Influencer Gets Make-Up Done & Talks Mental Health With Emily Alexandra/PotatoAtTheGym!

Influencer Gets Make-Up Done & Talks Mental Health With Emily Alexandra/PotatoAtTheGym!

Hi guys! For this weeks video, I partnered with my good friend Emily Alexandra to talk some mental health and do a bit of a make-up with some luxury brands! I know I never do a lot of make-up on myself, but this was such a beautifully bold, strong look that I knew I had to share. Time to get me some more palettes! xx 🙂

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Chris is a new breed Of Brand Ambassador/Influencer. Creatively fun and on the rise. A mentalist if you will.

Chris took marketing and psych but illness tried to stop him. He’s funny, goofy, shy and a wise young soul. Stick around to see what he’s up to next!

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With Love and Light,

Chris P
After a slip on Monday the 11th of Nov, 2019, During a 30CM storm, Chris slid on black ice and fell on a hill. With his leg broken in his tibia, and fibula; broken diagonally in a cast. It took emergency surgery next-day to place a plate with 5 titanium screws on the right side, and two screws on the left. He’s in a crutches till valentines day, but he’s a super happy-go-lucky guy. He also loves social media, and took classes for behavioral psych, just never got to finish due to complications with his health.


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