How To Apply NATURAL MAKEUP In Just 4 Minutes

Hello this Champagne J Today im going to show how natural makeup

Lets start Concealer Brush, Angle Brush, Thin Eye Shadow Brush, Blush Brush, Lip Brush We are going to begin by applying some primer on the eye lid, wrinkle and eyebrow bone Im gonna use some pinkish eye shadow pigments with a thin brush around the crease of the Eye Mix it inside, and move inward towards the socket eye blending this pink color The pigment in the wrinkle area and the inside towards the orb

Im going now to use my apartment Brush and use the pink light eye shadow pigment in the inner eye and tear duct Blending it in the middle of the pink accent we had earlier on To give the eye some depth im going to Use the maroonish pink shade only on the wrinkle of the eye Im going to use cream now Eye shadow color on the eyebrow bone and mix is ​​inside wrinkle Im gonna use a black eye Line to the line of eyes We then use smudger brush blot of black eyeliner for it This line does not look too harsh

We use some black eyeliner halfway through through the water We use smudger to mix it Using some light flat brush we apply some light Pink pigment around the tear duct and under the water line We are now in eyelashes curl With some mascara we hold it up for while so we do not have to use eyelash Reel Im going now to fill the eyebrows With this we do with this eye, we Repeat the same on the other eye

Now go to apply pink and pink blusher on Apple cheeks, because this is the natural appearance you do not want to apply too much Red cheeks Im going to line the lips with pink rose lip liner and im not going to fill Lips with lip liner To finish this look im gonna apply pink lipstick to fill Lips After applying Lipstick Im going to use Polished Lip Transparent and this too Will help to ease the appearance in general And with this we do with the natural make So look

This is Champagne J Thanks for watching