Hello-hello, it's Stacy Glow! Today's short video is entitled "How to put on glitter right" I'll put on some silver shadows on the middle of my eyes as a basis for glitter

Now I will put on glitter I have pink-violet one I'll tell you a couple of life hacks and some advice about how to put on glitter right So, first up To achieve a better effect and to make the color brighter, you can use a concealer as the base

Second up I moisten a brush in order glitter held better and didn't crumble It really works In fact, the way you put on glitter depends on its size If the size of glitter is very small, then it can be put on the base under the shadows, it clings well enough without moistening a brush

It is better to use special brush for putting on and to do it with knocking movements, so that glitter didn't crumble If the size of glitter is quite massive or even average, it is better to use a special glue But be careful so that glitter did not get into the eyes It's rather unpleasant and even dangerous! And one more thing — use patches Crumbled remains get on patches then, and not on the base, and after you make the makeup you take them off and voila, all is neat and beautiful, glitter shines only there where it should shine Now you know how to put on glitter

By the way, I used it for my hologram makeup It's very cool, follow the link sideways! See you!