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Hey guys, it's Mi-Anne, and this is Beauty With Mi Urban Outfitters launched a makeup line, people, and it is very exciting

I have been using only products available at Urban Outfitters for the entire week, and I am back to report my findings Before we get started, though, please make sure you are subscribed down below Beauty With Mi comes out every Monday at 11AM I know my eyebrows might look a little crazy in this video It's because I actually got my eyebrows microbladed last week, so they're in the, kind of, healing process, so please forgive me on that one

But, stay tuned for the video on that coming out next week Urban Outfitters new collection, which is called ohii They have everything from eyeshadow, lipbalm, deodorant But, they don't have any hair care, and they don't have a lot of skin care So Let's start with hair The Verb Ghost Shampoo and Conditioner I am a big fan of Verb as a brand in general They make really good products

I actually fell in love with their Sea Salt hair texturizing cream, so I was excited to try this line as well It's super-duper hydrating It has meringue seed oil in it It's sulfate-free and safe for color-treated hair This week, my hair has been super-duper soft, which I think is a combination of this shampoo and the mask I'm about to show you

Next up is this mask It's from a brand called, I think, Gisou It's called the Honey Infused Hair Mask I have been hearing about this mask for a while My hair was so silky after this

I keep touching my hair and being like "Huh? Is this my hair?!" Obviously, it has honey in it, which is quite hydrating It has antioxidants and minerals and different vitamins in it, too

Guys, it's so good The next thing I'm going to talk to you about is cleanser Now, this is the Lixir Skin Electrogel Cleanser I would say it's very good for anyone who has normal to dry skin It smells

Like a really classy spa Like, I was using it, and I was like I felt like I was transported It is luxuriously creamy This is definitely, I don't think going to like, remove your waterproof makeup or anything But, if you use it after like, say a cleansing oil or use it in the morning when you don't really need a full like, deep clean

It's going to leave your skin feeling really soft and supple So, after cleansing, I use a toner, and I got the COSRX Original Clear Pads These are targeted at acne It has willow bark extract in it It's really nice for like, gently exfoliating your skin

I use it like, all over my face, and then actually on my back and like, down my chest, too Like, where I get occasional breakouts I do find the scent a little bit It smells like Orange kind of? Because it has orange peel oil in it Things like, that I leave on my face: my moisturizers, my toners

I prefer them to be pretty neutral in scent So, I do think these are nice They did not break me out

But the scent is just kind of strong Then, at night, I use this serum It's from Peter Thomas Roth It's their Retinol Fusion PM serum It's so liquid-y, look

It is, hands-down, the most water-y serum I've ever used, which, honestly, does make it a little bit difficult to apply, but It didn't irritate my skin at all Retinol is a very great ingredient for everything from acne to wrinkles This one actually also has vitamin C and E in it to brighten, too, so It's pretty good Next up is moisturizer, and I chose this one from Valjea/Valjean Jean Valjean! Valjean Labs

I don't know And it's called Replenish Hyaluronic Acid + Marine Extracts Hydration Gel It has Hyaluronic Acid in it, which hydrates I think that if you are very prone to oily, oily skin, you'll really like it I personally wish that I had chosen something a little bit richer

In the morning when I was putting on makeup it was fine, but I tend to use products that are a little bit more emollient Oils, richer creams So, this one did leave my skin feeling a little parched at night To finish off my skincare routine is, of course, lip balm Look at this cutie! This is from the ohii brand

This is the Urban Outfitters new beauty line, and I love this lip balm How to describe lip balm in a way that's interesting? It is rose-scented, for one It is super cute and sleek, the packaging And this is the kind of lip balm that just coats your lips, almost feels like a lip mask It really soothes them

It has some oils in it to really hydrate I really like it I noticed that ohii has a deodorant in the line It is a natural deodorant And it is also rose-scented

And it has charcoal in it! Cutest little packaging Doesn't leave residue like, on your armpits Doesn't transfer to your clothing I wore it on one arm and didn't wear it on the other arm, and the arm that I did wear it like, smelt like nothing after I like, walked around in like a cashmere sweater on a kind of warm day And the other armpit stank a little bit

So, it works! Moving right along to makeup Now, I got this fella This is the Milk Makeup Blur Liquid First off, the packaging So sleek, it's nice

This is a, I would say, a medium-coverage, build-able foundation It's a matte foundation, so I do think that it did catch a little bit on some of the dryer areas around my nose But, it did have great coverage Once my oils kind of seeped through the foundation a bit, it did look a lot better After foundation, I used a blush, and I chose this one

It's from a brand called TOKYOMILK, and it's the blush and oil stick, and it is red, guys Like, this is a red blush But it actually blends out really beautifully And it becomes a really natural like, perky flush So, to set all my work, I used the ohii setting powder

It's called the Glass Powder, which I think is a really cute name Open it up, it has a mirror, and then there's the pressed powder underneath I think it did a good job of setting makeup I don't think that it controlled oil for like, a ridiculously long time But, it's good; it's easy to throw into a bag So, next up as a highlighter, I used this ohii Wake Up Pen It is essentially like dewy skin in a little click-up pen It comes out like a liquid pearlescent highlighter, and it is just like, beautiful to tap onto cheekbones, Cupid's bow

the whole thing It is $18, though, which I think is a little pricey for this, but it is really beautiful And you can also use it under the eyes to brighten

So, moving on to eyes Now, this is the section from ohii that I was the most excited to try So, the brand has TWO eyeshadow palettes And, one of them is kind of like metallic-y, warm, pink-y purples And the other one is my favorite

The treasure eye palette, and it has like, kind of deeper more burgundies, this beautiful bright pink, purples, golds And these palettes are really lovely I think that the cardboard packaging, I think that they could have done plastic, but the actual shades in the palettes are really beautiful

I really appreciate that the brand did some palettes that are really fun Like, I think that there are some pretty wearable shades in here Like, you can kind of do like, a bronze-y smoky eye But, then you can throw some pops of color in there like this purple and this pink I just kind of mixed and matched with both of them throughout the week

I'm actually wearing a kind of combination of these shadows on my eyes today And I really, really enjoyed them I kind of skipped eyeliner this week I am wearing eyeliner right now, but throughout the week I pretty much just used the palettes as my eye makeup I actually dipped a wet brush into the deeper shades in the eyeshadow palette to use as eyeliner, and then just topped it off with mascara This is called the Mini Mascara It's so cute Look at this little wand

It is the thinnest little brush And I love this for my bottom eyelashes I have very sparse, very short bottom eyelashes, so a brush this tiny really helps like, get into every lash and really open my eyes up

It's so much easier than using a regular mascara that has a really big wand True Matte Lip, which is a liquid lipstick from the ohii brand They have a couple of shades I liked this one the most It's called "Self," and it's kind of like a rosy shade

It's really nice I do think that they are a little bit on the drying side I mean, it's a liquid lipstick They usually are like, a little more drying These do last a very long time, though, so I would just recommend layering a little bit of lip balm underneath, and then you're good to go

Last but not least, a kind of strange product, but This is the ohii Magic Hair Wand It's essentially like, a clear brow gel that you can use on like, any hair, so

I obviously got my eyebrows microbladed last week, so I haven't been able to use it as a brow gel, but as a frizz tamer, it's so good This stuff brings them down, gets them in place, keep them there, and doesn't feel crispy It's dried now, and I'm touching my hair right now, and I don't feel anything

The underdog from this challenge really It really stole my heart That's it! That was a lot of product

That was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Wait 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Wait 1, 2, 3, 4 That's a lot! I hope you stuck it out with me here Please let me know in the comments below if there's anything that you love, love, love, love from Urban Outfitters And I will see you guys next week Bye! Thanks so much for watching, guys

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