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Hey guys this is Mi-Anne, and this is Beauty with Mi Today we have a fun little make up tutorial, try-on-type video featuring all best selling makeup from Ulta

I reached out to some representatives from Ulta and they shared a list of their like top performing products I have them all here, I’m gonna try them on, I’m gonna show you But first… please subscribe Red button, down below As you know Beauty with Mi comes out every Monday at 11:00am

First up is, naturally, foundation, and I have the Tarte, Amazonian Clay, full coverage foundation I have the shade light sand This foundation has 6,000 reviews on Ulta, and a rating of 45 I think that if you have very oily skin, you would love this foundation

But I think for my skin it’s a little bit too matte So, I’m gonna stop there, I don’t want to go too crazy with it, I’m gonna move on to concealer Got some concealer here, and Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer is one of the best sellers at Ulta, no surprise I have this shade Café Con Leche And I’m just going to dot this under my eyes, and on any dark spots, blemishes

I think it has a very like natural like satiny finish that can definitely build up It definitely isn’t like super dewy like you might think So, that’s something to keep in mind So, next I have this powder, and I have this really weird powder It’s by Becca, it’s called the Hydra-Mist setting powder, and it is a loose powder

It says, “keep closed to keep me cool,” because it is the weirdest feeling powder It feels wet So, if you have dryer skin it’s great, but if you have very oily skin, you will get oily Because I’m wearing such a matte foundation though, that’s so long wearing, I think that this powder’s actually a good thing to layer over top Next up we have blush

This is the shade Impassioned So, I’m gonna go in with this brush, on the apples of my cheeks I love the Nars matte blushes It’s just a good one Bronzer

It’s Benefit Hoola, I have this little mini one It’s so cute, it’s great for travel It’s just a great matte bronzer that you can kinda use for bronzing and contouring Nice and versatile Base is on

So, we’re gonna move on to highlighter, and I have a ColourPop product So, this is ColourPop Wisp, this is a Super Shock highlighter It has the coolest, bouncy texture I find best applied with fingers Wisp is a very cool and interesting color because it’s kinda champagne, it’s kinda taupe, I think that it would look good on a lot of different skin tones

I always, always, always prime my eyes because they’re so greasy, and I’ve got the Urban Decay Primer Potion right here But I’m just gonna slap this onto my eyelids and move on This is The Jaclyn Hill Morphe Pallette It has a ton of different shades Beep boop

Beep boop So, I’m gonna go into this shade, it’s like a matte burgundy We’re gonna go for like a graphic wing situation We’ll see how it goes I’m going in with this matte shadow and I’m gonna create the shape of my wing first

So, I’m gonna start on the outer corner Ooooh, pigmented Because I went in wet, this shadow’s getting a little patchy Okay, I’ll tell you want I should have done I should have went in wet to make the shape, and then I should have when I was filling it in gone in dry

Going back to the pallet So, I’m going to do this in the outer corner, this in the center, and I think a little bit of this in the inner corner So, I’m gonna start with this one I usually do light, light to dark Maybe I’ll do dark to light

Alright, that one was really pigmented let’s see what that one’s called It’s called cran-apple! I’m gonna go in with this one Oooooooooooooooo, pretty Let’s try this little fella right here I really like this copper one

So, I think this is as good as it’s gonna get The shadows are very pigmented They are very creamy, I think they apply really well with fingers I think they apply nicely wet I need to work with this pallet more

I think that I need to practice this kind of look, because I’ve never done it before But I’m not gonna bore you with the minutia, and I’m going to Left eye is on

And I’ve gotta say it went much better I think the ombré is a little bit more apparent, the eyeshadows were much more easy to work with I think that you know for the first attempt on ombré wing it’s not too bad So, I’m going in with a little bit of eyeliner, just, I think I’m gonna tightline only, because the eye look is kind of a lot So, I have the Ulta gel eyeliner in the shade blackout

This product has 2,910 reviews and like 45 stars People really like this stuff When I tightline straight on the waterline of my eye up on the top, it never stays So, what I do instead is I go underneath and I tightline under my eye but kinda more into the lash line, that way I’m kinda intensifying my upper lash line without going directly onto the waterline where it’s just gonna slide right off

Very creamy, nice, we’ll see how it holds up for the rest of the day Mascara time, and I have the L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise in waterproof So, it has a really nice big chunky wand I think it’s good for volume, it has hair-like bristles rather than the silicone ones Curling my eyelashes with my Tweezerman eyelash curler

So, that is the eyelash situation done So, a few of the bestselling lipsticks are these from Lipstick Queen I have the shades The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth So, this is the first one it’s called Nothing But the Truth This one is The Truth

Oooh, much more like on the bubblegummy side This one’s called The Whole Truth Super similar Hopefully The Truth will be the true for me That didn’t even make sense

This can’t be the truth This kinda color would look fine if I didn’t have such a warm eye But you know what I’m very impressed with the actual formula of the lipstick Maybe go to the store and swatch it before you buy That is it guys, what an endeavor

I think it turned out all right I think that for an unplanned look, kinda went into it like, “Myehdunnah!” And I think it came out okay I’m gonna wear this makeup for the rest of the day It is 12 o’clock right now, and I will let you know tonight how this full face of Ulta best sellers wore Hey guys, so I’m back home and it is 8:30

I’ve been wearing this makeup for 8 and a half hours and the sun’s about to set so I thought I’d just finish off the episode right now while I still have light and you guys can still see the makeup on my face The foundation, like I said, was pretty matte when I first put it on But now my natural oils have kinda seeped through it, and it looks really natural and kinda nice and like dewy in some areas, but I’m pretty oily because it’s very humid outside Highlighter’s still popping, the concealer looks great still under my eyes I have a little bit of wear underneath, around my nose because I was blowing my nose earlier because I had curry for dinner

Lipstick wise I didn’t expect much wear from that, it was a normal lipstick The eyes held up amazing The shadows look so pigmented and so nice, the primer held on, the shadow didn’t fall underneath my eye, the mascara was great, but the eyeliner, that’s what I was so impressed with I don’t have any smudging underneath my eye, a very small amount, it’s like a little bit here, nothing too crazy Eyeliners never stay in my tightline, but this one did, so good on you Ulta

There we have it I’m actually quite pleased with how everything looked I’m a fan Bye Thanks so much for watching guys, let me know what you want to see next on Beauty with Mi in the comments down below, and click here to subscribe to Refinery29, click here to watch another video, and follow me on Instagram @mianne

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