How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer | Makeup for Women over 40

Hi guys! Today we're gonna be giving you some tips on how to get your makeup to last longer I'm sure we've all experienced putting on your makeup in the morning and by lunchtime it's all but melted, soaked into your skin, your foundation is all caked up and as mom who has time to reapply makeup

So here are some quick and easy tips to really give your makeup the staying power that you're looking for So the first step is primer and primer helps the makeup to last longer because it gives it something to cling to And you want to put it on either on clean skin or right after you've used your moisturizer It creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup that you're applying So I like to go in with this Becca primer it's called the Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

This is great for women who are very oily like myself It's a little bit sticky and thicker texture and I go in with a damp Beauty Blender press it into the skin and this sets a great barrier so that when I put the foundation on the oil doesn't come through So this is a really good one And for me since I have more dry combination skin, I like to use the NARS Radiant Primer It's easy

You can just actually apply it with your hand, it's lightweight, it's really hydrating and I feel like it gives a smoother finish to my skin in order to apply the makeup And if you have hooded eyes like myself you probably also want to pick up an eye shadow primer It will help to stop the creasing So the second tip that we have is using a setting spray The one that we both like to use and this is one that you actually introduced to me is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray It will help to keep your makeup basically in place after you're done applying your makeup

You just want to shake up the bottle hold it 8 to 10 inches from your face and use it in an X and then in a T So you'll spray it four times Really easy and definitely a good product to use to help your makeup stay I feel like this is kind of like the hairspray for your face Spray it on and it keeps your face in place

So our third tip is blotting papers and these are great to use throughout the day They are these thin little tissue papers that you blot right on to your skin and it absorbs any excess oil Helps your makeup to last longer And these are easy enough to keep in your purse, your car, your desk at work And they're really cheap as well

This one I picked up at forever 21 for only $2 I know that Target carries the elf brand and they're only a dollar but you can pay as much as $20 for blotting papers But they're essentially all the same So if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and leave us a comment down below Let us know what your favorite trick is for making your makeup last and don't forget to subscribe

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