Is Your Makeup Aging You? Tips to Stop Old Beauty Routines, Look more Youthful, Mature over 50 Women

H ey awesome ones I know a lot of us were into routines

We kind of have stepped into habits and routines, but if you're doing that with your makeup and you're still using the same applications and routines as you did when you were much younger, that may need a little bit of a rethink I'll show you what I mean in just a few seconds So if you saw my two faces in the little thumbnail that came with this video, you probably didn't notice that one of my faces made me look much much older That's because I was using some of the old applications of makeup that I use to use So I'm really really hoping that this really helps you

This is a more youthful makeup that I have on right now And what I'm going to say right now is, I'm going to link this more youthful makeup I'll link to one of the videos that I did just up there somewhere so that you can see how to do this, but what I'm gonna do in a few minutes is I'm going to apply makeup the way I did in the old days So the first thing that I learned that I've been doing wrong and I actually saw a very professional makeup artist and it was about two years ago And she did my makeup and I'll tell you, I went Wow! Have I ever been putting things on wrong one of them was the eyeliner

So I hardly have any eyeliner on right now and I'm going to show you what I used to do I thought I was looking great but you know in the harsh daylight it wasit was looking well, harsh Oh fun, so what I used to do is I still use a black a little touch of eyeliner along here but I would use the black eyeliner

I'll just do one eye for now for the sake of time and I would do it a little bit thick I would you know think about the hooded eye So I'd go up like that, but I would also go under my eyes You could already see what's happening here between the two eyes and on top of that I would go under here Right on the waterline

So you can see the difference in the two eyes already Gave up that after I had that makeup done All right so I did the other eye there The next thing that is really aging us and screaming 1980s is too much contouring And yeah you know if you remember some of the videos and I remember I did a fashion show once and and my hair was all slicked back

You remember how the slicked back looked and the contouring was just amazing So you know some of us remained with that for a while thinking oh my gosh it looks so amazing, but we just kept on doing it and it just became not pretty anymoreMore of a harsh kind of look We didn't want the jowls anymore So we had to go underneath there really really heavy you know

We even would contour down our noses because that wasour noses somehow are getting bigger, we got to do that

We contour here we'd contour here okay I remember it all because although I had makeup artists a lot when I was modeling, there were times where I had to do my own makeup So I remembered what to do, but the the over contouring it's not working for us and as I said it screams 1980s Now if you remember the eye shadow colors for the 1970s, you're probably thrilled that blue is back or green or whatever color this is and it's like yes, and you're going ahead and I'm just going to use a cotton swab for this and you're like this is awesome I know how to do this

I remember and way you go with the blue Putting it on just so thrilled and you remember, well like it was all over your eyes, so you want to do that again cuz you got this down baby Well let's do both eyes here Here's the thing If you're in your 20s this looks cool, but if you're a more mature woman it's kind of screaming out, old lady

So mom, dear old mom, she taught you how to do your eyebrows did she? You're going to look just like Marilyn Monroe Well alright maybe you're still filling them in a little bit too much And I'm gonna kind of do that againYou would use a darker, I usually use the blonde on my eyebrows, but you would use a darker kind of color on that and you might be saying, but you know what the younger youtubers are doing the whole filled in brow thing Why can't I? Well you know what? Our skin is changing

Our our face is changing, even our hair is changing it a little bit lighter So if you're just going in with a big dark filled in eyebrows it's probably aging you So not even too sure where this came from, but over lining the lips And a lot of women what they started to do is they started to use like a darker Brown kind of lip liner And I guess you know they didn't want to go for the surgery or the lip plumping, so somehow this became all the rage and you would outline your lips

You probably still see women do this I know I do, but you outline your lips, well even more than outlined them you'd make them bigger So I have very small lips So I'm going to just sort of go like this Then down here, You know what I'm talking

this I know you have and so then of what they would do is, they would just putI've got lipstick on right nowso they would just sort of put a little bit of lipstick on underneath and after like three sips of your coffee or something all you're seeing is is brown stuff And it's just, I don't even know how it came into be I never saw a makeup artist use it at all, but it really became the rage to make your lips look bigger and not a pretty sight anymore Throw that brown lip liner out I would suggest anyway

So I actually have something in my eye this is so weird Because what I wanted to talk about was false eyelashes And I'm not even going to show the false eyelashes putting on the glue and all that sort of thing And it's so weird I got something in my eye right now, but I'm gonna suggest, no don't use the fullI mean if you're going to an amazing gala or something like that well if you got a really good glue for that and you're not gonna worry about them falling down or doing what's happening right now, something in my eye it's probably some of this blue powder or whatever, but no I'm gonna suggest forget about the false eyelashes you know Just put an extramabe put three coats of dark mascara on But yeah I see some women out there and again I'm notthis is not old makeup routine shaming or anything like that If you'reif you're your authentic self which I always say be your authentic self and your authentic self is wearing blue eye shadow or wearing big brows and that sort of thing, good for you! But this is something that's really you know I want to speak to looking a little more natural and not have people maybe just sort of look at us and say whoa that's a lot of eye shadow So you might not even know you're doing it You've just been in a routine It's for those people

So I just really wanted to make that clear So the next one is the bronzer When this came around we were actually toldhey you're not supposed to bake in the Sun anymore and all that sort of thing So we wanted to have this tan and this bronzer came up and we're like, yes I can look like I have a tan from spring till September and it's so wonderful So we started putting on the bronzer and let me just sort of you know we we would put it on here We didn't realize we were starting to look a little bit orange Now I'm actually, I don't want to overdo it because you know I just want to kind of show you a nice bronzing look

So we do that and then we go, oh my gosh my chest it also needs some bronzing because the rest of me is is still white And we go over with all of that and go ahead and and well in many cases what we did was we made ourselves really kind of orange in color And I'm here to tell you if you're fair or pale like I am, the more natural look, the porcelain look, that's more in than this kind of look right now And if you're doing this and then you're spray tanning all your arms and your legs and you're going through all that, well you might not have to do that anymore and I think it's a little easier on yourself The other thing is when I wash my face tonight the Bowl is gonna be completely orange

That's kind of a telltale sign that maybe you're using a little too much of this stuff So the next one was the highlighter and we're like yes, yes ,yes I'm gonna get that beautiful glow on my face and you know just like the 20 year olds this is really gonna work This is really gonna work Really let me just sort of put some of this highlighter on here

A little bit there I think the big place where I say it with most people is on the eyebrows So let me just put a little bit I don't know if you're gonna be able to see it under these lights that much, but just you know – too shiny, too sparkly and you might not see it so much on this, but ease up on the highlighter a little bit folks So as you can see we're trying a little too hard with this makeup Blue eye shadow, lip liner, I don't know if you can see the the shine here above the eyebrows you know, er

rather just below the eyebrows with a highlighter The tan that we put on, all of that sort of thing

You're trying to be something that you're not And I just think that the more natural look isis better and hopefully when I bring in the cuteness factor he's not too afraid

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