How To Apply Makeup: Victoria’s Secret Angel Makeup Video

Hi you guys! How are you all doing? So today I'm going to be teaching you how to get the victoria secret angel look if you like them as much as I do, continue watching! So I'm first going to start off by moisturizing my lips, because we want our lips to look moisturized and ready for when we want to do them You guys know what to do, you start, you start off by priming your eyelids with your eye primer potion

For the victoria secret look they basically try to keep their skin as natural as possible but then really bronzed for that sun-kissed look so I haven't really done a full coverage base, but just enough to cover all the blemishes or discolorations You start off by using a dark bronze color on the outer half of your eyelid, then you want to blend it in so that you don't have any harsh edges You can take it into your crease line a little more the look as to be really soft and well finished Next I'm going to take a gold eyeshadow and apply it to the inner half of my lid Now I'm going to take the same bronze eyeshadow and apply it to the outer corner of my eye, and you just want to go like about 1/3 of your way in and then you take the same gold eyeshadow that you applied to your lid and apply it to the inner half of you lash line

Next I'm going to take a really light gold and if you've noticed the victoria secret angels have like this gorgeous glow on their tear duct so I'm going to be using a really light gold, and applying it to the tear duct, and I'll be taking it 1/4 of the way into the lash line and I'll be taking it up on my lid as well It just adds that glamorous look Now you just want to take some bronzer onto your blending brush and blend all the colors in together Now I'm going to take my gel liner and make a very thin line along my lash line, like I want it to be really really thin, because we just want enough to define our lash line that's it nothing to heavy or too dramatic After applying the gel liner smudge it out with the same angle brush that you used to apply the eyeshadow, and it's okay if you still have product on because we just want there to be a shadow above the lash line

So keep smudging it till it looks well blended into the rest of the colors, till basically you can't tell there is a strong black line next I'm going to take a black eyeshadow and just go over it slightly and blend it out at the same time I'm doing that and then you want to take it into your lower lash line but just about 1/3 of your way in from the outer corners Add a light gold highlighter under your eyebrows and then take a gel liner and make a very thin line just along you lash line to add that right amount of definition to make your lashes look thicker with the product that is remaining on my wand I'm just going to take it over my lower lash line but just again about 1/3 of your way in from the outer corner Now finish off the look curling your lashes, applying some mascara, and if you like you could add some false lashes and you're done with your eyes! If you'd like to open your eyes out a little more, what you could do take a peach eye pencil and just apply it on your lower lash line That'll help make your eyes look more fresh and open them up as well Getting to your lips, I'm using a really light, pink lip pencil that's closest to my actual lip color and I'm lining my lips and filling them in, just basically will help you define your lips a lot better

Their lips are just a really nice natural pink and the whole look is like glamorous but yet very natural so you want to stick to the color that is closest to your actual lip color Now I'm going to take a pink lipstick and take it onto my finer, take off the excess, on the back of my hand and then dab it onto my lips What this does is it'll basically give me a stain instead of depositing all the pigment like how it would if I directly went over my lips with the lipstick, I like using my finger I like the finished look better that it gives So now for this particular look, you want your skin to look very bronzed so I'm going to be using my bronzer and going over all the places which naturally would catch sunlight and if you'd like you could go ahead and contour your nose as well to make it look more sharp, give your cheeks a natural pink flush and apply the highlighter, and you're good to go!