Jack Skellington Makeup Kit

Hey there, It's me and Katie Beth again! And a few months ago, in August, I was Halloween shopping at the 99 Cent Store, and I came across this, and in my video– then my 99 Cent Store video hall–I had talked about how I wanted to try it out, and today is finally the day! Two months later Also stay tuned to the end of this video, because I did end up buying a second one– Oh here it is! I have two, so if it ends up working it might be a really cool thing, and I don't think the store has any more So enter the contest! The rules are below and at the end of the video, and one of these could be yours! So first off I'm gonna open it up Just gonna cheat– use some scissors here So here we go

Got the face paint, two sponges, um black lipstick (to get those black Jack Skellington lips), some eyeliner–do some drawing with it the fine tip drawing, and what I'm most excited about is this glitter! I'm gonna open up right now to see if it's even cool glitter or if it's all dried up and gross Oh So real disappointing It has a super glittery lid, so I thought, "it's gonna be cool glitter!", but it looks like it's just like white face paint, and then it doesn't really look as much like a shimmer as it does like a sweat oh I guess it has kind of ayou can't really see itlike a shimmer sheen to it

Kind oflike more of a metallic like shimmer Okay, well I'm gonna clean my face

Not that my face is gross and dirty, but I'm gonna wipe it, and clean it, and then I'm going to start making myself look like Jack Skellington! So, they give me a choice of these two sponges to put on the face paint I think I'm gonna use this one, and maybe wash it out, because I don't really see what the use of this one's gonna be too much, since it's not really liquidy paint it's more of a Ooo, looks like sunblock So it's actually starting to feel more like a face cream, like the cream you put on your face at the end of the night, more than a face paint Which isn't bad It's very creamy So I think I proved last Halloween when I did Gomorrah, that I'm not the best with face paint

Um, this is still super creamy, and I think I need to let it dry before putting any of the black on Or maybe doing a second layer, because any more white I try putting on with thisI've used a part of one of the whites, but any more white I try using, I just seems to be smearing off more

Oh, yep, see like that Huh, so I think I need to let this dry for a bit and then try maybe putting on another layer Or I'm just going to do the blackOh, I guess I'll see how long this takes to dry It's been a half an hour, and the stuff still hasn't dried I actually gave myself quite a scare when I went into the bathroom, with my long black hair, and white face It was a very grudge–very grudge seeming, and a little scary, but then I remembered it's me So it's taking too long for this to dry

So I'm just gonna go ahead and try and do the eyes and see if it dries in a bita bit later Well, it's very panda bear looking I'm gonna put some lipstick on, and see if that helps withseems like I made a scar Smells good, but it's a kind of a really crappy black lipstick, but it does smell kind of berry -ish

Smells like berries! I'm gonna try the eyeliner Ouch–its sharp! It's real sharp! Might be a good eyeliner, but it's not like athat's not for lines on the face–it's not gonna work for this costume

Not that this works! Hahaha! Okay, I look like the Joker now Now I'm just using the face paint instead of the lipstick So I did kind of jack up the mouth a little, but I do feel that this is pretty much as good as it's going to get with– with what comes in this kit Now I'm gonna try to use some other makeup to try and make it look a little better So after pretty much 100% failing with the Jack Skellington makeup earlier, I got these little makeup wedges, because it was pointed out to me that possibly I was just caking the makeup on too thickly, and that's why it wasn't drying and working, so I'm gonna try it with these little wedges

More of like dabbing than like caking on So it's looking very splotchy like– splotchy ghosts–so it's not quite even And it's not as dark

opaque Is opaque the word I'm looking for? Like thick It's not as solid looking of a white as I'd like

But I feel like it is better than when I just tried to wipe it on Um I'm actually gonna go see if I have some powder, because it still feels really greasy, and isn't really drying So I'm gonna see if I have some powder to soak it up So turns out the powder I have isn't white It's slightly pink

It's not really showing on here, so um I'll see how it looks on my face So it's still not super even, but um the powder actually feels a lot nicer on my face It's not as gross and greasy as the paint left it I don't know how I lost it It was right in front of me

But this is what the paint looks like now, after I've tried using it a few times I'm actually not horrified with this It's totally not even and doesn't look like Jack Skellington Let's see what else we can do So I also dug up an old makeup brush that I have So I'm going to use that to try and put the white on, instead of that weird sponge that it came with Well this is working so much nicer! So the kit's tools that it comes with are not great But the makeup's not as bad if you have better tools

So even if it doesn't work out as Jack Skellington makeup, it still might look really cool for um a Dalmatian! So again, the face pick makeup isn't quite as thickly white as I would like, but um it's not as bad as the last time I tried it So I'm gonna try putting on his little nose now Mmm it's already thicker than I wanted it A q-tip would have been better I'm not planning on eating anything in the time frame that I'm wearing this, so uh, I think it's okay to paint my lips

I'm going to try using this–no I think I remember I already didn't like the eyeliner it came with I'm gonna try this wet-and-wild eyeliner Yes it works so much better! I'm not really sure what to do with this whole lip thing Alright, maybe I can just Like do the lines I also just realized I'm not sure I have a pencil sharpener if this needs to be sharpened

Yes it already looks so much better than it did the last time I tried! Okay, so I wouldn't really say this look is Jack Skellington, but it's still pretty creepy, and fun, and cool It does kind of bother me though that the actual paint, unless you powder over it, stays pretty greasy, and the longest I've worn it has only been like half an hour And it was still super greasing, and I was sweaty and gross so I took it off But, um, I'm not sure if it really will ungrease less than this, but I guess it is supposed to be like a kid's makeup set So overall I'd say the kit's not completely horrible

Especially if you use some of your own tools, like better eyeliner Even though I think this eyeliner was like a dollar and I used this old makeup brush So if you have some of your own tools, I think even a q-tip might work out better for this nose thing It actually isn't too bad I don't think I really look like Jack Skellington that much, however it is kind of a fun makeup kit, anyhow

Just for funsies So, um, after I did the first makeup test, I thought it was absolutely horrible I wasn't gonna actually auction off the other one But since it's not horrible and it's still kind of fun, I think I'll still give it away So if anybody wants it, um, I don't think I'll make you really compete for it

Pretty much the first person that wants it, gets it And to enter this contest here are the rules So this is going to be the quickest contest I've had on here so far, because the first person who enters, wins So the things you need to do are: 1 Subscribe to my YouTube channel

2 Like this video, and 3 Comment below on my YouTube channel, under this video, telling me that you would even like to win this item It's gonna be a real quick and dirty contest, because I'm trying to get it sent out before Halloween But I will see what happens

Well, thanks for watching everyone I actually had more fun than I thought I would, towards the end, especially when I tried it a different way! Well again, thanks for watching, and have a great Halloween, and have a great night, and just have some great time I guess! Thanks, bye! Well, just a quick addendum, I ran into one of my other roommates who did have white powder, and oh that seems to be working a lot better to go over this makeup! Uh, yeah you'd want to do it before the black, because I'm splashing it on the black, but much better for whitening