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Hey guys! This is Mi-Anne, and this is Beauty With Mi I’m the kind of shopper that’s very dependent on ratings

If something has a poor rating I’m probably gonna give it a pass If something has a very high rating, like a 1000/45 star reviews, I probably gonna give it a go So, in another addition of top-rated products, I give you the top-rated products from Target I got a nice definitive list from Target themselves and I’m gonna put them all to the test today

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F Mineral Infused Face Primer The top-rated primer on Target It has a very immediately like siliconey texture, which I will say right off the bat, I’m not a huge fan of silicone heavy primers, but it still feels siliconey, but it doesn’t have that like super spackling feeling that a lot of silicone primers have Okay

So, the foundation that is top-rated at Target is this one from a brand called Haleys This is the Haley's Liquid Matte Foundation I’ve actually never used anything from this brand before I think it’s very like- Target has been really upping the ante on getting interesting new brands They have, apart from like the usual like Maybelline, Physician Formula, that sort of thing, they have a lot of interesting, kind of more indie brands

I like the packaging It’s nice and like firm, but it has a squeezy tube It’s not one that I think you should let sit on your skin before you blend because I think that I kind of let it sit before I started blending, and it’s a little bit hard to move around It’s not bad I like that it’s kind of seems buildable

It doesn’t seem like it’s giving me like full coverage right off the bat, which I prefer personally Okay I’m gonna mix it up a little bit I’m gonna do eyebrows next This is the Reina Rebelde Rebel Eye Paint

It’s for brows and eyes So, I have two shades, probably gonna mix the two I like this isn’t super pigmented right off the bat I’m gonna powder my face now I’m going to use the top-rated powder

It is by Pacifica It’s called the Mineral Neutralizing Mattifier And when you open it it says, “You are so pretty” What a nice sentiment I will say, Pacifica needs to up it’s shade rangers

I’m gonna leave it there and move onto blush The top-rated blush at Target is the Pixi by Petra Beauty Blush Duo in Peach Honey I feel like this could be a nice highlighter if you just use that side And there’s like the peach side here, but I think you could also mix them It’s giving me like a little bit of a glow, but it’s not like, “You have sparkles on your face!” That’s the blush

I actually really liked it I kind of went into it being like, “Uhh This is really sparkly, like I’m not gonna like this blush” But I actually am pleasantly surprised I do think that’s one of those blushes that can double as your highlighter

If you wanna just do something really quick But I love highlighter, and I’m gonna put on some more sparkle The top-rated highlighter at Target is this one from Makeup Geek This is the shade, Night Light These ones are pretty intense highlighters, which you know, I like

Alright, so moving on I’m gonna go onto eyes and I have another Pixi product They’re sooooo pretty These are the Liquid Fairy Lights I have two shades

I think I’m gonna go with the coppery shade today Just all over the lid in kind of like a nice, soft, glittery vibe So, these actually kind of remind me of the Stila Glitter and Glow Shadows I’ve used them on this channel a ton of times before They’re a little bit more on the sheer side than the Stila Glittering and Glows, but they definitely have that vibe

I’m kind of getting glitter everywhere, but… I’m not mad about it I really like this eyeshadow It’s not as like full pigmented as I would of wanted, but you kind of sheer it out, you can kind of go over it if you want more impact, so it’s definitely something you can work with I’m gonna follow up with the top-rated eyeliner and that’s the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal, which I’m not surprised by at all, because it is a very good eyeliner

I’m gonna use the shade it is… just brown I’m just gonna do a little of eyeliner on the top of my lashline and kind of like blend it out for a little bit more definition I really like this eyeliner

It is super-duper smooth It doesn’t tug on your eye It lasts a long time No complaints here Alright, so to finish out the eyes is obviously mascara and this is the top-rated mascara

It’s the Revlon Super Length Mascara It has a nice fat brush This is a lengthening mascara obviously, so I’m not expecting volume, but it is keeping my lashes really separate, which I like It’s really fanning them out Definitely getting some length here

I like that mascara a lot actually It really gave me a lot of length, especially on my good eye I’m just gonna top it all off with the final step to any makeup routine, lipstick This is The Lip Bar Lipstick This is the shade…

Curlfriend Cute! It’s a lipstick line that’s available at Target Again, one of those brands that is kind of harder to get ahold of, so it’s cool that Target carries them I really like this color, like, in the tube I was like, “Oh man

It’s kind of pink” But on the lips, I feel like it’s a really good like kind of more pinky neutral for me Overall, this is the look Kind of like did a little wing it sort of situation, but I’m into it So, I will check in with you guys this evening after some many hours have passed, but so far, I’m pretty impressed

The look itself is definitely one that I’d wear I’d wear it again I think the only thing I would say is a negative is the foundation looks a little, just a little bit dry on my nose, but I think in a couple hours it’s gonna rectify itself So, I’ll talk to guys then Bye

Hey guys! So, it is almost 8:30 We’re losing the last light here, so I figured I’d just call it an end on this day and just show you guys what this makeup looks like The foundation was a little too matte when it first went on, but like because it was so just devastatingly hot today It- my natural oils kind of seeped through and now my skin, I think, looks really good Blush stayed on

I can still see it Highlighter is still popping It’s kind of fused with my sweat at this point I think my skin looks really dewy Brows, I think, look really good

I like that the product is kind of sheer and buildable The glitter shadow has held up so well I didn’t wear any primer on my eyes and it looks great I think it’s amazzzzing for like a party, or holiday The eyeliner and the mascara also held up pretty well too

I’m getting a little bit of smudging here And then last but not least the lips I did get a little bit crusty towards the center of my lips, but it was really nothing a little lip balm couldn’t fix I really like the shade I did have to reapply after I ate, but that’s pretty typical

I hope you guys enjoyed this video That was my little like opinion on the Target top-rated products I got to say, I was pretty impressed So, I will see you guys next week Bye! Thank you guys so much for watching

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