How to do Bridal Makeup | Vani Bhojan’s Beauty Secret #Signature

Hi, All Hope you've seen previous videos of Signature Lots of love and support from you I started this just for you

but didn't expect so much love I'm getting ready for Kings of Comedy Juniors show Meet my makeup artists – Sharath & Viji Smile a bit! He'll do bridal makeup as per today's look He'll tell us how to do professional makeup Lots of requests for bridal makeup He is a bridal makeup artist also

Let them take over, they'll explain it better Hi, Sharath begins makeup for Vani Bhojan mam She prepares her skin well prior to makeup Preparing the skin with primer, moisturiser is advisable We're doing concealing now! Dabbing the concealer on skin with a sponge to make it even Foundation follows We do provide Airbrush to her at times Today, skin looks good We use – HD, Bobbi Brown, Makeup forever Mac, etc brands This is concealing in progress Then foundation is applied, followed by contouring and highlighting Concealing takes 3-4 minutes Costume today is a sari

Not very traditional or westernized makeup for today Foundation in progress Foundation shade from Makeup Studio Chosen a foundation matching her skin tone Mixed 2 shades to match her skin tone Dab and blend all over the face Hi

I'm Sharath makeup artist to TV screen Nayanthara Vani(Embarrassed) Matched foundation to her shade On the face and neck and all other exposed parts to give an even tone All high-end brands, mix and matched for her (Products in video description) A multi brand kit as I don't stick with one brand Products chosen with care and research Basic foundation is now done! Merging it all across her face Blending gives a neat finish and no patches or lines Just even tone

Before eye shadow, colour correction of eye lid with a concealer I am using a Mac product and this is NC 40 Color corrections on the eyelid needed for all Minimal for her Nowadays, mobile, system, stress, poor sleep cycles are leading to dark circles Difficult to maintain skin Use of lot of makeup and late night shoots lead to dark circles Hence color correction for her This is her garment, color, kind of bridal collection A gold look for her today, matching the garment and accordingly the eye makeup Highlighter colors we are using Blending colors in socket line, edges and eye lids

Eye shadow done! Gold & black is the eye shadow colour Next linear I'm using angler brush and check black colour Applying liner Liner is now done! Using UNPARIS No54 product for eyelash Top of it fix eyelash to enhance beauty Let it dry! Using eye brow brush to groom eye brow texture and filling Filling the eyebrow hairline to give more intensity the team basis phenomena water base is for now and for the base in spoon all night we use for Nepal patina powder base powder based on the contouring and enough shimmery base use pani poni power is the COG icon the more intense Careca Allah so depth on area Carrico and features Maria and Allah wait till the contouring of the under the end and parking now so lot of features on the highlight panakam I think normally on the foundation of our number flat field could throw other highlight hundreds now – um all torn up until now because the features highlight are no serious again that product is one of nothing like NC 45 Matt contouring more than Joker so if you're now on the highlighting pathway it again highlighting on English so highlighting normal people now Athena Walter r22 are higher than the skin tone so our skin tone and the wonton are two tones and the higher up opera so so bright a color shade karateka bright in color in the color lucky caring here so again costume Katamari angle color around features k than a lot want to show the shades Caputo so hard and makeup people always said furniture not final looker Carmel change Panetta finally in the video sell America for silicon hangar number Oh it'd be a mathlete or in the pocket they take here across subscribe button America me respond thank you