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Jennifer Lopez inspired makeup tutorial 2015 Jennifer Lopez inspired makeup tutorial 2015 Jennifer Lopez inspired makeup tutorial 2015 Jennifer Lopez inspired makeup tutorial 2015 Jennifer Lopez inspired makeup tutorial 2015 Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel I hope you're having a great day! Today's video is a Jennifer Lopez inspired makeup tutorial The makeup I'm wearing right now of course I used drugstore products to create the eye look because I wanted it to be afffordable I used the Wet n' Wild by Fergie eyeshadow palette Physicians Formula kohl eyeliner and liquid liner duo's and the Physicians Formula shimmer strips and the Wet n' Wild Fanatic cat eye mascara so those are the products that I used to create this eye look so it's a first impression, mostly makeup tutorial with a mini review at the end so if you'd like to see how I got this makeup look and what I think about the products that I used then just keep watching! Jennifer Lopez inspired makeup tutorial 2015 so let's go ahead and get started! I'm going to use the Too Faced Hangover RX primer I want to be nice and hydrated because we are going to be very glowy and bronze today I'm filling in my wrinkles with the Amazing Cosmetics line filer and priming my eyes with the Benefit Stay Don't Stray to make sure the eyeshadow stays on I'm going in with the lightest color in the palette and put that all the way up to my my brow bone and all over the lid it will make all the eyeshadows blend better and then for some reason I decided to do my eyebrows so her eyebrows are very natural looking I just went ahead and filed in the sparse parts which for me is the top of the brow and the tail with the Anastasia Browwiz in brunette and brushed it through and used clear brow gel to set then I'm going in with the light peach shade I'm just going to work that into the crease with this fluffy Sigma E40 brush I'm taking it up a little bit higher than I usually do in the picture her eyeshadow is a little bit higher a little closer to my eyebrow then I'm going with this darker more orange shade with the same brush and I'm working that into the crease I'm just using less pressure so I can be more precise with the application we want a gradient in between the two colors then I'm cleaning up the top then i'm going i with the gold color out of this physicians formula palette I did spray the brush with MAC fix plus this is the MAC 242 brush I love this brush

for application onto the eyelid it just makes controlled application on your eyelid so easy if you're using gold or anything sparkly with fix plus you need controlled application or its going to go everywhere and you don't want that This eyeshadow did have a lot of fall out though and then I'm using the darkest color in the palette I'm gently working that into the crease I don't want a cut crease look but I don't want this to be too wide of a crease and then I'm blending out the top portion of the color so there's a nice fade into the other shadows then i'm going to use the same sigma brush to blend it out so it's not a harsh line You want soft gradient i'm going to go ahead and put on some Laura Mercier highlight on the inner corner and we'll finish the rest of that highlight when we finish the eyes i'm going in with the bronze kohl of Physicians Formula eyeliner this stuff went on pretty well it wasn't as creamy as some of the other ones like my Urban Decay bronze I do like better for a drugstore version it works well but it did break off and I didn't like that

then im going to prime my underye with the Smashbox Hydrating primer and I'm using the MAC illuminating face primer because she is very glowy so we need to be glowy then i'm using the Dr Brandt Pores no more where my pores are a little bit bigger on my cheeks and then because she is so glowy e're going to have quite a few layers of highlight this is the Becca highlight & I'm putting it on underneath the foundation it will help it shine through and blend it out with your finger I was reading and this is what her makeup artist does She puts a highlighter on her face before she does her foundation This is the MAC correct conceal duo & I'm putting it on my dark circles I'm patting that in with my ring finger I like the peach side of the pen and then because her skin is so flawless I decided to take the time and try and cover up some of my flaws I used the Maybelline Fit Me concealer and blended it in with my finger I'm using the beauty blender to apply the loreal magic lumi foundation I do love this foundation and since we're going for a luminous JLo look it's perfect it's affordable since it's from the drugstore I'd say it's medium cove4rage but you can build it up some then we're going in with the Bare Minerals Naked Skin Concealer and blending it out with the beauty blender I'm not doing a heavy triangle I was reading how her makeup artist does her makeup and she uses minimal concealer just really where the dark circles are but not the big triangle thing then I'm setting the concealer with the Laura Mercier secret brightening powder then I'm going in with the clinique chubby stick highlighter in the color 01 i think its called intense highlight I did a whole video on this it was in the Sephora Favorites Superstars box so I'm putting it on the top of my cheekbones on the nose and the tip of your nose and blend it out with your finger you can put it on your top lip and on your cupids bow everywhere you want to be nice and glowy then I'm setting my face makeup with the Laura Mercier Translucent powder I love this powder it doesn't give extra coverage it just sets your makeup then we're giong in with MAC give me sun you want to be very bronzey and very glowy I'm putting this all up on my hairline and bringing it in on the sides of my temples and down the sides of my face keep going in and getting more color until it's probably a little more intense than you're used to for this Jlo look I'll go all along my jaw line also bulding up the coverage then you can do the bronzer face so you can put the bronzer right where you cheekbones are which will give you a little bit of a contour before you go in with the contour powder she brings her bronzer in a little further than I usually do I'm using the contour shade in the Kat von d palette to contour the cheekbones and then I blend it out with the brush I'm using Wet n Wild pearlescent pink and kept in minimal looking at the picture she's not heavy on the blush its more bronzer but this is a nice I'm alive shade then I love to go over everything with a duo fiber brush it gives everything a air brushed effect then we're going in with more highlight the Laura Mercier highlight in 01 we're going to pop that on top of the cheekbones and put the excess on the side of the face & above the brow the nose & cupids bow so we're extra super glowy thenI'm using the yellow shade in the Marc Jacobs Mirage duo to carve out the cheekbones she's very chiseled & bronze & glowy I love this powder to clean everything up then going back i with the Laura Mercier highlight pwder bringing in the highlight quite a bit a little bit more than usual i noticed that's how her highlight is so I'm doing that with the Laura Mercier highlight & this little Sigma detail brush it's a great little brush for this it makes it so much easier then I'll blend out the edges then I'm going back in with the gold physicians formula kohl liner and bringing it down pretty far this isn't a very intense one so you can bring it down pretty far then go in with the bronze then I'm using the Lancome eyeliner that was in the Sephora Favorites superstars box and put it in my water line and then blend it all together using a pencil brush then curl the eyelashes then I'm using the It Cosmetics Tightline I love this product it makes every other mascara look better then I'm using the wet n wild cat eye mascara I liked this mascara it worked well It wasn't clumpy and was easy to work with then I'm putting more black liner on in the inner corner because that's what she does this is the finished product of the eyeshadow and eyeliner and everything then I'm going in with the Milani lipliner in nude I did a whole video on how to overline your lips & I did overline my lips for this tutorial because Jennifer Lopez pretty much always overlines her lips with a nude liner a lot very into nude lips I happen to have the Loreal Jennifer's nude lipstick so I went ahead and used that & topped it with MAC's peachstock lipglass to make it a little bit more glossy and that is the finished product! I think this is a really good date night or party makeup look and it was really easy to achieve as well so that's it for this makeup tutorial so to quickly review the Physicians Formula shimmer strips I liked them but they had a lot of fall out though it went on fine and blended well but a lot of fall out and I had a hard time getting the glitter off my face so if I did it again I would try and hold a tissue or something underneath there I would definitely do that because this glitter was no joke and then for the Kohl's it went on easily and blended well but the kohl liner side both of the ones I used, the gold & bronze had really point ends & then they broke off as I used them they still worked fine but they broke & I didn't like that & the wet n wild fanatic cat eye mascara I like this mascara & it's so affordable it's super cheap & has a very unique wand so the wand looks like this it's supposed to make your eyelashes flare out at the ends like a cat I think it did that & it wasn't clumpy it's somewhat thickening & lengthening I used it with my It Cosmetics tightline which makes every mascara look better it's definitely worth a shot especially since it's so affordable I forgot to tell you I used this Wet n' Wild pearlescent pink blush It was nice, blended well & wasn't choppy or anything like that and the wet n wild fergie eyeshadow palette these eyeshadows blended beautifully, they went on like some of the more expensive eyeshadows that i've used but I can't say how ling they're going to last they do have good pigmentation and they blend well so I like that & again super affordable so that's it for all the new products I used & my mini review and first impressions so I hope you liked this Jennifer Lopez inspired makeup tutorial if you like celebrity inspired makeup tutorials give this video a thumbs up & I'll do some more & subscribe of you haven't already all the information for all the products I used will be in the description box along with all the links to my social media Instagram, twitter, snapchat & facebook so be sure to check out the description box all the information you'd ever want to know about the video I'll see you in my next video! Bye!