How to get rid of Puffy eyes and Dark Circles | Beauty Tips (Hindi Subtitles)

My name is point Welcome to Beauty Tips Let's talk today, with dark circles of eyes, swelling of eyes and wrinkles

This is a big problem for all of us women Before knowing its remedies, we understand what are the reasons for this? We all know that our facial skin is different from our body's skin Similarly, the skin under our eyes is different from our other faces This skin under the eyes is called peri-orbital skin And the perry-orbital skin is ten times more thin than the rest of the face

Due to its thinness, the blood vessels of our blood are visible in blue joints Peri-orbital skin also has few oil glands Because of this the skin here is dry quickly from the rest of the face Whenever you smile or offer tiredness, it pulls the skin Over time, collagen in our skin decreases, due to which the skin is swollen under our eyes

The matter of skin under the eyes of these eyes Let's talk about reasons now The first reason – sunshine From the sun, pigmentation on our skin and black becomes deep marks Try to visit at least in the sun Wear glasses while going out in the sun The second reason is – more salt or coffee Reduce the quantity of salt in the food and do not drink more than two cups of coffee in the day

Due to salt, our body absorbs more water, which starts to look like swelling beneath our eyes Caffeine produces water shortage, So drink plenty of water and keep the right amount of water in your body The third reason is – Allergy It can be allergic to eating, seasonally or from any medication or product You may also be allergic to anything used in make-up The fourth reason – sleep Sleep plays an ego character in the swelling of our eyes

Both sleep less or more sleep The fifth reason is – smoking We all know that collagen ends more quickly due to smoking Because of which, even more streaks and wrinkles may occur around our eyes And the last reason – the nobility Check out pictures of your family today that who is troubled by black circles in your family If enough people are hunting it, then it is a noble man

If it is a noble person, then you can not do much more than convergence But to keep the eyes healthy, you can apply i-cream I impose caffeine i-cream of V naturals This e-cream has caffeine which reduces inflammation of blood vessels under the eyes Which reduces dark circles and swelling under the eyes

In this to maintain eye skin mice – Avocado oil, Rosheip fruit oil and Rosemary oil that's it for today Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel Ask your questions in the Commands section below