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Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! I hope you're having a great day! Todays video is all about how to conceal and highlight for women over 40 and a way to lift your face to help you look younger with makeup As we get older some of the products that we can use are different than you used in your 20's because your under eye is different and your skin is different and you have different concerns so you have to use different techniques to achieve the effect taht you want so if you would like to see my beauty tips for women over 40 for how to conceal and highlight then just keep watching! How to put on concealer for women over 40 Let's go ahead and get started I've already put my foundation on so i'm going to go ahead and prime underneath my eyes I'm using the Smashbox Photo finish Under eye Primer I just have a little sample of it I'm going to do a little color correcting but I already did a whole video on color correcting So in this video I'm not going to go in depth about color correcting I'm using the MAC studio conceal and correct duo It's got a yellow end and a peach end

I've been using them both but I think I like the peach end better I've been applying it with the Japonesque 910 brush I've been liking this brush because it keeps my color correcting product exactly where I want it right where my dark circles are instead doing an upside down triangle with the color correcting product, I do that with the concealer I don't want to do that with the color corrector I want to keep that just on the dark circles I'm just going to use the little brush and put it right here where my eyes are dark and a little bit on the inside where my eyes also get dark this helps neutralize the dark circles the peach shade I find is more brightening than the yellow shade I think that's why I like it better I'm putting it on the back of my hand instead of putting it directly on my face with the wand I feel this method gives me the most precise application than when I was putting it directly on my face underneath my eyes why am I saying FACE!? with such emphasis when I put it directly under my eyes with the little wand and then blend it out with a beauty blender it seems to get everywhere this is way more precise I like to run the excess over here as you get older the less product you put underneath your eyes the better because the lines get accentuated with the more products you put on so now we're going to go in with the concealer I'm using a mix of drugstore and high end products So for the concealer I'm using the Diar Diar?? Dior Skin Star Concealer This is kind of a peachy tan color so I put this up here directly on my dark circles so for concealing underneath your eyes with brightening you want to use a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your skin tone So I'm using Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in #20 and I will mix that with #25 just because 20 is a little bit light and 25 is a little bit dark so i just put a little bit in there when you use concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone it really brightens your under eye which will really help lift your face when your under ye is lighter Also, if you're going to be using eyeshadow that has a lot of fall out you want to do your concealer last or do your eyeshadow first before you do any of your other makeup because when the eyeshadow falls down it can make your under eyes look darker it can be hard to wipe it away without messing up your makeup and sometimes you think its gone but its not and it puts a shadow under your eyes I'm not using eyeshadow today that has a bunch of fall out so I don't have to worry about that So on to highlighting I'm going to put my highlighter on at the same time I put my concealer on It's good to use liquid and cream highlighters as you get older Powder highlighters can accentuate lines and just sit on top of your skin instead of melting into the skin like the cream products do so the cream products will give you a more youthful look and also look less makeup-y the powder sometimes just sits on tops of your skin it doesn't melt into your skin so it just accentuates your lilnes and the fact that you're older and we're not going for that we're trying to look youthful so cream products are really good one that I really like is the Bare Minerals Stroke of Light It's from Sephora or Ulta It is a little pricey but they're a lot more affordable than some of the other brands

One from the drugstoer that I like is the Magic Lumi from Loreal or you can just go in with the lighter concealer and use that as a highlight that works really nicely too so i'm going to use this stroke of light and i'm going to put it on the bridge of our nose and on my cupids bow and here on my cin you can do your chin down here but my chin is bigger so I dont like to do that if you dont have a chin that protrudes like mune does then you can put the highlight further down then I'll put it on the tops of my cheek bones here and you also want to put it on the center of your forehead the wway that I do that is I put the excess on my forehead because I have wrinkles on my forehead and I'm not trying to accentuate them with super highlighting and you can also use your concealer for this too you can put some concealer down here and this will help highlight this area which will help contour your face Then I'm going to blend it out with my damp beauty blender if you haven't used a beauty blender before You run it under the water and squeeze it a bunch of times until it's a nie sponge then you wring it out in a towel so its not soaking wet you have to be a little careful when you blend out your nose concealer because you don't want it to go down the sides of your nose then I'll just put the excess up here I have a square shaped face so I dont take my concealer up all the way to my temple but if you have a longer face and you want to lift your face some you can put yyour concealer all the way up here and it will have a lifting effect I dont do that because I think it will make my face look more square and wide blend the concealer down and in the upside down triangle shape then i also then I also go on the inside of my eye with the excess I don't put any on my eyelid i primed my eyelid already with the Benefit Stay Don't Stray but if you don't have a big problem with your eyeshadow moving throughout the day concealer is a really good way to prime your eyes also if I already put the Benefit Stay Don't Stray on there I don't like to put more product on top of it i find it makes my eyelids all cakey then I'll use the other side of the Beauty Blender that I used to apply my foundation and I'll go over the edge of the concealer just to make sure it's blended and there's not a harsh line between the concealer and the foundation before i set my makeup I'm going to put another cream product here on top of my cheek bones so you can see more of a highlighty effect the Stroke of Light gives a nice daytime highlight but i you wanted to highlight a little bit more The Becca Highlighters are great I'm ging to use the peachy shade which is opal its a peach shade I'll put a little bit on the back of my hand then I'll dip my Beauty Blender into the product and put t right here on the tops of my cheek bones if you have bigger pores as you get closer to your cheek here you want to stay away from that just keep it back here where the light would naturally hit your face hopefully you can see that gives it more of a highlight now we're going to set the concealer and highlighting products and there's two that I have really been liking lately I really like this Laure Mercier Brightening Powder and the Elf High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder These are very similar The Elf just has a little bit of glitter in it

but I find I don't notie glitter when it's on we're going to set the concealer using this Japonesque brush my camera cut me off when I was saying it's a combination of a regular fluffy brush and a duo fibre brush I've really been liking it lately and i think its because it controls the amount of powder that goes on yourface and as your get older all that powder just accentuates all the fine lines so you want to have the least amount of powder but still getting the coverage and the brightening effect that you want so you want to make sure your concealer is all blended out so if you did blend out highlighter and everything since you put concealer on make sure it's all nie and blended you can do the makeup face I like to run this on my eyelid and inside my eye inside my eye? I don't knowright here right here where I'm doing it I like to put it there too then down the bridge of my nose being careful not to get it down the sides of my nose a little up on my forehead where we put the excess cupids bow chin top of the cheek bones so this is the finished product without the rest of my makeup on so I'm going to go do the rest of my makeup and I'll be right back So after you've done the rest of your makeup if you still want to put more highlight on your face if the cream products didn't do it enough for you then you can put a powder product on top of the cream highlighter this is fine unless you have wrinkles all through here then I wouldn't put powderon top of it but my wrinkles haven't migrated down here yet they're staying up here nicely so I do put powder highlight on top of my cream highlight I do stick to highlighters that arent so intense I like the Hourglass Luminous light one It looks like this and I like this fan brush from It Cosmetics I put the fan brush In the product like this and tap off the excess and gently fan it right here on the tops of my cheek bones I dont want to highlight my pores so i keep it right here I also do the bridge of my nose and you can do above your eyebrow you could do this with the cream product also I just put a little up there you can see it adds a little bit of glimmer right there on top of my cheek bones i think its really pretty and a really nice finishing touch so that is it for this video I hope you learned a lot about concealing and highlighting and different tips and tricks that you can try I hope you liked this video! If you did give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends dont forget to subscribe if you haven't already all the information for all my social media Instagram twitter facebook snapchat is in the description box below along with the information for all the products I used so be sure to check that out and I will see you in my next video Bye!