How To Apply Lipstick – लिपस्टिक कैसे लगायें – Makeup Tip | होंठों पर कब और कैसे क्या लगाना है

To enhance the beauty of the lips it is important that we pay special attention to it while doing make-up Women use lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, etc

, to make lips look attractive, but it is essential for a charming look The beauty of the lips is reflected by their makeup and most women use only lip liner and lipstick for the makeup of lips but is that enough? It is not so easy to repair lip, perhaps that's why your lip-makeup gets quickly removed or disappears after eating some food The lip makeup will last for a long time only if it has been done properly, that is, when and how to apply the lips (Makeup tips for Lips) Shape your lips with Lip Liner Moisturize the lips shortly before applying lip liner and after a while, remove excess moisture from lips with tissue paper Now, to give lips the shape of the lips, draw the edges of the lips with lip liner Move the line down from the lips, starting from the bottom

Lipstick does not spread by giving a shake to the liner Try Bold Lipstick Color According to skin tone, select lipstick and apply lipstick with the help of a brush in between the lip liner If you want lipstick to last longer, put a little powder on the lips before lipstick Increase gloss with glow (Add shimmer with Lip Gloss) To give Glossy Shine to Lips, you can apply gloss over lipstick Nowadays there are many beautiful shades of shimmer, glossy and matte lipstick available in the market with which you can carry a super stylish and bold look

Remember Points To Remember Use dark color lipstick in night party, do not use cheap and shoddy products Keep the color of lip liner and lipstick uniform; Do not use dark colored lipsticks on thin lips Fair skin tone mostly lipstick all colors but dark gray shades like blacksmith, brown, purple, on the face of the face, can also try lipstick matching the color of the clothing to get an attractive look