I Was Judged For Wearing Makeup To School

I Was Judged For Wearing Makeup To School

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For a really long time Faith had been self-conscious about her appearance. She didn’t like the way she looked, didn’t feel pretty or attractive, and always asked herself whether wearing makeup would make her feel better, prettier, and maybe more confident about her looks.

So, one day she decided that she would put on makeup and wear it to school. She was actually feeling more confident and that’s what allowed her to make that bold move. She really thought it would be a good idea.

But, when she arrived at school, walking down the halls, she got tons of weird looks, especially from the teachers, so she kind of covered herself up with her hoodie when she passed them. It wasn’t against the rules, makeup was allowed in school, but she was just so nervous and with all the looks she really didn’t know what people were thinking. Wearing makeup wasn’t a big deal, usually, but for Faith it was.

There were other kids who looked at her and seemed to really like it, gave her a thumbs up and told her how pretty she looked, and that really boosted her confidence. So much so that, during lunch – and she’s not saying it’s just the makeup that did it – but a really cute boy from their grade walked by and totally checked her out, and she blushed, and it was just a moment.

Later, after lunch and recess, they were all lining up to head to their next classes, when this kid in her grade came up to her and told her that she looked really trashy with all that makeup. He said, no offense, but you look like a street walker, a lady of the night.

Faith tried to ignore it, and tried to keep the feelings inside, tried to be strong but it was really hard. Faith’s friend stepped in to defend her and started screaming at this kid, and even though it made her feel better to have someone stand up for her for being judged and harassed and bullied, she ran to the bathroom in tears.

She washed all of her makeup off. Some of it was smeared on her face, and she was crying so the tears didn’t help either. She was late to her next class because of it, and the teacher must have noticed how upset she still was because while normally he would have yelled at her for being late to class, but this time he just asked her to find a seat.

Faith was so upset about being judged and bullied for wearing makeup, and it didn’t maker her feel any better about herself that’s for sure. But, she learned that this kid who bullied her had called a lot of other girls names as well, and that made her feel less singled out.

She’s not sure when she’ll have the self confidence back to wear makeup to school again, but for now, she feels good. She knows that wearing makeup doesn’t turn her into some promiscuous girl, and she knows she has great friends who will always defend her. That’s given her all the confidence she needs!


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