How to do a 5min Natural Everyday Makeup | Marcelle Mendes

hi guys today I show you my makeup routine what I like to use every day and it's very very simple I love a natural law to love the casting job everywhere and I'll show you what I do every day it's super simple first I will sir like these because like I can't see my face okay I like to stop to start with this spray because my skin is very oily super fresh I love it then I use this concealer I put just a bit around my drug circles with my brush I started religious and then I use this foundation I don't want you to use that much you know there's a bit too when the makeup it's good you don't need to put too much because we can't lose this natural after I use this cupboard I just want to help my own skin I like to put a lot job and now the eyebrows so for me it's something very important because can change your look I use my arrow because in its concentrate for me I like super natural eyebrows I use a dark brown before I use super black but some makeup artist something that I didn't need to use black dark brown is like my hair so looks more natural I will brush first and then I will do some confirmed would be more easy to kill your eyebrows change your face see their injustice yeah that's it no I'll put some blush just a bit just to know my photos I like to use a bit put my eyes is this thing I use like this one it's more that's what and no mascara yes and you guys know it you see the difference because Musker is everything and I like to put a lot because yes make your eyes bigger yes and now my favorite part this part for me is the most important because even if you are not user makeup just some cream when you put a good lipstick this is my favorite lipstick nowaday it's almost my natural color I like to use just a big magnet because it is almost my natural color and the intention it is just to make my lips even lovely I love lipstick highlights come on I use this but Jonas I can I use my fingers I put like these close to my eyes excessive like this so yeah I finished c5 meaning it go on a super fat so I'm ready to go to a costume this is my natural makeup