Luminous Glow Makeup Tutorial | Beauty

Luminous Glow Makeup Tutorial | Beauty

Hello, Beautiful!! Look!! I’m doing a makeup tutorial!! I’m so glad I have the proper camera and lighting now to get back to beauty here and there. I’ve even dusted off the old Beauty Blog and have even more pictures of this look available for you to check out. All of the products used and where they are placed on the face are listed in the link below. I’ve also listed here the old color names to new color names since the Eye Colors I’m using are the new Mary Kay Chromafusion Eye Shadows. I am not sponsored and there are no affiliate links. I do recommend these if you like being able to customize your own palette and replacing individual shadows as need be. They are very affordable and I love this new formula. I also recommend trying some of the Ulta brand color products. I’ve never tried foundation or anything by them but I have tried bronzers, blushes, and eyeshadows and they are really good. You can find them on super sale at Ulta ever so often so be sure to check those out if you want high end quality at a lower price.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Let me know what you’d like to see next!

Beauty Blog with all the products I used as well as placement and more pictures of the look

Mary Kay Eye Colors Old Formula Color Name VS New Chromafusion Color Name
Sweet Cream (Old) is now Biscotti (new)
Spun Silk (Old) is now Sand Castle (new)
Honey Spice (Old) is now Candlelight (new)
Cinnabar is still Cinnabar
Rose Gold (Old one is Brown) is now Rose Gold (actually Rose Gold)

The Mary Kay Customizable Palette I use is the Mini. I’m not sure if it’s still available but they have new one called the Mary Kay Perfect Palette that is very chic and slim and holds the same amount of shadows. My “Mauve Section” consists of Blossom, Dusty Rose, Soft Heather, Merlot, Sunlit Rose, Sweet Plum. My “Warm Neutral Section” consists of Biscotti, Candlelight, Cinnabar, Gold Status, Sand Castle, Rose Gold.

If you’d like to find a Mary Kay Consultant in your area, just go to and click on “Find An Independent Beauty Consultant.” You will enter your zip code and a list of about 12 consultants will come up that you can choose from. You are also able to set up a complimentary facial and color appointment in order to try before you buy.

For those of you who haven’t been watching my bookish videos, please know that the past year and a half have been very difficult for me and my priorities were shifted. My father was diagnosed with cancer and I took him to his treatments and then took care of him until the end. He passed away in March and there was a grieving process afterwards to go through. I’m feeling more myself and motivated to get back to my creative work so let me know what you’d like to see in the future. I’m still doing bookish and bullet journal videos but I’m happy to be able to mix the beauty back in now.

This Video is NOT SPONSORED.
There are NO affiliate links.

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