry, really cakey and gross Now one of the most popular methods is a beauty blender, personally I'm not a huge fan of the beauty blender, I feel that it absorbs a lot of product, I know a lot of people do like it, it is good if you want a nice uniform coverage, it does take quite a while to sort of build up that perfect coverage but it is good for giving a smooth finish to your foundation Finally we have fingers so fingers are another one of my preferred methods, they're really great at just working product into the skin, making it look really beautiful and just giving that really beautiful, hydrated and luminous glow, the only is you just want to make sure that they're clean so I'm just taking that flat top kabuki brush with a little bit of this foundation, so what you want to do is you want to grab your hand, I like to use the hand as a palette, and put about a pump of foundation What you really want to do is you want to build up very slowly to get your desired coverage, you don't want to apply too much foundation at once and then have that cakey look so just taking that foundation and taking that foundation on the brush, I start at the cheeks and I just slowly start using sort of patting motions and sort of swiping it downwards And then you can also buff it a little bit just to give you that really beautiful flawless finish as you go along you can then take more foundation but you really want to do it very slowly

This is generally how I tend to apply my foundation on a daily basis, for me I have just found that this it what works best for this foundation and what works best for me Now some people do take their foundation down their neck, I personally don't, I find that it always tends to look quite unnatural and my neck tends to get quite red if I touch it or anything in a few minutes that will be bright red so I personally don't apply foundation to my neck I instead just focus on getting a really beautiful match So as you can see on that side of my face the redness has subsided my skin is looking a lot more flawless, it's looking a lot more clean, it's looking a lot more fresh and it's looking a lot more flawless and that's definitely what we love and if you want to use a paddle brush again just pop a bit of foundation on the back of your hand and then just sweep it over the skin, sort of this is more of a painting style brush so just think of it as though you're painting a painting or painting a wall and just getting that really great uniform base Now as for a beauty blender majority of the time people will use their beauty blender wet that just helps to sheer out the coverage a bit and stop it looking cakey so i've got a beauty blender here with a little bit of that foundation and I'm just popping a little bit onto the skin and you sort of dab and bounce the sponge onto the skin As you can see this does tend to take a little while afterwards but you can definitely use a combination of techniques so you could go in with your foundation brush first and then go in with a beauty blender just to blend out any edges and finally are fingers, as I said this is one of my preferred methods for applying foundation, I just take a little bit of foundation on my fingertips and I gently smooth it over the skin

This is also really great if you do not want to waste product because obviously your brush or your sponge isn't going to be absorbing any of it Your fingers are also really great because it means you can get in to all the tiny little areas of the face like around the nose, underneath the eyes, one thing that is really important to remember with foundation is that the basis of foundation is to even out your skintone, to make it look a little bit more uniform, a little bit more even and a little bit more flawless If you have a real area of concern such as a breakout or a pimple, don't go and pile a whole heap of foundation on top of it, instead what you want to do is go and use a concealer for that So there we go that is my foundation done as you can see my skin looks a lot more uniform, it looks a lot more even and it looks a lot more smooth and all in my complexion just looks a lot nicer so as I said you can use which ever technique you prefer, use whichever foundation and products you prefer but this is really just a basic on how to apply your foundation and so on So it's really just about working lightly, slowly building it up, a lot of the time you will see these videos, people will apply their foundation and it's done in 3 seconds flat

In real life that isn't so, so you want to work slowly and slowly sort of build up that foundation just so that you get that really beautiful and flawless effect Obviously after you've done your foundation you can then move onto your concealer, your contour, blush, powder, highlighter and everything else in your makeup routine so thank you so much for watching this video I hope that you enjoyed it and that you managed to learn a little bit more about foundation and how you can just get that foundation laid for the rest of your makeup If you did enjoy this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe and leave a comment below telling me what is your all-time favourite, holy grail foundation I'll also make sure to leave some links in the description box below where you can follow me on all of my social media channels and networks such as instagram, pinterest, twitter, tumblr and all of that