How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

– Hey, it's Maryam Today's video is going to be how to look beautiful without any makeup

I've been wanting to make this video because I'm always talking about beauty products and makeup and things like that and how to put them on and tips But today I wanted to talk about how to look beautiful without any makeup because let's face it, every day we don't have time to put on make up and sometimes we just wanna let our skin breathe and sometimes you are really busy You are a busy mom, you wanna be, you know, maybe running errands, things like that You don't have time to put on make up But you still wanna look presentable, you wanna feel beautiful, look beautiful, and without any make up

So, and letting your skin breathe 'cause that's very important Believe it or not, even myself, I don't put make up on every day Before we get into this video, I want to ask you, what is one thing that you love to do when you don't wear make up, that makes you feel beautiful? Let me know in the comments section below Also don't forget to subscribe to my channel and hit that bell next to the Subscribe button, so you get notified every time I upload a video Okay, let's get started

So first you want to start by prepping your skin with an exfoliator that's very gentle I use this It's a gentle exfoliator and it's by OMG, it's like a peeling exfoliation, so this is how I use it I put a little bit on, actually I need to damp my face I have a bowl here with water, so what you do with this is you have to put this on damp face

so am gonna dampen my skin, (bright music) and just let it sit on my skin for a minute And then what you do is just rub your skin like this and you feel the product kind of rolling under your fingers That's really good I've already cleansed my skin by the way, I've already cleansed my skin to make sure I don't have any kind of make up or anything left over from yesterday or, you know, my face is very clean You see the little balls? That's so cool

I always think, it really makes me feel good when I do this (laughs) So it kinda rolls and takes away the dead skin and brightens your skin Okay, now am gonna go rinse it, and I will be right back I start my day having a big glass of water, every day, before I even have coffee, breakfast, anything I just feel like it starts my day, it starts my system up, I really like it

And it always has to be room temperature for me Always drink lots of water, make sure even if you are running around you have water with you so I am gonna do that right now Next step you want to hydrate your skin This Water Drench Cream by Peter Thomas Roth is really amazing It has hyaluronic acid in it, it's very lightweight

I love putting this on in the morning because even when I put make up on, before putting make up on this works great too, but for today I just wanna hydrate my skin after that peeling exfoliation that I just did So this is amazing, it feels lightweight and it absorbs really quickly For eye cream in the morning I use this Origins eye cream This is called GinZing It has little pearls in it, which I feel like it just makes my under eyes look so much brighter when I put it on in the morning

I love using it under make up, without make up, so this is great for those days that you wanna look beautiful without make up and you want your under eyes to, oh I have some of that exfoliating I didn't rinse my face very well (laughs) You wanna put something on that brightens your under eyes and I just, I always put on eye cream no matter what and this is one of my favorite eye creams that brightens in the morning and it just feels so much more luminous around my eye area And I always dab my hands, my fingers, my ring fingers I always use and I like to dab it around like this, and just make sure you go over here too because crows feet go this way too So make sure that you go up on your temples and don't just concentrate on the bottom section of your eyes

Go all around it You wanna protect your skin from UV rays but at the same time, these products can give you a little bit of color and just kind of brighten your face all around I really like using this Colorescience under the eyes This is actually an eye treatment, but it really works as brightening too, so I really like using half a pump, so I don't go all the way down I use half a pump like this and I just patter around my eyes like that, and this is great for brightening, it treats your under eye area, it has SPF, non-chemical SPF 35

And already you can see the difference between this eye and this eye I just It really amazes me how brightening this product is

It depuffs your eyes too so it's great if you have puffy under eyes when you wake up in the morning, it helps with that To protect your skin all over, you wanna put an SPF in the morning, to make sure that you are protected from the UV rays of the sun, and so you can use something like this This is an SPF 40, but it is a tinted SPF Sometimes I get red here, this kinda product is especially good if you have very uneven skin tone that you want to cover up If you have discoloration on your skin, you can put this on, just, you know, you wanna be generous about it 'cause it is an SPF but it does a great job at covering those discolorations a little bit

It's not a foundation so it's not gonna cover it up that much but it will help reduce the discoloration Now that you color corrected your skin basically and put SPF, you can add some glow to your skin This cream by First Aid Beauty, it's called Coconut Skin, it looks very reflective and it reflects light really pretty Put it on the back of your hand, so you don't put a lot, and just dab it on your cheekbones Put some sort of lip treatment on your lips

This is by IT Cosmetics It's called Je Ne Sais Quoi But this is a serum You can put that on your lips and it just gives your lips the most beautiful pinky tone See the bottom lip? This is all this

It just makes your lips look more pouty and really hydrated You can even exfoliate before this step I don't I didn't exfoliate because I do that at night time usually, but if you wanted to, you can exfoliate your lips first before doing this, and you can just get some sugar and a little bit of olive oil and exfoliate your lips and then apply this on top If you don't have something like this, you can always use your lip balm that has a little bit of tint to it and you can use it on your lips and your cheeks

I don't have that, so I am just gonna use this Pretend like this is a lip balm It is another lip treatment from IT Cosmetics, and what I'll do is just get that, I'll just go straight in here because it's such a pretty pink, and just put a little bit of glow, and just put this on the high points of your cheeks Honestly I had to talk and I was taking kind of longer to explain things, but if you are doing this at home, and you have to hurry, it doesn't take that long to do these steps And sometimes you may not have enough time to do all of them but it's good to take care of your skin and give yourself a glow and just you know, look nice and fresh, and putting on some earrings really helps

(laughs) Even if you put a little diamond stud or hoop earrings or whatever it is, it just elevates your look and makes you feel more put together so you feel more beautiful, you look more beautiful It just adds a little something and you know, you can style your hair however fits your face shape and the style of your hair Obviously if you have shorter hair you can just brush it differently and style it differently It's probably faster if you have shorter hair actually, because you can just comb it the right way and be out, but if you are not into the high bun and you want it to have a different style and be more put together when you don't wear make up on, this kind of look really helps to kind of make you feel you know, more put together Make sure to keep your hands hydrated because your hands

One of the first places that you see your aging is your hands Hydrate your hands and make them look beautiful and you wanna not have flaky hands and dry hands, because that just makes your hands look more aged, and so you wanna take care of them and make sure you get around your cuticles too and get them nice and hydrated, looking smooth Final step you want to (sighs) have a good scent, right? So it's always really good and important to wear your favorite perfume every day and it makes you feel beautiful and makes you smell beautiful That is it That's my video

Thank you so much for watching I hope that you find this looking beautiful without make up video helpful If you did please give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already, and I'll see you in my next video Bye