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I’m obsessed with cats Me too

Sometimes I look at my cat, and I tear up because I can’t believe that she’s mine I love that Hey guys, this is Mi Anne, and this is Beauty with Mi This week, I got my makeup done by two YouTube legends Sam and Nic Chapman, aka the Pixiwoos

I was so excited to have their hands on this face It was such a cool experience They taught me how to do their go to nighttime look And then, I tried to do it myself the following day Booboo, don’t eat that plant, stop it

But before we get started with the whole tutorial and what not, please make sure you are subscribed down below as you guys know, Beauty With Mi comes out every Monday at 11am And without further ado, I’ll shut up now, and let Sam and Nic do the talking Shall we get started? Let’s get started Take it away Nic, Nic is going to do skin and cheeks, and I’m going to do the eyes No matter what your skin type, you must moisturize

I’m still using a primer that has a shine to it ‘cause I don’t want your skin to look matte, I want it to stay in place a bit longer My favorite brush, wait, what? Yeah, I know It looks different, so pretty It’s had a facelift I am using a By Terry foundation

It’s great because it’s got a little shine thru as well Team work! Nice, thank you very much, thank you very much sister Chanel Soleil De Tan Yeah

My first time using it I love this product I’m just putting this on the high point of the face, I don’t want it to be a contour, I want it to be, give you just a nice glow like the Nice sun has just kissed your skin Nothing more

Can you just do the neck down there for me ‘cause I can’t get it? Of course That’s why it’s good there’s two of us and one of us is left handed I’m going to use Charlotte TIlbury, Filmstar Bronze and Glow Let’s start with the bronze I’m going to use this rebel edge brush

And this is a new brush, I’ve never used this brush before This is a rebel edge brush This came about because we were designing brushes and they brought in a prototype of a brush that had been, when they made it, it hadn’t been fully functioned round, and we were like, I love that Can you actually make it like that? I like to use two highlighters as well That goes on first, just to give you a slightly pinky tone

Now I know I spend a long time on skin, but there’s a reason It looks lovely Make me look alive Your skin looks amazing If I don’t mind saying so myself

I’m just using what’s left on the brush as a base for the eyeshadow ‘Cause I’m using shimmery eyeshadow, so I want a little bit of the cream to really grab hold of Always start with the brush where you want the most color payoff So, we’re going to start at the lash line and work our way upwards That way we get a natural blend towards the brow

Now I know you’re going to re-create this, so I want to make it a little bit challenging That’s the goal What trends do you really want to just like go away? You just don’t get them I’m so done with liquid lips Yeah, I’ve actually heard a lot of people say that

What do you hate about them? I just think that they look really flat Yeah You know, just really matte, really flat They also look like, I just think, lick your lips, they look so dry When you go to do this yourself, I’m using the profile of the brush, so I’m just putting the product on the very tip

Don’t overload the brush or you’re going to get in a right old mess So British I love it Now we’re going to pop some eyeliner on Sometimes your sister just makes too much fall down on your makeup

She’s trying to sabotage me I’m just going to push this on with my figure, just a little bit of gold How do you feel about that sis? Nice Need the approval I like doing eyes because I get bored very easily of doing the same thing

I just like all the colors and all the textures and I’m always mixing things to find something different and new and exciting I think really our blog wouldn’t have come about without both of our passions for trying out new things Yeah Cause we always, you know, we’ll try things out on ourselves before we go on a shoot, just so we have a couple of ideas, and then take pictures of it, snaps of it, online it goes, And that’s it, it became the thing that it is and it became this big this

I just this the beauty industry has stormed, and that’s a great thing You know, I think it’s every person's right to understand makeup and how to apply it So, I do think it’s a great thing, and, like I prefer people to learn something, and then… Yeah, and that’s always been what your channel has been Yeah, always been about that It’s always been an artistry channel

Yeah, it’s education Right, I wanna pop a little bit of this on your brow This is just a Stila waterproof brow pencil, but I just want to give you a little bit more brow Ultra-Rich lip color, Tom Ford, Revolve Around Me Again, we’re keeping it soft

I’m just running a little more concealer, just down here, where it was Tidy ups, tidying up my sloppy work This is exactly why we don’t set the skin, until right at the end, because we can still go in, see where things seem to have worked into the skin where we need more coverage and correct it You look really beautiful, not that you didn’t before That's it, isn’t it Nics? Are we done? I just wanted to blend that

You know what we’re like, we could just do this forever We could do this forever and your eye makeup would get bigger and bigger and more fabulous Done Can I see it? Yes It’s so pretty, my skin looks really good

Eyes are nuts, I’m scared You’ll be fine, awesome Well thank you so much for coming here I feel so blessed, touched by angels, and I’ll keep you posted I’m going to do this tomorrow, so we will see how it goes

Bye HI, it's me again, and I am back, to tell you about how it went when I tried to do this look on my own So, Sam and Nic really broke it down for me, because they are amazing individuals Not going to lie, I don't think my look came out quite like theirs did, but I did my best I started off with just doing my base, trying my best to mimic the really beautiful, glowy skin that Nic created on me

I use my own foundations for this Really loaded up on the bronzer, keeping it nice and light using a fluffy brush That was actually pretty easy A little odd that Nars Orgasm was used kind of as a highlighter, but I actually really like the look It kind of gave this nice, kind of pinky glow

Then came the kind of harder part, the eyes Sam did a really cool, like smoky, kind of gold-ish, halo-y eye on me, which looked so gorgeous I’m pretty bad at smoky eyes, so this is a good little exercise in practice makes perfect, don’t think I got it perfect, but maybe I’ll try again next week Sam told me to use a taupe shade all over my lid, and then deepen it up with some of the darker shades in the pallet, and then following up with a little bit of the gold on my finger, not a brush, on the center of my lids Then I followed up with some eyeliner, just to define my eyes a little bit, some mascara

And then it was time to move on to the rest Not going to lie, I’m not sure how well I did on this Please let me know in the comments if you feel the same way that I do about smokey eyes But I just kind of called it a day and went on to my eyebrows All three of us have had our eyebrows micro-bladed before

Stay tuned for a very fun video on that So, she used this cool eyebrow pen on me from Stila, to define my eyebrows Like, it’s a really cool product, because it really sticks on, and then I moved on to lips I don’t wear nude lipstick very often, so it was fun to kind of to pair the smokey eye that I don’t wear very often, with a nude lip that I also don’t wear very often I powdered a little bit using some of my trusty Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, just in the areas that I need it

So my T zone, because Nic was like let's keep the rest of the skin dewy, which is actually kinda nice, ‘cause I usually powder my face like to oblivion Definitely a surreal experience for the books So that was it, I hope you guys enjoyed this video, I hope you guys learned something Please let me know in the comments below, what your favorite Pixiwoo tutorial is, and I will catch you guys next week, bye Thanks so much for watching guys

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