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MAC Eye Makeup Tutorial for Blue Eyes MAC Eye Makeup Tutorial for Blue Eyes MAC Eye Makeup Tutorial for Blue Eyes Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! I hope you're having a great day! Today's video is a tutorial on the eye look I'm wearing right now I used all MAC eye shadows except for one Loreal Infaliblle eye shadow It's easily accessable, pretty affordable and easy to achieve I wanted to do a tutorial that looked really impressive but wasn't too hard to achieve and this is what I came up with so if you'd like to see how I got this look then just keep watching MAC Eye Makeup Tutorial for Blue Eyes First we are going to prime our eye lids with Benefit Stay Don't Stray and I'm going to blend it out with a brush Then I'm going in with MAC Orb, it's a nice flesh toned eye shadow I like to use this as a base, it helps everything else blend nicely Then I'm using the Sigma E35 and I'm going in with MAC soft brown I start with wind shield wiper motions and then I like to use circular motions and blend it up toward the brow bone Then I'm using the MAC 217 and I'm working Swiss Chocolate into the crease I don't want to cover up the soft brown so I want to use a brush with a smaller head and I like to use small motions and I keep going back in and getting more color until it's the intensity that I llike and it's all nice and even and I have a nice gradient between the swiss chocolate and the soft brown and then for the outer V I'm using MAC's Corduroy and the MAC 242 brush If you don't have the MAC 242 brush Morphe has a similar one, the M421 and I have seen small ones in Ulta by other brands but a small brush will make it easier for you A pencil brush works nicely also then you want to blend it toward the middle but don't blend it all over the eye lid and we're going to do the same on the inside of the eye I think this technique is what makes you look like you're a pro at makeup application when you apply the shadow to the inner and outer V it makes you look like a pro so just work slowly and if you have a small brush it will be the easiest then we're going to connect the two using the Morphe M138 brush and the MAC corduroy shadow its a pencil brush with a big fat head and i wanted to use a brush with a smaller head than the MAC 217 to make sure that we still have a gradient between the two colors that we already put down so keep going in and getting more color and keep blending until it's all nice and even and it's the intensity that you want and then for the pop of color I'm using the Lorial Infalible shadow in Iced Latte and I did spray the brush with MAC Fix Plus and this is the MAC 239 brush the fix plus will make the color more intense and it will make it stick to your eye a little bit as well and i do like to go in sideways with it sometimes especially using this technique it just makes the edges softer and blend a little bit better because it's not putting down such a harsh line and you just want to blend it into the Corduroy you don't want to leave it as an obvious line and you can go back in with the corduroy if you feel like it got a little blended away if it's not as intense as you want it to be you can always go back in with more shadow until it's exactly what you want and that's what I'm doing here

Going in with more color blending, more color, blending then i'm going back in with the MAC 217 and blending one last time to make sure there's not a harsh line there where I put the iced latte down then I like to use a clean fluffy brush to blend out the very edges where i put the soft brown is then for a highlight I'm using MAC Shroom this highlight is a little intense so just work slowly and use a little bit

You can always build it up it's easier to build up than away I think I like to put that underneath my eyebrows and then in the inner corner of my eye and you can blend it up a little bit and it gives a nice pop of color to the inner corner of your eye and it makes you look more awake then I'm going in with MAC Teddy eyeliner this is a dark brown eyeliner with a copper sheen to it it's really pretty and it was really easy to get a very thinline because i didn't want to take away from the eye shadow with the eye liner then i'm going in with the benefit roller lash mascara on my upper and lower lashes i really like this mascara then for the lower lash line we're going to do what we did with the rest of the eye look I go in with MAC soft brown first and then go over that with swiss chocolate you can make sure it connected on the outer portion then im going in with MAC corduroy and i like to keep the darker color on about the outer third to the outer half of my eye then i always end u fixing the inner corner highlight and make sure that's poppin'! put on some lower lash mascara and that's it for this tutorial I hoped you liked it! Please give it a thumbs up if you did! and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and be sure to check out the description box all the links to all my social media is down there my instagram, twitter, snapchat and facebook and all the information for all the products I used is in the description box as well so be sure to check that out and i will see you in my next video! bye! MAC Eye Makeup Tutorial for Blue Eyes this is a really good brush to contour with because you an just kind of do like this and it gives you a precise application or of course you can do this and really carve out your cheek bones