Make up Do’s and Don’ts over 40

hi I'm Darnell Cox with live young lifestyle and I'm here today with my makeup artist Jenny Karl hi for what we like to call makeup chair chitchat today's topic is about makeup do's and don'ts over 40 now you're almost 40 right I'm gonna be 40 and I'm like I'm 50 in like a week so yeah and there are some not hard fast rules do whatever you want to do so these are just suggestions so you know the title of this video might be a little bit deceiving because we're not gonna say don't not all skin is created equally and like some people at my age at 50 have like a like a little bit of a creepy eyelid so the type of makeup in the type of eyeshadow that makes them appear younger and has more of a staying power is different than a different link a different fifty-year-old who might not have those same issues now you do more prep work when you're older Leah so all of the all the preparation is a little bit more drastic I mean there are layers of prep underneath layers of anti-aging prep which then makes the makeup not you know stay in one place as much so one of the do's that we have to do on mature skin is prime it yeah and you're priming everything everything arriving primed and face neck lifts eyelid and the primers that you use on me our color correctors cuz I've got a little bit of pink in my yes so you can get primers that are color correcting primers that have a little green in them a little or peachy or B yellow based yeah or the pink or you can just get oil control primers if you're oily or you can just get regular price there's so many primers yeah it depends on how how moisturizing your products are that you're putting on your face sometimes when you're layering so much and the the product know I'm not a big person to moisturize you'll have to check out that video that I did when I interviewed dr Obagi and it's called my Rockstar dermatologist if you use a product that reduces skin activities like for example putting too much moisturizer on the surface the body will stop delivering natural moisture from within as a compensation the first time I heard you speak publicly yeah when you said that I was like oh my god I'm following this guy forever because I've always felt that way like you you can't let your skin get lazy I'm more in that kind of mindset where I don't over moisturize yes I don't want much to make my skin lazy but if you are somebody who puts on a lot of moisturizer you you really kind of want to do like a primer that kind of takes that that moisture away sure and it won't will keep your legging longer and some primers also have sunscreen in them so you're adding extra protection it's a double duty yeah you wanted yes exactly and and I even do like my zou skin health one that I do is a primer it's a tented primer but it's a sunscreen of a factor of 50 and I put that underneath everything and then I also put sunscreen on top of that so yes so that's a do yeah I'm about to do sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen so before any primers before any sunscreen before Nia that it's really important for a mature face you have to exfoliate you know um if you've seen any of my videos on retin-a or my skincare routine you know that I use a lot of things that exfoliate my skin so I love these like dry brushes that you just scrub your face it helps with circulation it helps with lymphatic drainage and it gets your it makes your palate just completely smooth so that there's there's nothing flaking off and it makes for a really nice camp yeah and you can do it literally right before you yeah sometimes Jenny comes in and I'm brushing my face while I'm in the chair right before yeah um and also to exfoliate your lips because our lips are dry and so I love this nurse Jamie little exfoliation lip treatment it's a little cream you put on and then you love them rubbed your lips like this and the other day I was rubbing it I looked at I'm like holy there's my lips oh you like know that this is working and it's getting all of that just prepped and ready for your primers and sunscreens and all of that yes but the reason why I love using all those primers is because it allows me to use a lot less foundation yeah getting the skin really nice and smooth and exfoliated is hugely important all right and then the primers with the color correctors are making it to where you don't have to use as much foundation so when you get older you don't want that masked look where you're just like a solid color and it's thick and you want to really make sure that you use a little bit of foundation just in the places where you need it and that you're blending well blending is huge lending yes I do blending is a great plan so prime sunscreen exfoliate blend yeah and less is more with the foundation for sure let's talk about like the eyes because you know for me I have found that as I've gotten older I need to use waterproof everything yeah waterproof water-resistant long wear that's anything that's on the top is gonna get on the bottom and vice versa eventually throughout and it doesn't work that way necessarily for a 20 year old because first of all they don't have as much crepey skin as we do and they're not using as many anti-aging products true so their skin is not as not putting topical stuff on to make them really moist and that's what makes everything kind of transfer around I've like more of a hooded eye I'm yeah it just down yeah it touches and like it transfers everywhere it does it migrates waterproof waterproof water water so my eye liners are waterproof or water-resistant my mascaras are and so then you have to have a really good eye makeup remover something that you're not tugging your skin and and if you're tugging at your skin to get your mascara off you're not using the right eye makeup remover and I've used the same one for ever um and it's it's like five dollars or something you should never be tugging at your skin oh don't you just barely want to be rubbing to get it off this is Elm a waterproof eye makeup remover I mean it comes off so easily and then you're not damaging your eyelashes you're not tugging at your skin so waterproof makeup eye makeup but then you got to know how to take it off anything with a little pad or a cloth is really nice rain on this those are little hat you don't want to use a paper towel on a paper towel which I've seen people do so people take a paper towel and like trying to get our exam it shouldn't be that difficult you just barely even a washcloth that's not a good quality cotton it can realize they can reform your skin so let's talk about eyes shadows now you have to prime your eyelid definitely prime your eyelid okay we talked about priming priming your eyelids important and then everything will go on so much smoother and it will stay on like all day what I found though is I've gotten older is that my eyelids are a little bit more pink like I noticed yeah I can video little veins through them yeah the skin gets thinner you can actually see through yeah so I I have found as I've gotten older I need like a base on top notice I put foundation on my eyelid for sure so i prime I put a little bit of foundation on my eyelid and then I do the eye shadow yes now and I personally I personally like more of a matte eyeshadow but that's just yeah and honestly there's a happy medium between Matt and glitter there's like a glue you can do a glow you know around the eyelid I like a matte as a base color like yeah I got something more champagne or taupe or vanilla and then you know you can do something with a glow on the eyelid like a peachy or pink salmon or something but if you get into the bigger chunks of glitter it might just like everything else on our eyes when you get older it starts to migrate now if you're one of those lucky people you found like a great glitter that doesn't migrate please inform everybody below in the comments because I would like to try it out but what I have found is that if I use too much glitter on my eyelids it ends up on my cheeks yeah it starts kind of raining down into fine lines under the eye right on the nose yeah and if there were no fine lines and it just went off your cheekbones you know like some of the 20 year olds that would be great but it tends to like you know find it the little crevices and so I try to stay away from glitter yeah and honestly glitter in general for any age is kind of a it's more festive more like I don't yeah so it shouldn't really be an everyday thing anyway but doing something with a little iridescent or a glow is totally beautiful and pretty on the island it's just those giant chunks of glitter just be careful be careful because they migrate into the fine line so then what we talk to we we well we talk we have a whole video on contouring all across underneath that bone I also like highlighting the top of shoulders we do highlighting your contouring for like the mature skin highlight the whole video and it's important but again less is more less is more and it is a look that it's more for Instagram photographs it's hard to go to the grocery store when you're completely contoured and it ends up like not really looking like you so I always err on the side of like more natural and like looking like yourself so now let's move on to the lips and oh dang with the more natural lip is is definitely the way you like to go I do and honestly I like to go with my clients too because doing something really bold and bright you just have to be very careful alright so there it's a lot of priming and later priming red is a really hard color right unless it's your like everyday color and you've been doing it for years and you know how to do a red lip and you can really rock a red lip or it's like if that's your signature color you know like you always have had a red lip and you're not giving it up great fantastic but for some of us who are you know we would try to experiment with it I it it I look five years older when I definitely do all the time I really need to prime and use a lip liner it's how her and primer and yes are so harder but if you want to try it one of the things that you were suggesting that we talked about earlier this is a lip stain that I use is this covergirl I mean it's like five bucks or something you can I got this at Rite Aid but it I do like using this underneath my lipstick because then I don't have to take the lipstick on so much yeah because you can just put a little coat of of a bright pink or red on top and if it starts wearing off they lip stain is underneath you don't look like great so if you if you happen to be one of those people that have like the little lines on your lip and yeah like that to get it not to bleed up there you really have to you have to prime which we've talked about you have to exfoliate which you talked about but you also you want to line it and you want to do the lip stain underneath it will help that will help and then maybe even like a look make sure you powdered well around the outer around the lip so it doesn't like it doesn't bleed into that so nobody's saying you can't wear a red lipstick I there are people that you know they've had the same kind of makeup since high school and they're holding on to it for dear life and that's fantastic but just like trying to to kind of you know experiment with ways yeah it could possibly make you look a little bit younger this is more of like a natural color so it's kind of the lip color that you would have if you were like you know a 15 year old girl and still have yes so right now I know naturally colored lips so for me it just it has a little bit more of a youthful and the other thing that's amazing is it's a cream which I think are the best for over 40 I think cream texture lipsticks are the best the matte lipsticks are really like they're they stay well but right they are dehydrating especially around the lips or dehydrated right types of lipsticks you see how flat they are they're like super flat mm-hmm I just find them to be uncomfortable and they get they start cracking yeah and you know they're really in style for like the Millennials and younger you see it like the Instagram it's a huge Instagram about matte matte lip Kylie Jenner like made these super popular right and they are pretty colors but they do not stay once they're dry they are just that they're black whereas this will stay kind of a glossy which makes the lip appear more moisturize straight and it's all about appearances guys and I think this natural look is is is taking that kind of concept of like that nude kind of matte look but it's making it a little bit more wearable for people that are a little bit so if you have found a matte lipstick that you love and you're between the ages of 40 and 50 or even older and you love it and you and you feel it's comfortable for God's sake please tell us below so that we can try that out as well yeah because we're always looking for ways to still kind of you know stay trendy but still look younger and sometimes that means you know we can always do what the 20 year-olds are doing on Instagram we have to find our little way around it so I know there are viewers out there right now that have been wearing the same makeup since high school yeah I know some of those yeah so but and that's fine um if you're really attached to your makeup great but just you know just think that it might possibly be aging you because as our skin is changing so too does our makeup need to change and using makeup as a tool to look a little bit younger and a little bit fresher I think that's a really good way to live young